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  1. Ask Ryan Tannehill about what a change in scenery can do ... Mike Tomlin > Gase/Bowles combined.
  2. Wentz might save the Steelers as Big Ben is on his last legs - or Darnold might be a good fit in Pittsburgh with a real coach.
  3. Having the 2nd seed could mean at least 2 home games and a possible AFC Championship game in Buff if KC is taken out in the divisional round. Cuomo needs to open the gates for some of the Bills mafia.
  4. Supposedly Tua has the quickest release of any NFL QB but the lowest velocity. Need a bigger sample size but not impressed with his 1st game. No way he can run like Josh and his ability to take a hit is TBD. Makes you wonder why Miami took him over Herbert other than his college record.
  5. Did the Titans regress on offense and defense against the Bengals ? Any given week ...
  6. Fields could easily end up in Jax - I'd bet Lawrence would love to go the Falcons given that he played HS ball in Cartersville and he could sit behind Ryan for a year.
  7. We'll take it - Beane's got about 48 hours to make some deals to help this D and get Klein off the field stat.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Pats release him this week
  9. Darnold says he still has some pain in his throwing shoulder but can deal with it. Good way to wreck an arm permanently.
  10. Lawrence would not be jeopardizing anything - he's a junior. If he stays in school, he runs the risk of getting injured without any guaranteed money. His choice and it probably depends on whether they win the national championship this year.
  11. Looking at their schedule, they're going 0-16 and Trevor Lawrence is staying at Clemson.
  12. Trent Dilfer made it to the big game so there's hope for Josh.
  13. It's just as likely that Brady signs with the Pats next year, Gronk comes out of retirement, and they improve their receiving corps.
  14. 18 TDs / 9 int - I'll take it. 2000 Ravens won a Super Bowl with Dilfer at around 59%. Kelly was about 60% for his career. Different game back then ? Maybe but they still had to throw and catch.
  15. Collingsworth also said his base was too wide causing him to release the ball on a more upward trajectory than needed.
  16. You forgot Daboll in that stinker ... I'm also wary of Miami as they aren't playing like a tank team anymore. They will still get either Tua, Burrow, or Herbert as most of the bottom feeders don't need QBs. Fitz can step it up as well.
  17. Dolphins - win Broncos - win Cowboys - loss Ravens - loss Steelers - loss Patriots - loss Jets - win 9-7
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