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  1. Poyer: “WTF” Hyde: “That’s half a stack!”
  2. I am banned from attending games this year: Jacksonville, Colts.
  3. The Colts aren’t quietly hot at all. They are scorching ☄️
  4. I wonder why? 🤔 Now what what do we have to do to get Jerry not to cover home games? I will donate !!!!
  5. A no punt dominating game in Foxboro vs the genius. He also dropped two firebaugh eagle hoodies for the kids. Does that count?
  6. I wonder if game checks were forfeited for positive tests would players mask up outside their homes.
  7. The 2007 Giants had nothing to play for the last game of the regular season against the Patriots. It was a great game that the Pats won by a field goal. I always thought that gave the GMen the confidence they needed to go on their Super Bowl run.
  8. Covid and vaccination status may have wasted a season and caused an irreparable locker room rift. I hope not.
  9. This thread reminds me of two very important lessons we should all teach our kids: 1) Don’t get your panties in a wad. 2) The proof is in the pudding.
  10. Good call going for two there. If they make it they are a td an extra point away from taking the lead or two field goals away from tyeing. If Miami misses the 2 they know they know they have to score a td and go for 2.
  11. Miami Dolphins Orginizationally Fun to watch Explode
  12. Oh the extra assets we would’ve had if we would have traded with the Texans instead.
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