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  1. Yeah, weird - Starter 1 year on a good offensive line, unsigned the next. Pretty curious about that
  2. That's what I assumed as well, but it did strike me as odd. A guy that can boom it 80 yards (further than any other punter ever) and literally flip field position isn't the top guy? I mean, I'm relatively clueless about the other aspects of his game and how it compares to the top level punters, but that has to raise some red flags.
  3. Agreed, not impossible. But highly unlikely. I think every team in the league knew about it, before the draft. Why are 2 other punters going ahead of him? It makes no sense. Its being openly talked about online. Reporters are said to have known. NFL scouts are pretty diligent about digging on all these guys for dirt as far as I understand it. I find it hard to believe the Bills (all involved) were naïve to it.
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but check this interview out at 1:07:00 of McDermott from a few days ago: "...He's a great kid" This is all after the Bills are said to know about it. I think the Bills knew before the draft (i.e. 3rd punter selected (why?), discussions online of it back in December). The Bills just don't actually care. He'll bomb a couple 80 yarders tonight and McDermott and company will sleep well.
  5. First, they most certainly do help your family. The quality of the education your children get, the policing, the general societal safety are all from programs like that. If you're specifically talking about "welfare", I would still say that you indirectly benefit. If society had no safety net for these people, well, there wouldn't be much of a society. Second. It is a vast majority. Welfare fraud is estimated to be between 3-5%. https://www.nao.org.uk/report/international-benchmark-of-fraud-and-error-in-social-security-systems/ It varies around the world, but that's a generally accepted number. Also, ignorant agenda couldn't be further from the truth. I know personally people from developing countries who have moved here that can share stories that would make you feel absolutely silly for your complaints. For someone who has a cross in their avatar, you certainly don't personify biblical ideals in helping your fellow man.
  6. Your life sounds so hard. Just thank your lucky stars you don't have a need for any of those services. Are there abusers? sure, but the vast majority are people who were dealt a much worse hand than you and need the support. Also, yes, people do have lots of options for help. That's what makes living in a first world country a privilege. In other parts of the world, people would scoff at these ridiculous complaints you have.
  7. Fair - but I think the general, simplified argument is that you could take the 850 million you spent on the stadium and fund something of a more noble and beneficial cause. Children and Family services, for example, is spread very thin and is underfunded, just as most social programs are in the United States.
  8. Oh, you know how to save the world? I am privileged. I have a good stable job with a profitable company. I pay taxes, a lot of them. I am happy to pay those taxes, and a large reason why I live in New York as opposed to Florida. Do I want those taxes to supplement Pegula's 5.8 billion dollar worth and create a couple jobs, or do I want it to support children who have a parent overdosing on the couch? I guess I view one scenario as a nice to have, and one as a clear need to have. You may feel differently, but you are wrong.
  9. Ha! This is the most ridiculous perspective you could possibly have. Family and Child Services saves children from abusive/neglectful situations. I'm not sure how to put a price tag on that exactly, but there is a very clear connection to that being an investment in our communities future. If you remove a child from a person with drug addiction issues or sexual abuse - and put them in a home that will care for them the impact on not just that child but everyone they interact with for the rest of their lives is immeasurable. Economists put ~$10 million to the value of a human life. There are about 15,000 kids in foster care in New York State right now. So if you consider the children as assets, that's a value of 150 billion dollars. How much does the investment (children) depreciate if they stay in a neglectful home? how about their children down the road? How about the kids they interact with at school?
  10. Diggs is great, but here are teams WR groups I would rather have: TB Dolphins Bengals Seahawks Chargers Rams Vikings Broncos 49ers Raiders So I guess 11th is a bit above average. I stand corrected. Here are teams that I would say are borderline equal to us: Titans (Robert Woods needs to be healthy, if so, they're better) Giants (they need a QB, but I think they may have a better group in general)
  11. so, you think the coaching staff said "we have this awesome player, but we're not going to use him"? There must be a reason, and that reason must have something to do with 34 year old Emanuel Sanders being better. Football fans always look at their own team through rose colored glasses. I bet before that KC explosion, about 10% of NFL fans knew who Davis even was. This all being said, I have high hopes for Davis... but c'mon, the Bills WR room is average at best.
  12. We've lost 1 (maybe 2 with Bates) members of our starting offensive line. The replacement on our offensive line is going to be 34 with a history of significant shoulder injuries. He's known for being a great run blocker, but has been a liability in pass protection in the past (likely partially due to shoulder issues). This is a passing league and we have the best QB in the game. If we didn't spend two of our offensive drives against KC without Josh passing the ball, we would have won, despite McDermott's best efforts to lose the game. We have no o-line depth Our running backs stink. Singletary turned in on towards the end of the season, but that may have been due to the dual Allen-Singletary threat, which is apparently being reduced/eliminated Ok, TE is upgraded. I like the OJ Howard signing. But the guy has 5 injuries on the same ankle. He is about as far away from a guaranteed producer as you can get We've lost 2 of our top 3 WRs from last year. They were old, but still. Davis looked good in one game - lets hope that continues, but still to be seen. He was number 4 on the depth chart for a reason last year... Diggs is getting up there, we'll see, but maybe he'll start declining. Same could be said about Mitch Morse. The constant investment in the defense and neglect of the offense is so painful to watch. Can't stand it.
  13. Taking away Allen's run game is devolving. Especially when we've really only subtracted from the offense (Saffold for Williams almost seems lateral). McDermott is an idiot.
  14. My eyes. Josh looked good in year 2 without Diggs. He would make throws I had never seen a Bills QB make (I'm post-Kelly). I was sold after year 2 and have only become more convinced of that since.
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