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  1. Did McD address at all after the game his decision not to challenge the PI non-call on Foster? That seemed like it was worth challenging.
  2. I agree. We obviously need to make the playoffs, but these games, win or lose, are what’s going to make this team playoff ready. They will be ready to play physical playoff football.
  3. Duck has a really nice deep ball too. He will dump it down mostly but will chuck it down the field too a lot.
  4. If it was the same as the cowboys game officials, Ravens would have been called for illegal contact just about every play. They let both sides grab a lot.
  5. I have a feeling that after today, we will see Duke activated next week. Foster hasn’t done enough as a receiver, and isn’t worth much in the red zone.
  6. One thing I am surprised by is no jet sweeps today. The way the ravens were blitzing hard up the middle, it seemed like the edges were susceptible. Was actually thinking that 3rd and 8 at the end of the game was a perfect time to try it.
  7. except he dropped JA’s best throw all day— would have been a game changer too. The receivers need to make big plays and tough catches once in a while.
  8. OP makes a good point. But Knox did make that one big play today. good teams though have playmakers at the skill spots that make big plays.
  9. duck does have a nice and very accurate deep ball, which is why he can get those calls.
  10. I would include the Foster Non-call PI play as sort of a “drop.” A good receiver goes up with strong hands and makes that catch. Go get the ball! there were a lot of drops, but the one that was the most frustrating was the Beasley one. One of the most athletic scrambles and throws you will ever see from a QB and then to place the ball perfectly on his hands in stride on a big third down. That was a real disappointment.
  11. I thought we led the league actually in KR average.
  12. agreed. Anyone with two eyes would agree. the thing that amazes me about Lamar is his accuracy (more so than his running). I actually think over time and as he gets older, he will be almost a pure pocket passer. He doesn’t need to run.
  13. Any word on what happened on that broken long TD by the ravens?
  14. I don’t like it. There are a lot of unwritten rules and courtesies on those plays to prevent injury. A trick play upsets all of that.
  15. I will be curious what the ravens say about our defense. They have been unstoppable for most of the season and were mostly held in check today.
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