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  1. I have found many of his prior reviews to be really far off base, and conflicting with others’ reviews too. So I usually don’t bother putting any stock in his reviews of the film.
  2. haha— true. I think the reason that people are worried is because gesecki had a few decent games against us. Other than those games, he has been mostly a non-factor his entire career.
  3. Wondering if we can convert Duke from WR to LB. He is usually the answer.
  4. Just finished season 2 of cobra Kai. Wow— I have no idea what direction that show is heading now. They really went nuclear with the last episode.
  5. haha— this is a good observation. I bet it is because he has a name that sounds like two last names.
  6. That was a remarkably entertaining game!!! if only the Bengals could defend the same counter running play the browns ran 10 times on that last drive, they could have won!!
  7. this is his second start in the NFL!! Not sure I have seen someone look this good so soon. He looks very poised and accurate.
  8. Bengals are going to be decent this year. That is like a 6-win team easy, assuming they stay relatively healthy. The ravens are a super bowl team, which is why I think the browns-ravens game wasn’t a great indicator. I think the browns look like they will be in the hunt for a playoff spot this year— maybe like a 9-win team. They have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball.
  9. Browns really looking good. They are going to be good this year. Last week’s game against the ravens was not a good indicator.
  10. Poor Mahomes. Maybe he can do a little better next week, and possibly pass Allen.
  11. Not being funny (though you may laugh), but the other guy with nice trajectory is Matt Barkley. He makes up in arm strength with nice touch and loft on his deeper throws.
  12. wow--really? I thought we cut ties with him completely! Duke-mania could be back?!
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