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  1. gilmore and Tre are the two best corners in the game. I’m not sure it matters if we call anyone “shut down.” But if we can put two “elite” guys out there at CB, really opens up a lot of what we can do on D.
  2. I am guessing he might get pushed around with a 230-pound frame like Edwards does. Still, at 6’10”, you’d think a few more balls would at least fall in your lap.
  3. I am all for this. But I would love to get some players with some beef too.
  4. I agree 100%. I bet they are talking right now on an extension. The only concern for me is White’s position on it. I have never been a fan of signing or re-signing high priced Free agent corners, but White is the clearest exception.
  5. I think I am behind the times. For years, teams could get around this by inventing new titles. But after researching it a bit, it looks like the NFL changed the rules on this. So, now, all position coaches are in 1 category. I think that even means that a team can block their line coach from going to be an OC elsewhere. http://archive.jsonline.com/sports/packers/packers-often-deny-assistants-permission-to-interview-with-other-teams-ks87jo8-185390861.html/ Until about five years ago, the NFL permitted position coaches to interview for jobs short of head coach that represented clear-cut promotions even if they had time remaining on their contracts. But after teams started to invent all kinds of titles to make their assistants immune from raids, the NFL decided on a blanket rule for coaches under contract.
  6. I agree. But it wouldn’t be the worst thing to have two elite shut down corners. Would also hedge against injury and the possibility of not being able to re-sign Tre.
  7. I thought this was a thing at least a few years ago. Maybe the NFL changed it? As I recall, teams would give guys that assistant head coach title to prevent lateral moves. I think Bobby April may have had that title for us.
  8. Can’t they get around this by interviewing him for “assistant head coach?”
  9. All I want to see out of this team is some improvement over the year by the young guys. They seem to be getting better. That said, BC is pretty bad, I think.
  10. I turned it on in the second half too. These guys finally seem to be moving on offense and shooting better. Nice win!
  11. I’ve had some rotator cuff issues and I can’t even imagine playing o-line with a rotator cuff tear— You have to put a ton of pressure on your arms and shoulders blocking, and that injury must zap your shoulder strength.
  12. Out of curiosity, how much do you think tickets would be for the game? Expensive? it might ought be High time For di little lady and me to visit ole Big Ben (that was intended to be a poor attempt at mimicking a cockney accent).
  13. you clearly don’t know anything about analytics. The NY Giants crackpot analytics team actually agrees with our signing, and that says a lot:
  14. this is no defense of that call, which is totally indefensible. But watching this replay now in a clear-headed way, I can see why the ref threw it. from the ref’s vantage point, he sees the receiver go diving at the same time that Robey reaches out his arms to try to catch the ball. The depth perception of this ref is off and I am guessing he sort of guessed that the robey pushed the receiver. it was a terrible call and you can’t ref by way of assumptions, but I don’t think the Fix was in, at least.
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