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  1. He used the Milano clip! That bastard!
  2. I hear what you're saying, but all I can say is I hope not. I think it depends on the size of the investment. With each passing day, it gets smaller.
  3. Still out there heading into Day 3: Houston, Ingram, Clowney, Dunlap, and Reddick. None are perfect fits, but all are upgrades on Addison.
  4. A little hard to believe that the team that traded for Ngakoue mid season made such a sudden and sharp change in approach. Not impossible, just hard to believe.
  5. The cut is based on salary (~$7 million), not cap hit ($10 million). So, a $5 million cut would reduce the actual money he takes home for playing this year down to ~$2 million. That might not even be the vet minimum for him.
  6. Your memory is better than mine.
  7. Me, too. But I think they cut DiMarco even after he took a pay cut last year, so there is still hope.
  8. I wonder how many on this board would gladly take Jimmy Graham's production at Jimmy Graham's contract for a vet tight end option (Ertz, Rudolph, etc.). 2 years/$16 million 456 yards, 8 TDs
  9. Yeah, no word on numbers yet, but a good bet it will lower his 2021 $6.7 million cap hit.
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