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  1. Yeah, no word on numbers yet, but a good bet it will lower his 2021 $6.7 million cap hit.
  2. Isn't demanding a trade effectively waving the clause? Not talking legally, but practically?
  3. Nothing specific to this comment, Yolo, but I don't like being the leader a week ago. It suggests some roadblock that the parties can't get past. I guess there can be some unique circumstances here relating to the unknown salary cap, but I would think, if the parties agreed on 2/25 (for example), they would be able to fit that in regardless.
  4. Story says nothing about whether the Bills will use the tag, right?
  5. I went with my girlfriend. She sat through the nonstop rain to watch the Bills get blown out because I wanted to see Josh's debut. She never complained once. So I married her.
  6. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2021-free-agency-top-100-free-agents Milano at 37, Darryl Williams at 40. No Feliciano. What's more interesting is that, in addition to re-signing Milano for 4/45 and Williams for 3/31.5, they also have the Bills signing Richard Sherman (No. 19) for 2/28, Chris Carson (No. 57) for 3/27, and Trey Hendrickson (No. 59) for 4/45. Where is all this money coming from!?
  7. Yeah, was going to say, I pay $5 a month for the Athletic, and you can get a promotional rate for less (I am in my second year, so no more promotion).
  8. Bills are 4-3. Only two of 14 other teams have as many as three wins, and only one other team has played as many as five such games. Miami - 2-2 Pittsburgh - 3-0 Baltimore - 2-2 Cleveland - 1-3 Indianapolis - 1-2 Tennessee - 1-2 Kansas City - 2-1 Las Vegas - 3-2 Green Bay - 1-1 New Orleans - 2-2 Tampa Bay - 2-2 Seattle - 1-3 Arizona - 2-1 Los Angeles - 1-2
  9. Projecting 11-5 means 4-3 the rest of the way, which is in line with what our point differential says our record should be. So they are projecting regression.
  10. Two losses against the Patriots but a win over the Broncos ... who just beat the Patriots?
  11. Quiet is good for a DB. Hill had 20 yards receiving.
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