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  1. I thought Boselli was absolutely dominant. The best in the game for a 5 year stretch.
  2. Punter is a problem. The guy has costly shanks at inopportune times. Field position cannot be given away so easily.
  3. Murphy is going nowhere. He is a process guy, he sets the edge and played very well at the end of the season. I can see the extra Offensive lineman and wide receivers getting a late pick. Possibly the extra Tight End. They are not going to carry 5 TE's.
  4. He is a solid run defender which was a weakness for Wallace last year. Worth a shot.
  5. Cannot imagine we make 3 picks before picking a big guy especially if Lawson and Phillips both move on. Some great talent would be added with that draft, nice job.
  6. I find some of the comments here amusing. Howie Long was inducted into the HOF in 2000 started as a studio host in 1995. The last 20 years of his tv exposure did not influence anything. Look at some comments about him from respected people. “He may be the most dominant force in defensive football today,” says Seattle Seahawks coach Chuck Knox. “He’s relentless,” says John Hannah, the New England Patriots’ perennial all-pro guard, now in retirement. “Shoot him in the head is the only way to stop him. If Howie’s alive and still kicking he’s coming.”
  7. He was a tremendous player, a dominant force on many playoff teams. This is the first place I have ever seen his HOF honor questioned. He was driven by his upbringing and played angry. Just a tremendous player in a different era.
  8. That is exactly who he reminds me of as well. He is a fighter with an interesting background. Definitely a process/leader type. Would not mind him a bit.
  9. This guy can play. Makes all kinds of catches at high point. I think he is better than Boykin who had a great year in Baltimore. Claypool was also a leading tackler on special teams for the Irish.
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