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  1. Ha! Bills fans are great, but certainly not the best in all of sports. I would argue Maple Leaf fans are the best sports fans... years of misery, perennial disappointments, yet can fill an arena on a Saturday morning practice while in last place in the NHL. I think you could probably find similar mega-franchises in other sports with crazy fans, but none of them compare to the level of crap the Leafs fans have had to put up with. Bills have some parallels with being perennial disappointments, yet having a loyal fan base though, just to a lower scale.
  2. I guess I view it as a market - supply and demand. If there is a surplus of free agent talent that can be had, we're objectively going to be taking part less in it than other teams, which is unfortunate. We are poorly positioned to this relative to other teams. I know your eyes light up at the idea of cutting dead weight like Murphy but it likely will go beyond those types of cuts. Williams, Milano- how about John Brown? Half of our D-line? Teams that have a lot of cap space are going to be well positioned to get bargain prices on good talent - we are not one of them.
  3. This is bad news for the bills. They are 19th in available cap space compared with other teams. The Bills are going to be more in the group of shedding star players than signing them. The teams that benefit from this are teams with more cap space - Jaguars, Jets, Colts, Patriots, Bengals
  4. Drinking game idea - every time this guy says "dynamic". Won't make it through a single podcast.
  5. I'll be interested to see if Milano shows up on the injury report tomorrow. Look at about 50 seconds - he looks a little unsteady on his feet after a hit to the head, maybe a concussion?
  6. gut feel going in -Jerry Hughes has a huge game. Just a feeling...
  7. Update: (5)Dolphins 10 5 0 40% 40% X (8)Colts 10 5 0 22% 22% X (6)Ravens 10 5 0 21% 21% X (7)Browns 10 5 0 10% 10% X (4)Titans 10 5 0 7% 7% X Ravens matchup chances have gone up. 1 in 5 chance...
  8. Well, it's not unreliable. There are just lots of possible outcomes. The Browns are the 2nd least likely outcome. Agreed mostly. It's shaping up pretty good for the bills if you ask me
  9. Yeah, it's pretty wild how it's all shaping up. The AFC is a shark tank. Lots of good, solid teams
  10. This site is pretty cool - updated already with the 1 o'clock games. http://www.playoffstatus.com/nfl/billsstandings.html Here are the probabilities of who we'll match up against: (5)Dolphins 10 5 0 43% 43% X (8)Colts 10 5 0 27% 27% X (6)Ravens 10 5 0 17% 17% X (7)Browns 10 5 0 8% 8% X (4)Titans 10 4 0 6% 6% X After the Browns, I honestly can't decide who my first choice is. Dolphins probably, but division games are tough and they have been giving us a challenge. I might rather have the Colts. Regardless, It's looking like a 70% chance its one of those two. I want nothing to do with the Titans or the Ravens.
  11. I wonder if the NFL is considering suspensions?
  12. I honestly feel that if we drafted Russel Wilson he wouldn't have been successful. He's awesome, but we would have destroyed him with Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan. We did the NFL a favor by not drafting him...
  13. I strongly disagree... This uses pretty simple mathematics by picking the winner and loser of every NFL game thousands of times (with some probability weighting for stronger/weaker teams) to determine the most likely outcomes. Take a snapshot of this and look back of it at the end of the season - it'll likely be pretty close.
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