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  1. My late brother who knew every stat and player on every team along with each team's strength and weaknesses said much the same thing about Dallas and Houston fans.
  2. I can see that. I was irritated that it looked like the Bills slacked off after getting the first 10 point lead. They seemed to just go with the run game exclusively even when it wasn't yielding results. Yes I said they looked awful and I was upset but I did not and would not have booed at halftime especially given how this team has finished games this year
  3. If you want to boo, fine, boo but at least wait till the end of the game. Don't get me wrong, I was furious after the first half. I knew that we were supposed to win this game whether by the spread or by one point. But even I said to my wife, "At least they've been strong in the 4th quarter so I'll try to calm down" Every week McDermott says the same thing - it's hard to win in the NFL no matter what a team's record is coming into any particular game. Just because Miami was 0-5 didn't mean they didn't come to play.
  4. Personally I agree with you. I think it's inappropriate to say the least. This fan base in particular is so conditioned to past teams that really did not or were not able to finish games. Now it seems that's not the case at least so far. Did the Bills look awful in the first half? Absolutely yes. But this is not New Yo, er, Jersey where the fan base is as fickle as the weather and can be because, as Kyle Williams succinctly said, there the teams are a luxury. Why would we want to act like that type of fan base? This type of knee jerk reaction is embarrassing, at a minimum, and perversely ridiculous overall. I know everyone is excited about this era of Bills football but get a grip! One thing that can be said about the Process and the Culture McDermott always talks about is that these players, for the first time in my time here, are accountable as a team and as individual players. To a man they all said they knew they stunk for the first 30 minutes of the game. And they came out in the second half and took care of business. Booing them off the field reflects badly on the fan base, the Bills organization, and this city. It wasn't that long ago that no one was sure whether the team was even going to remain here. Booing them gives the appearance that maybe Buffalo would rather not have an NFL team here. Watch that Coke commercial if nothing else!
  5. That statement was in reference to VS NE. Or were you referring to the "hair all over them" modifier? An expression carried over from my youth..
  6. IDK but maybe they're being overly cautious given this offense's tendency to turn the ball over? (Just giving them benefit of the doubt)
  7. As much as I despise NE, their D is #1 for a reason and they showed up last week. I honestly don't think Allen was ever not off balance. The Bills D held Brady to his worst game in over a decade. Allen doesn't have even 10% of Brady's experience. The effects of those hyoertough defenses works both ways. Not to imply that Allen didn't mess up - he definitely made poor decisions with hair all over them. I just don't think he was ever able to get into any kind of rhythm against the Pats. Today he was so subdued I almost felt sorry for him. For the most part he protected the ball but it was almost like he had had a lobotomy.. His decision to slide instead of stepping out of bounds to me was very telling. I hope he gets some of that fire back into his play that has made him so exciting to watch and such an X factor that has given opposing defenses fits. Provided of course he still takes care of the ball.
  8. My wife is a diehard Bills fan-even surrounded by Cowboys faithful - and during the Super Bowl years. I can't imagine how painful not to mention annoying that had to have been.
  9. It's BS like that that makes the Pats the most despised team in the NFL. And their fans are 100x worse. I know that first hand - the neighbors behind us are rabid NE fans. Even their dog is hideously obnoxious. BTW, who names their dog Steve? 🙄
  10. Hands down, Cowboys I lived in the Rio Grande Valley (McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville) for 8 years, my wife - a Buffalo native - lived there for 25 years. Insufferable hardly begins to describe Cowboys fans!
  11. Go for it is the only real winning option here. As much faith as I have in the Bills D to get the ball back, Allen has been pretty successful in those 1-yard make or break plays.
  12. You're right but, as a writer, it's just maddening to me. My wife, whom I love dearly, omits all vowels in many of her texts and frequently uses "too" instead of "to". What can I say, I'm quickly becoming an old fart. LOL
  13. You're right but I doubt Rogers was twiddling his thumbs all that time sitting behind Farve. Not dismissing the very real talents of Mahomes or Rogers. Just opining that had either been put in a starting role immediately after being drafted might not have seen the same longer term results but who knows. Both might still have become greats but to the point of the hackneyed statements that the Bills woulda, coulda, shoulda about both players it's just one of those things we'll never know.
  14. Can't help but wonder what his % would have been had they not stopped passing in the 4th. Particularly loved the completions he had on the run in the 1st & 4th. Honestly was holding my breath fully expecting an INT both times. He almost made it look easy. Was thinking how sick all the JA haters must be after the first two games. Unfortunately, they'll just save it as ammunition for if/when the Bills lose a game.
  15. Geez! Grateful for the points although I don't generally pay attention to such but, for the record, I did apologize for assuming everyone would understand what I meant. In the (nonexistent) words of DJ Magic Mike, "I should have been more 'claritive'". 😂
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