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What Is The Worst Bills Game You've Attended

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13 hours ago, Bakin said:

Season opener 2010 vs Dolphins. 

We sucked so bad. 

Oh Trent


12 hours ago, DabillsDaBillsDaBills said:


15-10 loss to the Dolphins in 2010 (home opener). Both teams sucked. Trentative was at his worst. He threw a checkdown on 4th down with <10 seconds left in the game and the Bills down by 5. Needless to say we didn't convert that 4th down and the Dolphins knelt to end the game.




Yeah, I forgot this one.  I was also at this game and it was just awful.  Gailey's first game as HC.  Spiller was a rookie and the Bills had not yet figured out how to get him in space or run him until he threw up.  The Bills' only TD was a 4th down, 30 yard pass to Roscoe Parrish but you never had the feeling they could win.  The "drive" at the end of the game was the definition of pathetic.

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Wrecks Ryan's last game, it was cold miserable and rainy and dumb dumb lost to the dolphins in OT. Watching our defense being constantly confused when the ball was snapped was exasperating.


I'm hind sight it was a great game as we got rid of the twins which led to McDermott, who I believe will be one of our best coaches ever, hopefully the greatest.



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It was in 2007, I think.  The Bills v. the Patriots*.  Brady would dink/dunk his way down the field, as always.  When he got near the red zone he would just lob it to the end zone for Randy Moss, who posted up in the corner and easily boxed out the cornerbacks for the ball.  They must have scored 40 points by halftime.

It was effortless, and there wasn't a thing Buffalo could do to stop it.  It looked for all the world like two guys just playing catch.

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