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  1. Curious about the 3 people who voted other...who is the other that is better than both Mahomes and Allen if all things were equal?
  2. While I get your concern, Shakir plays from the Slot, he saw the same defender whether Diggs was on the field or not. Teams are not moving the top outside corner to play the NCB just to cover Shakir. More importantly, Davis issues were because of his limitations as a player. He had Diggs opposite of him his whole career. He didn't take a step forward because he was not a polished route runner, he had a limited route tree, his awareness was not great, and his hands were not great. The only area Davis excelled in was blocking, and that is not the kind of "top trait" you want in a starting WR. And coming into this season, Kincaid is going to draw attention especially in the areas of the field where Shakir eats the most. Kincaid as a rookie had the 10th most yards in NFL history for any rookie TE and the 4th most catches in NFL history for a rookie TE...and that was despite missing a game and only playing 63% of the snaps. Kincaid is going to garner plenty of attention. And then you still have Keon whose size alone warrants extra attention as he will be hard to guard 1 on 1 if he starts having any legit success on the outside with Allen. So this notion that with Diggs gone no one will garner extra attention is probably a gross exaggeration. Not to mention you still have to cover the RB's on every pass play as all of our RB's are dangerous out of the backfield in Cook, Davis, and Ty while also accounting still for Allens threat to run. And Allens threat to run is a bigger factor in opening up things down field and it was a big reason why when Brady took over and Allen basically got turned loose that the offense opened up more and guys like Kincaid and Shakir started making bigger impacts.
  3. You mean like the ball that travelled over 70 yards in the air right after Allen hurt his throwing Elbow and hit Gabe Davis directly in the hands for a drop of a would be go ahead TD? Or like the 70 yards in the air perfect pass to Diggs in the playoffs last year against KC that went right through his hands on our final drive of the game? Or like in the same game with Shakir running a perfect route for the go ahead TD and instead saw Dawkins get blown up by Chris Jones into stepping on Allens foot on the throw causing him to short arm it? Or how about the next play when the Chiefs DL just blew past our OL and put Allen on the run right after the snap to end our drive before Bass then misses a game tying FG? Or how about the go ahead TD strike to Gabe Davis against KC in 2021 giving us the lead with under 2 minutes to go before our D gave up a long easy TD to Hill where he waved bye as he ran past everyone? Or how about right after that, the TD strike again to Gabe to give us what should have been the game winning TD with 13 seconds left before our ST and DC decided to blow the game? Allen has been doing his part, its his teammates around him that have not come up big in big moments where Josh Allen has to do it all.
  4. Yeah, similar comparisons, as in what was mentioned in the article. Based on your post here I am guessing you didn't even read the article otherwise you wouldn't be so confused by the statement.
  5. Come on dude...no one said he "WAS KUPP", it is a reference to his STYLE of play. It always cracks me up when someone talks about a players "STYLE" of play and people incorrectly translate that to mean you just called them the exact same player and expect the same results. Literally nobody said he was the next Kupp.
  6. Someone who would be a big surprise...doubtful but not impossible.
  7. This is absolutely fair to mention, but it also doesn't tell the full story. There was the non-football stuff like Punt Gods fake rape case, Knox's brother dying in preseason, multiple blizzards killing many people in Buffalo, the mass murder shooting, and of course Hamlin dying on the field. The whole team, not just Allen, came out emotionally flat that game like it all just caught up with them. Then there was the football stuff...that roster was not built to play in bad weather outside of Josh Allen. It is also one of the reasons Beane has made some of the peronnel decisions this year that he did, he flat out stated he wanted to get tougher, wanted guys who had an edge to them. He knows this team was too soft at times in the playoffs. And in a bad weather game where passing is always going to be tougher, we didn't have a mauling OL or run game and we had a first time OC who was way over his head and grossly out coached and who would be fired 10 games later. That team got trounced in the trenches on both sides of the ball and no one on that offense was doing anything to help Allen either. Not making excuses for Allen, he gets his share of the blame too, but more stating that was a team wide crap fest, coaches included. The Bengals DL dominated our OL that game, and anytime you do that, the offense is usually not going to perform well.
