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  1. same. And when I don’t, I am usually filled with guilt.
  2. yeah, I will take this one— thanks. BTW, even this one, while clean, I am guessing would go for like maybe $120k in most parts of the country. Amazing that houses cost this much in Queens.
  3. I thought the same at first. I can see having a weekly competing anthem every week as being viewed as divisive. But playing the song one time to start the season is more of an acknowledgment, as you said.
  4. Just to be clear, this song is just being played before week 1 games, not every game. I had not heard this song before, but just listened to it, and it is a very uplifting, positive song.
  5. I'm not even sure they celebrate Thanksgiving down in Jax anyway.
  6. I used to be a die hard Mets’ fan as a kid, and loved Bobby Bo!! Glad to know he’s still making out like a bandit!
  7. that’s exactly it. It’s sort of a different dish altogether. Almost like chicken for chicken and dumplings.
  8. Surprisingly, roasting a chicken in the crock pot is easy and delicious. You don’t get the crispy skin of an oven, but it is very moist. by the way, I don’t believe in pulled pork in the crock pot. It’s morally repugnant. I know too many terrible home cooks that think they are gourmet chefs by throwing a big chunk of fatty pork into the crock pot and then dumping bbq sauce on that mushy mess later.
  9. Haha— many of us (including me) posted this prediction within like 30 seconds of cam getting cut. he will be good for the pats. Won’t be asked to do much.
  10. I was actually just telling my wife that someone needs to do a high-end foodie garbage plate. I didn’t know they existed! my idea was a nice ribeye or angus burger and smoked sausage over truffle Parmesan fries. Can’t really think of an elevated version of Mac salad, which I think is critical. Spicy lentil chili sauce. Toasted brioche bread.
  11. oh man. I am drooling. I need to get back to Rochester again— its been about 5 years and when I go, I rarely get time to do a proper food tour!
  12. exactly. Or like DeMarcus Murray a few years ago for the cowboys. When he left the cowboys, he looked pretty ordinary really fast. haha— agreed. He’s probably no. 1 now on most lists too! And probably has the most big-play potential. the one guy that would get a lot more press if he played behind a better line or for a better team though is Chubb. That guy is a real Home run hitter.
  13. haha— same on both accounts. I was a “street” player (very few lessons as a kid), so most of what I learned was by watching on TV and then replicating at the park or local school courts. So, I did the same—developed a lot of touch shots, drop shots, good net game, lobs, etc. it turned me into a pretty solid doubles player, but a not so good singles player. But my serve was and is pretty bad and inconsistent. My HS tennis coach made me ditch the sideways looping Mac serve! my first few rackets too were Dunlop’s. But then I moved to the Wilson pro staff. Now I have an old man pretty basic Prince I got a few years ago. But I only hit with my kids and play seriously a handful of times each year. after Johnny Mac, the other player I used to try to emulate was Stefan Edberg. Really great serve and volley and finesse game.
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