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  1. Yep, the Singletary drop on the screen was perefectly thrown and was a momentum crusher. Inexcusable drop.
  2. I'm in Exeter, NH, about an hour south of Portland. I'd be up for some kind of tailgate depending on when it got started.
  3. This is absolutely hysterical stuff; thank you so much for sharing. My favorite line (among many): Brandon mimicking Alicia Keys at a Bills mafia table smashing event: "This Bill is on FIRE!"
  4. So true. If we do reach the AFC championship game against the Chiefs, I will have nightmares thinking about Kelce as will Leslie Frazier.
  5. If Josh takes us all the way to the promised land this year and wins the big one, then his playoff record will improve to 4-1. Granted, that is a big IF. One game at a time. Let's get that first JA playoff victory Saturday.
  6. Exactly, lol. Antonio Williams? Who dat? Ahhhh, Antonio W. Harkens, the UDFA out of UNC. Of course!
  7. Caro Giuseppe, Mi piace moltissimo come pensi! Magari! On the other hand, I like McD's mantra of "Stay humble and hungry". Would be pure football heaven if it played out like that especially getting the Steelers in round 2. I think Big Ben is shot.
  8. This makes so much sense. When I saw how dejected Beasley looked talking to Josh on the bench after the injury made me think HE knew it was bad. If Beasley knows he's going to be no where near 100%, putting Diggs at slot would be LETHAL.
  9. I don't disagree with the assessment of TL being comparable to Manning/Luck coming out. But the "ice in his veins" in big games isn't entirely accurate. He was disappointingly inaccurate in the national championship game against LSU last year. An aberration perhaps but still, he came up short in that one.
  10. I like your thinking. The problem with this reasoning is Brittney Williams doesn't make in the neighborhood of Giselle Bundchen $$.
  11. I fear my worst nightmare will materialize, Daboll will end up with the Jets and we'll have to face him 2x a year. Lawrence, Watson and Herbert are all attractive options for him but the most appealing situation will have to be those extra 2 first round picks the Jets get from the Jamal Adams trade. Thanks to BOB, the Texans traded away 2 first round picks AND a 2nd rounder for Laremy Tunsil so Texans will be short-handed draft-wise and not in great cap shape.
  12. I detect a tad of sarcasm here. TreDay and Ya Digg are made for media personalities but so is Josh. If the Bills win the SB, all three will get big TV deals. Hahahahahaha!! This.
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