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  1. If I recall, did Duper or Clayton end up in the arena league? So yes, they do deserve the HOF. the arena league HOF that is.
  2. Tasker was rough early on during his tenure at CBS, but I feel he improved dramatically over the past few years. I liked seeing him do on TV; I like to see former Bills succeed. Best of luck to him, I’m sure he will be fine.
  3. Ok so I’m in the tri state area and really want to go to one of the games in dirty Jersey. We got the G-Men 100%? I’ll go to that one then. $9 beer is a good deal if it’s the 24 ounce Labatts Blue big boy.
  4. Until we start the season 0-2, losing to both of those incompetent teams from NJ.
  5. Tasker is decent, as is Murph. His sideline reporting has improved drastically as well over the years. I'm glad to see a former Bill be successful. Its the guys on WGR I cant stand.
  6. EJ Manuel.. gone but not forgotten. But for fun, I remember exactly what I was doing when he was drafted. Post game meal and beer at Sticky Lips on Jefferson Rd in Roc after an indoor soccer game at Rochester Sports Garden. Sweet nostalgia.
  7. Kroft, Lee Smith, Croom, 2 draft picks.. seems like a lot. Who’s gonna play? I gotta think someone is getting cut. The contract is front loaded with money over the first 2 years.. so I’m looking at it as a 2 year deal with an option to keep him for 3. I think that’s team friendly.
  8. Having just been drafted out of college, the kid has a LOT of gas left in the tank. I wouldn’t worry about that. I would be more concerned with him not transitioning well to the nfl. But him getting too many carries in college? Please.
  9. I know Gore is old but he’s still a beast. He will tear it up and run over linebackers. I can’t wait.
  10. You gotta wonder.. will he be named a QB coach? Or does he ride off into the sunset?
  11. Numbers are fun and so are sample sizes. That said, why don’t we look at his production over the past 5 seasons. His average goes way down. He only had 136 yards in 2014, so he could regress. I hope he regresses at least.
  12. Gotta respect him tho.. he took one solid CTE maker last season, all for the Buffalo Bills.
  13. Derek Anderson can play? Coulda fooled me.
  14. Rumor has it that the Giants will be playing in the XFL this season. What a train wreck those guys are.
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