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  1. The D has been carrying the team for the past few years, prior only to last year. I was sad to see the D regress a little last year but they can’t be a top 5 unit every year.
  2. Kyle Ortin. He was in it for the money, 100%. He didn’t play with heart, not at all. He had that sweet pick 6 on Monday night against the Cowgirls tho.
  3. I saw on the news a couple nights ago that 10k were at a game at Yankee stadium. That seemed like a lot to me so if things continue to improve maybe we will see lots in Buffalo come September.
  4. Josh Norman is shaking in his boots after watching this.
  5. Karlos Williams hit a home run his rookie season. He was so bad as a Bill. I can’t believe we even signed him.
  6. The dude had heart so that was great. I’ll never forget when he totally shredded the Jets. It was a damn hall of fame performance. At the end of the day tho, I’m glad we never really got to see him play that much. It would not have ended well.
  7. Way better than Barkley.. I was always scared of having him be our starter for multiple games.
  8. The dude can block. Underrated ability among fans I guess.
  9. Unless it’s the Patriots, Jets, or fish of course.
  10. Dude was a super star like 5 years ago. Remember when he destroyed EJ that one game? Those days are in the past. I have no problem not overpaying this guy.
  11. Am I the only one that thinks Watt is like 5 years past his prime? yea, he was a superstar at his one point, but at this point in his career I feel like he wouldn’t be worth the money.
  12. Doesnt Wentz have a huge contract? Taking that in is the only downside I see for the Colts.
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