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  1. Above is your original post...notice the bolded In the bolded you just replied with here you seem to be contradicting your original post and now saying you didn't watch the post game presser. So I don't get it, when was Allen "chill about losing"..."saying the right things"..."giving the right answers"..."wasn't happy but resigned to it"..."like a beaten person"...if it wasn't in his presser you now say you didn't watch? I don't disagree that there shouldn't be a concern with major disappointing losses starting to become a culture and affecting the players to where they get almost numb to it. Heck I am practically numb to it at this point. All of our playoff losses have been hard to take going all the way back to Houston even. BUT...I don't know how you can say you saw any of that with Josh, especially now if you claim you didn't watch the press conference despite alluding to watching it in your first post. The one player on this team you don't have to worry about is Josh. He wants it as bad as any Bills fan and hurst just as much when they don't get it done. And you can see how hard he was taking it to in the press conference you may or may not have watched. I have all the confidence in the world in Josh's mentality and coming back as committed and focused as he always has been to winning the Super Bowl here.
  2. Its sad he is getting so much hate. We didnt lose the game because of Bass, I mean KC had a lot of time and 2 timeouts and all they needed was a FG against a defense that has failed to stop them from getting a FG in 13 seconds and 12 seconds and was only able to force even 5 3rd downs all game. So, even if Bass makes that kick, the odds are high that KC gets into FG range and takes the clock down and hits the game winner. No guarantee, but this by no means is why we lost the game. I mean there are so many plays...Kelce uncovered TD, Diggs dropped bomb, Dawkins stepping on Josh foot on the throw to Shakir for the go ahead TD, the OL not holding up on 3rd down forcing a FG attempt, etc. This was very different than Norwood...the moment we didn't convert on 3rd down I told my wife that is game. Tying the game giving Mahomes final possession is not a recipe to win, we needed the TD.
  3. I mean I get the want, and it would be nice, but its also not as important as people make it out to be. WR's who have great hands and get great separation are more reliable and impact the game more than a guy who can catch 1 or 2 jump balls. Plus, Josh has a big go up and get it target in Kincaid, so for me, I would rather see us get a guy who can help stretch the field and be a true deep threat than just a big guy. And if that stretch the field guy also happens to be big, then even better, but I want guys who consistently get open and catch the ball and not drop it more than I want size. Don't get me wrong, I am not against adding size at all, just don't want to force size over someone who may be a better overall WR at catching and getting open.
  4. Seriously, what is the point of this? This is the same thing Diggs always does. Why do people need to go out and force a narrative and make it into something more than it is? The fan base is just the worst with this kind of stuff. People handle things differently, we already know Diggs is not one to want to discuss the loss like this as he has never done it prior. He was an exceptional teammate all season...he was chosen as a captian...his teammates love him. They accept how he processes things...fans need to get over this "you owe me something" mentality with players when they are facing their lowest lows and hard moments. Leave him be...let him process things how he deals with them, not the way you think he should deal with them.
  5. There is a massive difference at being mad a person like Mahomes was with the ref vs being devastated from something like a painful loss. You seem to think anger is the only way to handle emotional pain or hurt. I don't know how anyone can watch the game vs KC and the press conferences and see just how much this means to Josh. I honestly don't know what you thought you saw or expected to see, but everyone else saw a guy who was taking the loss hard who wanted it bad on the field. Then faced the press and had to field ridiculous questions about it right after while still processing the disappointment of what just happened.
