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  1. Fitz was/is the ultimate pendulum quarterback. When he is on his game, he's likely one of the top 5 QBs in the league. When he is off his game he is likely one of the bottom 5 QBs. It just so happens that you never know when good/bad Fitz would come out and therefore it was hard to build a consistent offense around him. With Tyrod, albeit very conservative, you knew exactly what you were getting every play.
  2. Tre, Hyde, and Poyer will be all-pros if this happens.
  3. For me it's Mims or bust in this draft. I think he will be the best WR when it's all said and done.
  4. I think at this time next year you'll be saying that there aren't 5 tight ends better than Knox in the NFL.
  5. I wouldn't trade for him at all. He literally has two cinder blocks on the end of his wrists.
  6. Is Josh Allen's accuracy still ridiculous. You legitimately can see the arm motion locking in on a target and the hand then turning and sailing a good 15 yards wide of it. Just crazy
  7. Let's hope one of them isn't Sunday morning in London...
  8. I want to see Christian Wade as a core special teams player next year. IMO he has the perfect skill set to be a gunner, punt returner, and kick returner. Heck I'd even like to see him punting the ball. Punting, receiving, and tackling are all required skills of a professional rugby player.
  9. Right - I'll never forget that call on Nickell Robey. That was a game of crazy emotional swings with the ups and downs.
  10. If I am Beane I would do the following: 1. Cut Murphy 2. Resign Shaq with Murphy's savings - effectively gives you the same player or slight upgrade who is 3 years younger 3. Sign Emmanuel Ogbah (another above average end who provides youth) 4. Draft K’Lavon Chaisson (absolute freak), AJ Epenesa, or Yetur Gross in the first round Then you have ends of Shaq, Ogbah, Hughes, and Rookie 1st rounder. Love/Johnson rotate in
  11. Joe B is a good reporter but his knowledge of football is rudimentary at best. If you're looking for detailed analysis and breakdowns from and all-22 perspective I'd recommend Aaron Quinn from Cover 1, Joe Marino from the Draft Network, and Bruce Nolan from Buffalo Rumblings. I tend to ignore Joe B's all-22 analysis because like a few of you have said, his grading system is totally unexplained and illogical. I think I started to realize this after the Philly game when he graded Star so well after we got absolutely gashed.
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