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  1. Upon reading this title, the first player that came to mind was Aaron Schobel. throw Chris Kelsey in the other side?? AWWWWWE YEA!
  2. I hate fully guaranteed contracts. see Eric Woods last contract before he was forced to retire. We got burned.. bad.
  3. Too many fumbles this season. He’s a liability, but I would have loved to see him ball out.
  4. Jason Peters. The way the guy held out after we molded him into a O-lineman. He was a jerk.
  5. Upstate NY bashing. Some thing new and different.
  6. You been drinking too much Hater-ade bro.
  7. He plays AAA baseball for Syracuse. Hes not good at baseball, but helps sell tickets!
  8. I would WAAAY rather have him as a player vs coach.
  9. Knox maybe. Sweeney was inactive most weeks until he played in the meaningless game vs the Jets. I think the coaches take Kroft over Sweeney all day.
  10. He is the heir apparent to Bill B. Then we will se what he can do.
  11. Had a whopping 2.2 yards per carry in the games he played since coming out of “retirement”. is he gonna be in high demand? I doubt it.
  12. Just follow the damn social media accounts (I already do). You don’t need to post the crap here.
  13. When I heard Pettine I was surprised. I only have learned Hackett due to this thread. And that to me is shocking.
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