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  1. Holy Mackeral sounds vintage ,but not whiteish. imho. Everybody wants to find racial everywhere.
  2. yeh, I remember the Bills dropping a game to the running QB Vince Young of the Titans are few years back. He later came to the Bills and was cut for not running the called plays. (Chan Gailey cut him I think)
  3. Scooters for 300+ OL guys are better called motorcycles.
  4. IKE won't play much...snap count...same curve 27 was on imho.
  5. I got sucker punched by a drunk at a Bills game a couple years back. Those drunks better stay out of my way, as I am 100% intolerant and belligerent wrt those lowlifes. Drink, ok, better behave or I will retaliate. I go for the football!
  6. At the old rockpile, the beer was in cans too!
  7. I am not paying any attention to IKE returning soon scenrios.
  8. I wonder if its to late to resign Shady for this snow game. He was a beast the last snow game in Buffalo.
  9. The rap on McKenzie when he came to Buffalo from Denver was his hands. Not much has changed about that. He isn't playing at the level he did last year.
  10. Beaseley can get three elevations to the 53......with only four games to go thats hellp. And, John Brown will use his third up this week against the phins.
  11. I laughed at this thread title. I had thought of it also....
  12. Well, then there was Ronald Darby. Couldn't develope him, so he was traded. Still in the league I think. So, your argument isn't solid imho.
  13. I wonder how things were when he was not resigned. Not sure being in town means a signing. Still, a competant slot receiver would be nice down the stretch.
  14. I thought Tunuta signed on wi somebody elses practice squad.
  15. How old was Marv Levy when he coached the Bills? I think Frazier in under that age.
  16. Bean gambled and lost here. Miller might miss all next season as well. As players age, they get more brittle. Oh well, worth a shot I guess.
  17. Ike will be on a slow ramp up just like TWhite. Not much use until playoff time imho.
  18. This is actually a disadvantage if they do it imho.
  19. Happened to me at a preseason game for the Red Sox at Fenway south. (Fort Myers)
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