  6. WR will still be a priority because Diggs is 31 years old. But I do think people are thinking about the need for a "WR2" incorrectly by solely focusing on a boundary WR to be the top target after Diggs. But look at KC for example...you could say Hill was WR1 and Kelce was really WR2 in terms of how the offense functioned. Then they had role players around them as other receivers. I think between Shakir and Kincaid, we have a top #2 target on this roster and really 2 very promising receiving targets between those 2. So what I think we need most is an eventual WR1 to replace Diggs after next season. Then add some young speed as well who can play on the boundary
  7. My wife is a die hard Niners fan...and I am obviously a die hard Bills fan. We have an 8 month old son, so the joke is always "House Divided" and even have a onesie that is half niners and bills with the slogan across the middle "House Divided". But I have always been confident he would be a Bills fan with dad. We found out we were pregnant more than week earlier than we should have known the night after the game where the Bills smashed the Rams to open the season. She shouldn't have even shown she was pregnant for like 10-12 more days. But we were so excited she just took a test for heck of it. I found out I was having a boy an hour before the Packers vs Bills game while we were up visiting family at the house we got married at which is her aunt and uncles place. We had all our family around and we did the reveal with a Bills onesie if it was a boy and niners onesie if it was a boy. Obviously it was a Bills onesie and found we were having a son. Then...feeling excited as I sat down for the Bills vs Packers game surrounded by family, I placed a small $25 "First TD Bet" for the game on Knox that paid 10-1. Sure enough, short throw to Knox for the TD and a $250 quick win. Then as he spiked the ball and pointed to the sky I both the TV and I mention to the room that Dawson is pointing to the sky for his brother who had just been killed before the season began named Luke. Up to this point, we had a definite name had it been a girl, but we had not really found a boys name we loved yet. And as this is happening, I looked at my wife and said, "You know, I really like that name Luke". And she looked back at me and said "Actually I really do too", and then the room kind of all chimed in saying how much they liked the name Luke. Later that night as my wife and I layed in bed we just looked at each and realized that was the name...our sons name...Luke. Now, we didn't directly name him after Dawson's brother, but his name was directly inspired by this moment, in this bills game, by this bills player, after a bills onesie told me our son was coming. So there had never been a doubt in my mind my son and I would be die hard Bills fans together. Bills and my son were connected in some way at every stage on his way to his birth. All that being said...I love him so much that it’s probably better for him to be a Niners fan to avoid this constant disappointment 😂, so I will let him choose rather than push him towards a team. And if he chooses another team, I will be ok with that. Growing up, my dad was a die hard Niners fan and him and I were always competitive, so of course I had to root for someone else, and its honestly how I became a Bills fan in the first place while living my whole life in CA. Chris Berman predicting Bills vs Niners for 20 years while I was growing up made me feel like they were true rivals. And as I got older and started understanding football and really became a die hard fan in the late 80's after I discovered the K-Gun offense as I just fell in love with how exciting they were. Didn't hurt that my grandpa (dads dad) bought a Buffalo for the heck of it and threw him in with our cattle at the time when I was a kid. Was like seeing a dinosaur given I had been around cattle my whole life and other livestock but never seen a Buffalo before. And one of my favorite things was always the football rivalry my dad and I had. The only year I have ever rooted for another team was the year he was killed in November of 1994 where I rooted for them from that point on in his honor, just the one time. And they went on to win the SB that year, the last time they won one. Maybe this year, in my sons first year of life, the Niners will come full circle and will win it again. Even crazier...my wife and son were both born in May just a few days apart, and she was born in 1994, which means if the Niners win the SB this year, my son will be the same age my wife was when the Niners last won the SB, which was the same season I lost my dad and rooted for the Niners to win the SB. So honestly, my son feels as destined to be a Niners fan as he does a Bills fan. Long story but the point is, I had as much fun rooting against my dad as we did rooting for each other in other things. So just make sure your son knows its ok to be a fan of whoever he wants, all that matters is that you love each other and know that when the Bills beat his teams a** youre gonna relentlessly talk smack to him and taunt him hahaha. Congrats on the family! We are trying for our second, but thats it for us. 5 makes you some kind of super hero hahaha.
  8. There is nothing we did against the Chiefs that was conservative. Literally nothing. In fact, every play people are mad about were plays we were aggressive lmao including the fake punt you are complaining about, which was stupid, but also the polar opposite of conservative. So be mad at McD all you want, but to sit here and complain about us being too conservative vs KC is the equivalent of going outside and claiming the sky is orange instead of blue.
  9. I dont want to read 31 pages of arguing...so can anyone give me the cliff notes regarding if there is actually any info out there that remotely suggests McD might be replaced? Because all I have seen is statements from insiders saying McD is going nowhere.
  10. I was fine at kickoff with McD too...but honestly, just think this team may need some new blood and new life to break through the mental lapses where we lose late and close games. Brady is the OC - How is that on McD? This comment doesn't make sense to me. Stupid call, but aggressive which is what everyone always say they want from him while they ignore he is actually one of the most aggressive coaches in the NFL. Play it safe? Again, Brady calls the O and more importantly how is a 73 yard bomb to Diggs playing it safe? How is a 29 yard pass to the endzone for Shakir playing it safe? Where did he play safe for a FG? I don't get this comment at all, its like the polar opposite of what actually happened. Again, not trying to defend McD, just really not understanding the reasons you are giving here. And I am not even trying to defend McD as I would take BB, Harbaugh or Vrabel today if they were ready to come here too. But just don't get some of these complaints above in relation to McD yesterday outside maybe the stupid punt fake.
  11. I dont get how people just overlook how good Von was before injury and the unfortunate fact he got a bad injury that usually takes a full season of playing to really get back. I would love to shed the contract too, but lets not pretend Von wasn't playing up to the contract before the injury too. And lets not pretend that the guy on the field this year is also him fully recovered either, because it wasn't. Look how bad Tre looked when he got back before he was playing at a much higher level this year before he got hurt again. Bottom line is he is here one more year, and he can still potentially provide value next year if his last 2 games are any indication. So people need to just accept he is going to be here and hope that he builds upon the end of this year and has more to offer next year like Tre did this season.
