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  1. Kroft has 3 TDs so far this year. That counts for something I say. he also missed a game due to COVID, so those numbers could potentially be even better.
  2. That quote certainty didn't not age well.
  3. Moorman for sure. Had a great show on local TV for a few years, went to a pro bowl. You could even argue he was our best player on some of the bad teams during the drought.
  4. An easier way to look at it is we have to beat out the dolphins for the division. Forget the rest of the AFC teams.
  5. Thinking back to his last concussion he was out for a long time, multiple weeks. Loving to see him back after only missing one game.
  6. That amount seems more like the air fare from upstate NY 😂
  7. I don’t. I’d rather see Trevor Lawrence become a bust for the Jets, not a hall of famer for the Pats*.
  8. If you hit someone hard enough you could hurt them even if they are wearing a helmet. then again, I think you’d hurt your hand hitting a hard plastic thing.
  9. Someday? The dudes pushing 70. That someday better be sooner rather than later.
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