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  1. I’m pretty sure Steven Seagal movies have always been pretty bad. jean Claude van damm movies, on the other hand— that’s some classic stuff. I am now in the mood for Bloodsport!
  2. they’re not sick, just from New Jersey— easy enough mistake to make.
  3. I’ve never seen Bridge to Terabithia, but that was a book I read as a kid that made such a lasting impression.
  4. I agree with you on the psychology of the 2-week extensions. PA today just went to an indefinite extension too. Felt very deflating.
  5. Jean-Ralphio aka Jello Shot from Parks and Rec.
  6. I watched Swiss family Robinson about a 100 times as a kid. Great movie. And my good friend growing up loved the Love Bug/Herbie movies— I think his dad watched them growing up, and got him into them— so I must have seen all of those.
  7. Back to the Future would be in the wheelhouse of 10-year old.
  8. I will tell you what changed my life around age 10– the original Karate Kid. Still my favorite movie to this day!!
  9. my kids really like The Sound of Music and the original Pinocchio. That said, I didn’t realize there were scenes in Pinocchio of him smoking cigars when he was being a “bad” kid. Not ideal for kids under age 8 to see, IMO. BTW, we never really got into a lot of Disney and Pixar movies, except Frozen. Been watching some of them recently and shocked at how good some of them are. The movie “Inside Out” is totally genius. I can’t believe someone came up with that concept— it’s really brilliant. Just watched “Ralph breaks the internet” last night and it was similar in the sense of being really imaginative with how the internet worked.
  10. This is really popular in Pittsburgh right now. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/corona2020/2020/03/28/3D-print-face-shields-N95-shortage-UPMC-DIY-homemade-mask-filter-hospital/stories/202003260127 I actually think these small groups of hobbyists and small businesses are going to be huge on a number of fronts (masks, face guards, ventilator technology, etc.). Much more nimble than your GM’s of the world. May be really helpful to stock short-term needs.
  11. Ha! I figured I’d give the 30 days a trial and see what happens. I have directv and I hate the idea of paying even more for TV services.
  12. this is a great answer. That said, there are so many on Seinfeld that fit within the category of “underrated.” Eg, Newman, Jackie Childs.
  13. If I lived in Hawaii, I would be doing the same thing as you! Surfing everyday sounds awesome! I think as the weather gets better for us poor schlubs in the northeast, we will hopefully be getting out more and less stir crazy.
  14. I finally bit the bullet and got Netflix! I think I was probably the last holdout!
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