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  1. Enunwa is a idiot for blowing off work. I don’t feel bad for him at all.
  2. By the time the Pats are ready to part ways with him, he will be over the hill and useless. They have no problem getting rid of old players. That’s the Patriot way.
  3. Rudolph was by no means innocent in this whole thing. He just got the worst of it (he was the smallest guy, after all). he deserves a game suspension I’d say.
  4. That’s what I said last night.. he will get one, maybe 2 games. Boy was I wrong!
  5. Go Browns. they need to win out to get to 10 wins. That’s a tall order for any team at this point in the season. Maybe they have some momentum going from last week.
  6. I remember the last time we got flexed against the Pats was Moss and Brady all day. It was over at halftime. Time for some REVENGE!
  7. So against the browns we went for it 2 times on 4th down, if I recall. that includes passing up kicking a 50 plus yard field goal, and trying to get the first down. now if that isn’t aggressive, and trying to win, I don’t know what is. How does this get overlooked?
  8. He should have made the 34 yarder. That’s where he is supposed to be money. the 50 plus yarder.. those are not a gimme for any kicker. The offense should have gotten closer. he had a bad day. Let’s leave it at that. It can’t happen again.
  9. Didn’t read em before, and still don’t. Not much of a loss for me.
  10. I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and subscribe. which is better? Athletic or BN? Those are my 2 choices.
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