  8. I don't know about everyone else, but while I am a diehard Bills fan first and foremost, I am also a major football fan (and junkie) overall. Especially since I have been playing Fantasy Football since I was in middle-school in the 80's where you had to get Monday's and Tuesday's papers to track the scoring and see who won. So, I have enjoyed watching a lot of great players play over the years and had some favorites along the way while also being a die hard Bills fan. I had a lot of players I was just a fan of over the years overall...some were amongst the greatest to play, others were just good players I liked for other reasons. My absolute favorite player to ever watch play a game is now Josh Allen. But before Josh Allen, it was without a doubt Barry Sanders. Just like with Allen, I knew on any given play I could see something that no one else in the world or NFL history could do. Barry was the most fun I ever had watching a player play up until Josh Allen came along. An example of a good player I liked for other reasons was Napolean Kaufman. I was a big fan of the Washington Huskies in college, and became a fan of his and was just mesmerized by his combo and sheer strength for his size. When he was on the Raiders, he was out benching everyone on the team despite his small size. I hated the Raiders, and still do, but I always rooted for him. I will never forget when he stayed into block against the Cowboys and literally picked up one of their best defensive lineman and flipped him over his head and then later laid out Charles Haley on another block. This was to go with his big game as a RB that game too. He was a lot of fun to watch play too. I think my favorite defensive player to ever watch play that wasn't on the Bills was Ronnie Lott. My dad was a die hard Niners fan, and back then there was not NFL Sunday Ticket, so living an hour from SF we never missed a Niners game. I can think of so many crazy memories of him and plays he made as an enforcer out there when they still let these guys play, but I think the most memorable moment was when he amputated part of his finger after hurting it in the final game of the season so he wouldn't miss the playoffs. That was wild then and maybe even more wild now to think about lol.
  9. Funny, when I logged in, I had several private DM's and assumed it was about the QOD thread. But no, there were all about you and your reply here and how out of line you get and how the mods don't do enough...even funnier is I had not even read your reply yet lol. Then I read your reply...and it just made me laugh. I mean you are the same one who foolishly argued last offseason and even during the season that Shakir "can't catch". You aren't as smart as you think are, and that is fine, that's honestly probably true about most people lol. But I do find it funny how you go out of your way to turn into a disrespectful petulant child when facing something you were wrong about or someone making a point you don't have a good reply for. And as far as your over the line stuff at the end, I wouldn't even want your post taken down, its better others just see your character. PS: Since there was you know some football stuff in your post...I will say this...comparing Shakir to Foster and those other guys is about as bad of a take as all your failed arguments to prove Shakir can't catch. Good luck eating a bag of crow 🍆's when Shakir serves them to you this season
  10. You still can't help but place seeds of doubt around Shakir. Feels like you just can't let go of your initial negative opinion of him that got proven wrong last year and it's like you still want to stick to that negative opinion in the back of your mind rather than embrace his breakout. I think you will have more fun if you start just embracing the kids upside, his catches last year were pretty impressive. This offseason I have seen a number of current and past NFL Head Coaches and GM's as well as other ex-players turned sports analysts talk about the Bills this year, and every single one of them talked up Shakir too.
  11. I remember when people completely went bonkers and kept slamming Shakir when I made similar Kupp comparisons when he was a rookie, and again last year, which is not really a surprise since Shakir has since come out and literally stated he studies Kupp and tries to pattern some of his game off his.
  12. Call it what you want…all I know is I’m exhausted and his baby brother is due October 11th lol. And I turn 48 next week…although my wife is 30 lol.
