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  1. I remember one season we started 5-1. I think Trent Edwards was the QB. Man, I was PUMPED!
  2. I had season tickets during the Dick Jauron years. Sweet nostalgia.
  3. I love MLS. Can’t stand euro snobs that won’t watch the domestic game. oh yea, and long live the ROCHESTER RHINOS!
  4. I was gonna say. Brown is good but when Glab has filled in.. its been lacking. Here's hoping she can improve.
  5. The Jets go 6-10 this upcoming season. Take that prediction to the BANK!
  6. I wish Jones had run into Tomlin at full speed and messed him up. Didn’t happen. Oh well.
  7. I think draft kings is a good bet right now, even if the Bills are not good. State budgets are gonna get hammered because of Covid. They can shore up the deficit with legal gambling.
  8. Why post this garbage on TBD then? if you don’t like them, don’t share there stories with a bunch a people so we can all look at it. ignore them and they will go away.
  9. No, he was a one “hit” wonder.
  10. Man, this kid had only been legal to drink for a year. Crazy.
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