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  1. You give excellent examples in Frank Clark and Demarcus Ware, players who put their teams over the top. That would be our one glaring, missing ingredient immediately filled, and by a home town UB boy nonetheless. Story book SB ending. The other side of the argument is a team like 'Da Bears who went for it by signing Mack. Didn't turn out so well. True, they had Mitchell Trubisky at QB but we don't have a large sample size for Josh. He had his first monster season largely in empty stadiums. Is it possible that when we go back to playing in front of 75,000 fans that we'll see more of Sugar high
  2. I think he meant to say Purdue Boilermakers' Rondale Moore who has 4.33 speed.
  3. It was more than one terrible game. They were manhandled twice by the Chiefs, albeit in very different ways. The first, regular season game, Edwards Helaire ran all over them at will; the AFCCG Mahomes, Hill and Kelce had their way. Pick your posion. We had zero answers on D in either game, and struggled mightily without a semblance of balance on offense.
  4. Noooooo! Not the Brady pic right after Jessica loses to J. Brady
  5. Yep. So much for my theory of saving her resources for the final set. However this match ends, what an incredible run by Jess.
  6. Chrissie Evert's comment about Kim and Terry not having any influence over Jess' tennis game was something I read in an article and that anyone could find online. I just expected that a tennis legend would have special insight but of course they can't know everything about everyone I guess.
  7. I hear you but optimistically I wonder if Jess wanted to conserve energy for the third set. Pacing herself. Fingers crossed.
  8. Confirm. It's on ESPN; I'm watching it now. 3-2 Brady in the 2nd set.
  9. I watched the match and after match point the announcer says: "Time for the Bills and Sabres to move over. It's Buffalo's Jessica Pegula!" I know, I know, he could have said, "Boca Raton's Jessica Pegula" Still, it made me beam with pride. So happy for Terry and Kim.
  10. Jessica is currently playing the 5th seed and is tied at 1 set each, now playing the decisive 3rd set. I wonder if Kim and/or Terri made the trip to the land down under. Very proud parents!
  11. All three of whom contributed to TB's SB win last night. Certainly Gronk and AB chose Tampa BECAUSE of Brady. Not as sure about Fournette. Here in Patriots nation, the local radio talking heads (Felger and Maz) are eviscerating the Hoodie for letting the golden boy get away. What's clear to everyone is that Brady makes a much better GM than the dark Lord (who essentially acts as de facto GM). Whatever we may think of TB12 (he's been the bane of my existence for the last 2 decades that I've been living in New England), the culture change that he effected within the Buccaneers organization in 9
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