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  1. Noooooo! Not the Brady pic right after Jessica loses to J. Brady
  2. Yep. So much for my theory of saving her resources for the final set. However this match ends, what an incredible run by Jess.
  3. Chrissie Evert's comment about Kim and Terry not having any influence over Jess' tennis game was something I read in an article and that anyone could find online. I just expected that a tennis legend would have special insight but of course they can't know everything about everyone I guess.
  4. I hear you but optimistically I wonder if Jess wanted to conserve energy for the third set. Pacing herself. Fingers crossed.
  5. Confirm. It's on ESPN; I'm watching it now. 3-2 Brady in the 2nd set.
  6. I watched the match and after match point the announcer says: "Time for the Bills and Sabres to move over. It's Buffalo's Jessica Pegula!" I know, I know, he could have said, "Boca Raton's Jessica Pegula" Still, it made me beam with pride. So happy for Terry and Kim.
  7. Jessica is currently playing the 5th seed and is tied at 1 set each, now playing the decisive 3rd set. I wonder if Kim and/or Terri made the trip to the land down under. Very proud parents!
  8. All three of whom contributed to TB's SB win last night. Certainly Gronk and AB chose Tampa BECAUSE of Brady. Not as sure about Fournette. Here in Patriots nation, the local radio talking heads (Felger and Maz) are eviscerating the Hoodie for letting the golden boy get away. What's clear to everyone is that Brady makes a much better GM than the dark Lord (who essentially acts as de facto GM). Whatever we may think of TB12 (he's been the bane of my existence for the last 2 decades that I've been living in New England), the culture change that he effected within the Buccaneers organization in 9
  9. It certainly wasn't all Brady. TB's front 7 is just dominating. But TB had virtually the same defense the previous year and got nowhere with Jameis Winston. As much as I hate to admit it, Brady had plenty to do with getting them to the big game and winning it all.
  10. Don't forget Mahomie was coming off a concussion and turf toe. There was speculation that he might not even be able to play.
  11. Fat Bastard at #30 overall would definitely be good value and BPA.
  12. Yep, the Singletary drop on the screen was perefectly thrown and was a momentum crusher. Inexcusable drop.
  13. I'm in Exeter, NH, about an hour south of Portland. I'd be up for some kind of tailgate depending on when it got started.
  14. This is absolutely hysterical stuff; thank you so much for sharing. My favorite line (among many): Brandon mimicking Alicia Keys at a Bills mafia table smashing event: "This Bill is on FIRE!"
  15. So true. If we do reach the AFC championship game against the Chiefs, I will have nightmares thinking about Kelce as will Leslie Frazier.
  16. If Josh takes us all the way to the promised land this year and wins the big one, then his playoff record will improve to 4-1. Granted, that is a big IF. One game at a time. Let's get that first JA playoff victory Saturday.
  17. Exactly, lol. Antonio Williams? Who dat? Ahhhh, Antonio W. Harkens, the UDFA out of UNC. Of course!
  18. Caro Giuseppe, Mi piace moltissimo come pensi! Magari! On the other hand, I like McD's mantra of "Stay humble and hungry". Would be pure football heaven if it played out like that especially getting the Steelers in round 2. I think Big Ben is shot.
  19. This makes so much sense. When I saw how dejected Beasley looked talking to Josh on the bench after the injury made me think HE knew it was bad. If Beasley knows he's going to be no where near 100%, putting Diggs at slot would be LETHAL.
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