  13. I agree with you that it should have been painfully obvious. But when you have a 13 month old running around your house and quickly Google search using Siri trying to reply before he flips the dogs water bowl upside again you tend to over look something that should have been pretty obvious in a mad rush lol (literally what was going on) 🤷‍♂️
  14. Bills averaged more ppg over those 3 years and you wanted to take one game out where Henne played because they had the 1 seed sewed up because you falsely thought it would make a difference. Not only that, you’re not counting any of the games that Allen sat the whole 4th quarter or chunks of it because we were blowing teams out and the Bills took the foot off the gas. Bottom line is Bills averaged more points than them from 2020-2022 even though you took out 2023 to try to change the narrative which still didn’t work. You did your usual cherry pick certain things to make a false point. And it once again didn’t work.
  15. It said 21.4 when I googled it. Weird. Either way, still only 8 point difference in that one game, that isn’t enough to change anything.
  16. You are right, I read it wrong as they lost 38-21. However the Chiefs PPG average in 2020 was 21.4. So it still won’t change anything, he hit their average. Bills still avg more per game than the Chiefs from 2020-2022
  17. I want him to be the guy, and still hoping he is, but I’m just gonna remain cautiously optimistic.
  18. Could we? Cuz that was one game and Henne led the Chiefs to a 38 point game, higher than the the team average under Mahomes that year. So the gap would actually get wider if you took that game out. lol
  19. Many of those pundits thought Allen was a reach at 7th. And almost unanimously those pundits said Trubisky was the best QB in a draft with Mahomes and Watson. So...I would say it means very little. Everyone on planet Earth is wrong more than they are right about these players and projecting who should go where, who is a reach, etc. If you redraft every draft in history now every single one would be drastically different. And more importantly, deciding someone is a reach or a steal on day 3 is a total waste of time. No one has any clue to where guys will really go and no one has any clue as to why a team likes said player or how they see the players remaining specifically fitting into their team, locker room and scheme. But we all do it...label guys steals and reaches...but honestly way too much is made of that and it really is a waste of time.
  20. Not really...on a PPG average, the Bills were higher even before last year (again, only reason not in total points is the Hamlin game getting cancelled because we would have certainly scored 11 or more points that game).
  21. In 2022. the Chiefs played 17 games and the Bills only played 16 games because of the cancelled Cincy game after the Hamlin incident. The Bills only needed to score 11 points in that game to where they would be the highest scoring in the league from 2020 to 2022 and they already had 3 when the game got cancelled.
  22. Well if he went 5/5 then 2/5 that would make him 7/10 - which is still terrible, hence why I am still nervious even though I am still hopeful he get his stuff together this year.
  23. Everyone pretty much agrees its Mahomes because of those accomplishments. What you are missing is what some are suggesting that if Allen had played in Mahomes shoes, he TOO would have similar (maybe even better) accolades and accomplishments too. I mean its pretty significant difference having to start your career on a roster being torn down, led by a defensive minded first time HC, with terrible weapons compared to Mahomes starting with a HOF offensive genius in Reid, and multiple first ballot HOF players like Hill and Kelce. And Allens mentor was Nathan Peterman...Mahomes had Smith coming off his best season of his career on a team that was 12-4 before Mahomes. Not to mention, Mahomes got to sit almost the whole year learning from Smith and Reid. Allen had to step in at half time week 1 because his mentor was a scrub. Even with those differences, Allen still has set records like most TD's in first 6 years, only player in history to put up 40 TD's in 4 straight seasons (and counting), etc despite the harder path. So you don't think its plausible Allen could or would have similar accolades had he played in KC instead of Mahomes with a better start and over situation for him as a QB? On a team with difference makers on BOTH sides of the ball compared to Allen being the only difference maker in Buffalo. I mean Diggs wasn't even one, he never had one good postseason in his 4 years here.
  24. FWIW - Josh was named one of the most clutch players in the NFL https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/bills-qb-josh-allen-named-one-of-nfl-s-most-clutch-players/ar-BB1phsFz?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=d7edec5ca20f4bc59de1e9f174cd0657&ei=20
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