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  1. Giants have invested big time in their OLine: they gave a monster contract to Nate Solder last year, drafted Will Hernandez high and traded for Kevin Zeitler (part of the mega OBJ deal). That's a very solid OLine.
  2. This. As usual this is the last chance for him so he will fall in line and get paid by someone else next year so Cheatriots get a compensatory pick in 2021. The Hoodie is playing chess while the rest of the NFL is playing checkers.
  3. Excellent observation. Lotulelei is not the extraordinary talent that Edmunds and Oliver are but he also represents another heavy investment up the middle of that D.
  4. Yep, we're only in this game thanks to the D. I just fear they're going to be inevitably gassed in the 2nd half if our anemic offense continues to do nothing.
  5. I was watching the "Godfather" trilogy the other day for like the 10th time and for the first time I picked up on the fact that Michael Corleone's wife's name in the movie (played by Dianne Keaton) pre-marriage is Kay Adams. Thought that was kind of funny and cool.
  6. I think Quinnen Williams might be ahead of those two but I would put Oliver top three candidates for DROY.
  7. Not to mention to have trade value to the NFL's most dominant team for two decades running...
  8. I'm sure NFL teams are lining up to give heaps of guaranteed $$ to both Percy and Vontae.
  9. Breaking news: Vontae Davis to un-retire. Feels his body is finally healed and ready to come back after the first half. I kid.
  10. Unfortunately, this seems painfully too clear to me at this point. I don't claim to have any special insight on Foster's status with this coaching staff but his total lack of production this preseason makes me wonder how much the Alabama UDFA wants to be here. With the highlight reel Foster put together last year (along with the 20 yards per reception average which put him in elite company), he knows that if cut, he will be immediately scooped up by another team. So it's not like last year when being released and then placed on the practice squad were a wake-up call for him and his NFL future. This time around, Foster will have other options and he knows that. Sadly I think he's as good as gone.
  11. Wow!! Just wow! LOVE that we got this 1st round talent in the 2nd round.
  12. This. So, so impressed with this 7th round diamond in the rough the first two preseason games. We just may have struck gold twice in the 7th round this draft: DJ and Tommy Sweeney.
  13. Really well reasoned, Colorado. When I first watched it, my gut reaction was: "Uh oh, shades of Jacket-gate". Your logic however is flawless. If the Bills brass had been embarassed by this and saws it as a red flag, NO WAY in hell does this scene make the final (editing) cut.
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