  12. The stat actually according to Dan Orlovsky was it has happened only twice, and both times its been Allen. He is the only person to do it and its happened twice.
  13. Some of you quickly forget that our defense was a big reason we won several games this year in which Floyd was a big part of. There is a legit chance we don't make the playoffs without Floyd, especially given all the other injuries on D. And I was one who wanted DHop too, but to disregard Floyd as if he wasn't needed is crazy to me when we had plenty of weapons in this loss to KC. Diggs, a player graded higher than DHop in every way right now, dropped a 70 yard dime by Allen. How does DHop change that? He wouldn't have even gotten to the ball 70 yards down field. Not to mention Shakir was the best WR on the field and didn't drop a ball and made play after play and would have had the go ahead TD had Dawkins not gotten shoved towards Allen to where he stepped on his foot while Allen was throwing the ball. So yeah, no I don't see who DHop wins this game for us. We lost because the OLine didn;t hold on the go ahead TD...we lost because Diggs dropped a pass that never would have been thrown to DHop 73 yards down field. We lost because our kicker shanked a kick bad. We lost for a lot of reasons...none of which DHop changes.
  14. Sorry, but this isn't even a debate. You DO NOT pass up a TD to go up 4 points with under 2 minutes left in the game. No coach in the NFL would do that. For what? A short throw to Diggs that may not have even gotten the first down? Then what? Risk settling on a FG with time on the clock for Mahomes to go win the game on a FG vs needing to get a TD? There is no scenario ever where Josh should pass up on the TD strike to Shakir. Its unfortunate that Dawkins stepped on Josh's foot on the throw or that is a TD all day. Doesn't make it the wrong choice. It would be different if a FG puts us up 3 and a chance to win the game, but it only ties the game. And that means you risk Mahomes who has TWICE gotten a FG on us in 13 seconds and 12 seconds (end of half last year reg season) wining the game outright in regulation if there is any time left or risk losing in OT. You 100% take the TD and make KC have to go the whole field in under 2 min for a TD to try and win. How this is even being debated today is mind blowing to me honestly, especially given that throw to Diggs was no guarantee to even get to him nor would he have likely even gotten a first. More like a 4 to 6 yard game is most likely bringing up something between 3rd and 3 to 5 yards.
  15. No, he had a great QB in Philly. McNabb was a top tier QB and has a case for being the QB who got the most out of the least outside of Tom Brady. McNabb was saddled almost his whole career with trash to throw to and still was one of the best QBs in the NFL most of his career. Reid still couldn’t get over the hump nor did that organization ever properly get McNabb better weapons.
  16. Injuries were very much a factor. There is no denying that. Doesn't mean it’s an excuse for McD, but it is factual that injuries hit us hard. We still had opportunities to win the game so it’s not an excuse, but let’s not pretend the injuries didn’t impact us. KC attacked and exploited our depleted LBs all game.
  17. Disagree. Best WR on the field last night on either team was Shakir and he doesn’t get those opportunities if Davis plays. Shakir was wide open on the 2nd and 9 in the endzone for the go ahead TD but Josh Allen had his foot stepped on by Dawkins and kept him from having his legs in the throw.
  18. BPA - At 28 it’s pretty hard to know what kind of players will be there and we have needs across the board. We need talent, so they can’t pigeon hole a position and take a lesser prospect because that position was targeted or prioritized. So this pick could be a number of positions such as (in no particular order) WR, S, CB, DT, LB, OL. However, I think it’s fair that WR is going to be high on the priority list and may be the only position they would trade up for if there is a difference making prospect available. But outside of that, between our cap position and needs, I have a hard time seeing Beane use draft capital we need for trading up in the first unless it’s a future WR1 type prospect he covets.
  19. There is not 2 sides to this argument. You take the TD when the TD is there and will put you up 4 with the opponent needing a TD with less than 2 min remaining in the game. You don’t dink and dunk and hope you get another shot at a TD just to chew clock and maybe end up in OT or worse, miss the FG or turn the ball over. Every Coach in the NFL takes the TD there over uncertainty 10 times out of 10. Shakir was the right pass, Allen was just unfortunately affected on the throw at the last second.
  20. Shakir was wide open too in the end zone
  21. As I have said previously in other threads, I think the Texans are gonna shock some people today and I got them winning this game. I don’t think the Ravens are as good as people think.
  22. Why don’t you just tell everyone which team you’re really a fan of already. It’s obvious it ain’t the Bills as you only approve of negative commentary and mock anything that shows any positivity on any subject related to the Bills or any player. Your schtick is played out man. You need better hobbies
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