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  1. Im glad for Sammy too, but he plays for Kansas City...
  2. I did not mean this to be trolling attempt. I am a big Josh Allen fan. I posted this just to show how ridiculous this national media can be when covering Josh Allen
  3. Kyler Murray Is Better Than He Looks This Preseason — and Josh Allen Is Worse Numbers don’t tell the whole story. Murray is much closer to being a successful NFL quarterback than Allen. Brandon Anderson KYLER MURRAY AND JOSH ALLEN ARE TWO OF THE MORE INTRIGUING YOUNG NFL QUARTERBACKS. Murray is a rookie, the number one pick who was handed the reins to the Arizona Cardinals offense. Allen surprised pundits by going seventh last year, then surprised them again by looking better than expected down the stretch for the Buffalo Bills. https://medium.com/sportsraid/kyler-murray-better-than-josh-allen-nfl-preseason-analysis-arizona-cardinals-buffalo-bills-quarterback-36f18ad3c990
  4. The embedded image is cut off. Click on the tweet and you will see him along with the special teams section
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