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  1. All he did all year was win the second Miami game with a kickoff return. Hines did even better the year before. Looks like the Bills don't take the returner position as a priority.
  2. Shakir was a 5th I recall. Look for the Bills to draft a second wr late on day 3.
  3. A good discussion. But, overall needs will limit early selections to one wr. Either a safety or a D lineman will be early as well. I would think another next year might be in order as Josh does need top receivers. Davis was a mixed bag, a pro for sure. I guess I didn't understand how he wasn't on the same page a Josh so much in his 4th year. Ccoaching? Scheme change? He wasn't the same guy in year 4. His drop rate was also surprisingly high at 10% of targets about. (I know somebody on here will know the exact number.)
  4. Yes, two makes sense. Shorter hasn't played a down so listing him as "in the room" is strictly to be correct, not that he is a player. I think the Bills already know after watching him in practice in 23. Shorter is another Isiah Hodgins, who the Giants poached, but chose this offseason to NOT resign.
  5. Even trade down and draft two. Despite best efforts to identify pros, the college stats and the testing data doesn't tell it all by any measure. Strength in numbers. Only one needs to be good. The Bills need a downfield threat or two. That was Diggs, now it will be somebody else.
  6. But, Cook is an unreliable pass catcher, in the same way Dawson Knox drops his share and more.
  7. The betting action accounts for the shift in odds. Means nothing in terms of fundamental considerations by the Bills, Texans or Diggs.
  8. Shorter has not played a down. Don't know how anybody could include him in the all set WR room justification.
  9. Tired of the old Carolina analogies. BB, you have been here 7 years, spare us Carolina references.
  10. My son was at school in Pittsburg, and was assaulted in his Bills gear. Never again........(and he is 6'5" 220, MBA at Carnigie Mellon) drunk idiots. Of course, I got sucker punched at the Ralph a few years ago also, so it can happen anywhere. Keep your head on a swivel when visiting or at home really.
  11. MId major springboard to the big time. JUst don't wear your Bills gear in Pittsburg.
  12. The New York media is terrible. when the Bills beat the Jets, I love to hear the crying from the media down there.
  13. Usually only 1 QB on the field though.....
  14. I agree w the view that Diggs was hurt second half of the 23 season. Not only the stat story, but, if you watched him closely, he was in great pain often after being hit or hitting the ground. He played on like the pro he is, and I look for him to return to form in 24. I was really surprised the media didn't see what I saw, as that story line was never covered during the season. (Diggs not being on the injury report and all)
  15. Naw.... NOt sure spector is athletic enough. and hurt alot. Last shot for him this year imho
  16. Frankly, I am gonna scream when Bean trades up in round 1 again. One trick pony stuff. Now, the Bills have a lot of day 3 picks this year.......so part w one maybe. But I think he out thinks himself a lot of the time. He moved up for Kincaid, he moved up for Shikir ok, he was right there. But, Torrence fell to us in rnd 2, and no trade up for that winner. There is good talent where the Bills pick, he just doesn't want to wait to see. Maybe its position need that drives him, but, I am tired of that move.
  17. Pats tag Duggar also. I recall McD loved him out of college.
  18. Some of it is disinformation to mislead other teams, particularly ahead of the draft.
  19. Actually, that is Bares you describe. Edwards was 7th with an asterick as he played the heavy package quite a bit.
  20. The Bills should have manned up and admited they treated this guy like trash due to public opinion. And tried to resign him, of course, no way is he coming back to this organization. A real lowlight for the current managementimho. Innocent until proven guilty is the American way I hope.
  21. Market size matters. Playing the story in Buffalo doesn't get enough clicks for the news services.
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