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  1. People on the site always say, "Pic or it didn't happen" so here goes. This was taken last year before the season opener. All I can say is that I felt Lilliputian standing next to him. Awesome dude. His parents sit right behind my buddies' season tickets in section 130 when they attend.
  2. It's not Dr. Fauci's role to "lead"; he is charged with advising, with making recommendations based on the science. What is a public health issue has become politicized and the entire nation is suffering because of this. We are far from being the world model to be emulated when it comes to controlling the spread of the virus and Anthony Fauci is hardly the problem. Politicians failing to lead are the problem.
  3. I love the creative thinking and love even more how Buffalo would be designated as one of the host cities. Totally agree that the NBA is the league to be emulated too.
  4. Fair assessment; I hear you. I guess where he would have crossed the line for me is had he said no to shut downs of indoor protests, then yes, clearly that would indicate political bias affecting his epidemiological objectivity.
  5. I didn't see the exchange but I'm guessing Fauci's point was that the protests were outdoors (where the risk of transmission is said to be 1/20th what it is indoors), hence the higher risk of church gatherings, bars, restaurants, etc.
  6. Dayum...and I thought getting Covid-19 was just like a mild case of the sniffles...
  7. Yolo!! Watching the NBA restart tonight (LAL vs LAC). Really, really impressed with Ed Oliver matching up against Anthony Davis and Lebron, 2 of the top 5 players in the world. Shows what a tremendous athlete and how versatile he is.
  8. Testing is overrated. We have a lot of cases because we do more testing than any other country in the world. If we didn't do all this testing, we wouldn't have so many cases. Having said that, once we have the best and most perfect vaccine distributed, we will all test negatively...in a positive way...
  9. Easter Sunday will be like a miracle, the virus will miraculously disappear; it will mark the resurrection of Jesus and of the American economy. It will be beautiful.
  10. Haha, hysterical! Except one is 6'8" 220 and the other 6'1" 280ish but facially, they resemble each other a ton!
  11. Haha, right on fellow long-suffering Bills brethren! You did neglect to mention however another positive: no Tom Brady in the division!
  12. Shaw, this is so right on; you nailed it. Orchard Park born and raised, I've lived in Patriots nation the last 20 years. Have been going to a sports bar in Boston called the Harp (across from TD Garden) forever, a sports bar that converts into a WNY island in the heart of Boston on Sunday afternoons during football season. Well, until this upcoming season if there is one... It wasn't until the George Floyd assassination (and there had been plenty of police brutality episodes prior to this going back to Rodney King in 1991 and then a whole series of visible ones in the cell phone era beginning with Michael Brown in 2014) that I saw the light. Started asking myself questions like: Why in this sports bar where 400+ rabid Bills fans are crammed packed into the upstairs and downstairs sections, why have I never seen a single African-American here in all the years I've been coming here? Shaw, thanks for taking the time to write that thoughtful piece with a real understanding of social injustice issues and a recognition of the unconscious bias that we all possess, as uncomfortable as it may be to acknowledge.
  13. So you're saying there's a chance....
  14. LMAO, too funny C. Biscuit! "Lou Saban, what a great job he's done."
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