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  1. It's striking how much better this message board is than most other NFL ones. Occasionally I'll check one to see the fans' reaction after a big trade/signing and they're either inactive or incredibly toxic. The mods do a very good job of keeping this messge board above board.
  2. Those are for handling footballs after they've re-entered Earth's atmosphere when Araiza punts them.
  3. The only Bills player who stood out in a negative way was cb Ja'marcus Ingram. Every time a big play was allowed in the passing game, the man in coverage was #46
  4. Blackshear is too good to release for a purely special teams rb. He will get snatched up immediately if we try to stash him on the practice squad.
  5. If every member here chips in $100 we can make this the Two Bills Drive party mansion 😂
  6. Brian Moorman so we could unite the punt gods! But I would probably take either Andy Levitre or Terrance McGee because of our lack of quality depth at those positions. I'd be curious how Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson would perform in our offense.
  7. People with millions of dollars to spend on lawyers and settlements can avoid spending any time in jail for things that would put you or me away for life.
  8. He was mainly a zone corner who seemed like a perfect fit for our system. I think injuries were the main reason for his fall. It looks like he will be ready for the regular season though.
  9. Considering how bad he looked in preseason, I was looking forward to seeing Von put a hurt on him that no masseuse could fix.
  10. I really wanted Andrew Booth after McDuffie was off the board. I think the Elam pick indicates we will play a lot more man coverage this year.
  11. It's also possible that Jaquon Johnson, Damar Hamlin, or even Nick McCloud is ready to replace Poyer next year.
  12. Elam's tackling is one of his biggest weaknesses, so I don't think safety would suit him. I think we keep both active on gameday and rotate them situationally, using Benford more in zone coverage and Elam in press man coverage.
  13. He was a solid game manager qb who got us to the playoffs after an 18-year drought. He was dependable and turned the ball over much less than Fitzpatrick, who is more fondly remembered for whatever reason.
  14. The top of the waterslide would have to be in North Carolina
  15. The only reason he's still on the roster is because he was a 2nd round pick. He has been absolutely invisible and he's been outplayed by Boogie Basham, who should get more reps.
  16. The one that I find most ridiculous is long-snapper. Your backup center should just be the long-snapper.
  17. Aaron Rodgers got his GM to trade a pick for Randall Cobb last year. After trading away Davonte Adams, Aaron might cry until his team trades a 7th to reunite him with Kumerow. I almost put Moss instead of Duke, but after yesterday I think Moss looked good enough to stick around.
  18. Guys who could get cut but have some trade value: Ford Kumerow Epenesa Giles-Harris Duke Johnson
  19. The legend of preseason Nate Peterman continues...
  20. Daquon Jones appears to be ahead of him on the depth chart (for now), but I think a front-four of Von, Oliver, Settle and Rousseau will be our best pass-rushing combination.
  21. You might want to get one of those flat antennas to stick to a window to see if you can get cbs or fox
  22. Couldn't get the Bills/Colts game on NFL+ since it's in market 😞 Paramount+ has it though
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