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  1. yeah, more of an indictment of Gase than the genius of Belichick.
  2. This is the worst. I just read on another thread on here that the Pats just traded for Sano too. Not sure how we are going to be able to stop both Sanu and Sano.
  3. I feel like Ben R. Has had similar stats. He can be a little listless and then turns it on late.
  4. Well said. he literally pointed fingers at guys on the field. Remember his “look back” every time he got burned, and then there was a debate over whose fault it was. Glad he is gone.
  5. I never recalled stonehands Gilmore catching balls like that when he was here.
  6. Interesting how it sounded like more Bills fans there than cards ones, judging from the crowd noise.
  7. I definitely hear what you are saying. Walking down the street, more people speak other languages than English. Been about 2-3 years too since I’ve been (last time I was there, Jalen Rose and his wife were strolling right by us!).
  8. I am not a partier or anything, but south beach is one of my favorite places to vacation. Can just hang out on the great beaches, Surf and swim, bike up and down the boardwalk, and hit up lots of terrific restaurants. Have had some of my best meals there!
  9. I always get really bothered when fans boo their own team, like what happened yesterday going into the half. I think it is bad form and disloyal. Plus, just not a good look for a fan base. What do you all think? Is it acceptable or not?
  10. A. No question. The scheme is dynamic. i think a lot of the shortcomings so far on O have been due to execution.
  11. I agree. For a long time, I have been a proponent of drafting a CB high every 5 years and then letting him walk after his rookie deal, because of the high cost of that second contract. (I actually still support it for Gilmore, who, despite what everyone says, still holds on just about every play but now can get away it— but that’s an argument for another day). But Tre is a very special player— excellent in multiple coverages, good against the run, great ball skills, and high character guy. You pay him!!
  12. If you look at the playoff teams every year, usually most (sometimes almost all) their wins come against below-.500 teams. Just have to win the winnable games.
  13. I agree. I actually think Beane is smart enough to be starting discussions on an extension this off-season-- i.e., get him inked during year 4.
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