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  1. Moss has helped me survive some injuries in fantasy, so let me say thanks Moss. But, Bills are currently 5th in the NFL in rushing...so who cares. We are better off right now than we were with Singletary and Moss back there. But wish him well, especially since hes on my fantasy team. But he is about to become super irrelevant again if Colts and Taylor ever find any common ground for the remainder of the season. So my fantasy team hopes they trade Taylor
  2. There seems to be a growing sentiment that Adams may want out and that Raiders could explore a trade. Im not normally one to say go get someone like him between trade costs and cap space…but, he’s still dominant and a duo of him and Diggs with Allen at QB would be unreal. Now let me be clear, I’m fully aware the odds of this are slim to none, especially from a cap perspective, and I think the Bills are fine right now in terms of overall weapons anyway. But Bills were a team mentioned as one of 7 in a report talking about who should pursue him if traded and that just got me day dreaming of Diggs and Adams lined up on the field together with Allen 🤤 But hey, even though I know it won’t likely happen…let’s pretend Beane made the cap stuff work and wanted to pull the trigger…I would offer them Davis and our 2024 2nd without a second thought. A guy can dream can’t he lol https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10091109-7-nfl-teams-that-should-pursue-trade-for-raiders-davante-adams
  3. James Cook and all the RBs. We are gonna try and chew clock, long drives, and keep their offense off the field as much as possible.
  4. To be clear, I never said I believed in him coming into the season after I was down on him after last year. I said I had some renewed optimism by the time season started given his reportedly strong camp and being a contract year, but I was never sold and I still needed to see it on the field...and so far, I haven't.
  5. Dude you keep moving the goal post lmao. No one is judging him off 3 games...they are judging him off 3 years and 3 games SMH. And he is on pace for 901 yards, not 1000. If he goes on to produce MORE than he has been producing, then great, it wouldn't be an issue now would it. I don't see anyone complaining about your made up year end stats that have not happened yet...they are concerned about the ACTUAL inconsistent performances and ACTUAL pace he is on not being anything better than what we have seen in the past. If he goes on to show consistency and reliability week to week the rest of the season then that is great. But he hasn't been consistent in his first 3 years and he hasn't been consistent in the first 3 games. So we are still waiting for that to happen.
  6. Dude, you are manipulating that info lol. All but 3 catches came in one game but you keep grouping it to mask his lack of production in 2 of them. There is not another player in the league making that kind of impact...you mean like catching just 3 out of 8 passes over 2 games? You know, you are probably right, they are likely on the bench lol. The list of WR's having a bigger impact and more production for their team than Davis is long. There are rookies doing better so far.
  7. It takes time for a WR to learn the playbook, develop timing and feel with a QB. The odds Gabe would be traded in season for a WR who doesn't know the offense or have any experience with Josh are low IMO. I just don't think its likely, especially since the staff is less down on Gabe than many of the fans are. So I wouldn't hold your breath on a trade, I just don't see that happening
  8. I didn't suggest a trade would be coming, I really do not think they will trade him in season, not in a year we are pushing for a SB. I just don't think we resign him next offseason
  9. 2 years ago Diggs was 28...preparing for life after Diggs wasn't in play and neither was replacing Morse, so stop blending today with 2 years ago. So the only thing that was a "need" out of those 3 positions 2 years ago was RT, and they did address it, which is why they didn't address it last year or this year given they felt Browns issues last year were tied to his injury issues. Whether they will be right or wrong on Brown is yet to be seen, but he has definitely not been as bad as last year so far.
  10. Except 2 years ago we did draft a RT, we didn't need a Center nor did we need a WR as Davis looked like he was ready to be WR2. So nah, not like the last 2 years.
  11. Kurt Warner blamed Davis for the Int in the Jets game in his film breakdown showing the mistake was he ran his route too shallow. So either that is on Davis or that is on Dorsey for play design. But I find it hard to believe that a professional OC would not understand basic route depth in play design. And Davis is not exactly know as a great route runner, has a limited route tree, and rounds his routes more than he cuts, which in itself makes it easier for the defender to stay with him and why his route tree has been limited. And on the Washington play, Davis didn't even make a play at the ball to attempt to catch or at least deflect it and he was right there, in fact, its PI on Davis as he literally has both his arms wrapped around Fuller starting the tackle before the ball even arrives. With Davis size and proximity, why isn't he making a play on the ball and trying to high point it for the catch or at least get an arm up to prevent the INT? You can see this on the replay on this clip at 18 seconds. https://www.nfl.com/videos/kendall-fuller-looks-like-wr-on-interception-of-josh-allen I want to see Davis excel as much as anyone, but he has yet to show anything more than he has been so far this season. Rounded routes, multiple INT's throwing to him, 3 catches on 8 targets combined in weeks 1 and 3 highlighting his biggest issue...inconsistency and efficiency. We need him to be more than he has been if we want to reach and win the SB this year. Its early, its only 3 games, so he still has a chance to make more of an impact as the season moves on...but so far, I am not seeing anything more from him than we got previously.
  12. I agree...the only thing had been year 3 he had played on a bum ankle, so entering the season this was his chance to prove he was more than he showed last year. But to be honest, no matter what happened this year I still didn't expect him back in 2024. If he had a big year they wouldn't be able to afford him and if he plays at a similar level then he isn't worth resigning. So for me, my expectation for next year has always been a WR early in the draft between I don't see a path where we would have resigned Gabe and Diggs is over 30, so we need to find a heir apparent to Diggs and no matter how well Davis ends up playing this year, he is definitely not a WR1 in this league who could be the long term heir to Diggs. And when you look around the league and you see the impact young WR's are having early every year, to me it is a no brainer to look towards the draft and take one, maybe 2 WR's next year. Personally I think the 3 positions highest on our draft board this offseason will be WR, RT, and C
  13. I don't think its really that surprising to me about the rushing yards. With an improved OL and some speed, getting some chunk yardage is there for him. BUT where Cook really needs praise that I have not seen really anyone talk about, is this kids toughness and tenacity both as a rusher and in pass protection. Seriously, I don't think anyone thought much of him in regards to toughness or pass protection coming into the season, but I have been really impressed with both. And this is why he has emerged as a lead back rather than just the speed guy and receiving weapon out of the backfield with Harris/Murray handling more the downhill running. For example, here is a clip from the Raider game and there were more plays like this where he has really taken a guy out in pass protection. The bottom clip is some of his runs and breakdowns during the Raider game and you can see him just break tackles and get more yardage on contact. IMHO, this is really why he has ascended to a lead RB role with the Bills, his improvement in pass protection and his toughness and I don't think he is getting enough credit yet for this and he should be.
  14. Here is where I am at: 3 games played, in two of those games he had just 4 targets each, and in those 8 targets he only caught 3 of them, including at least 1 drop that I know for sure last week. I entered the season down on my confidence in Davis. Then as the offseason progressed suddenly we heard a lot about how his ankle injury affected him more and longer than we knew last year. Everyone from Davis to Beane talked about it and how a bounce back season was expected amongst them. Then camp opens up and we keep hearing about how Davis is having one of the best camps of anyone, we see clips of crazy catches, etc. Heading into week 1, Davis had nothing but rave reviews from camp and seemed poised potentially for the breakout year we thought was coming last year, especially now that this is also a contract year. So, my optimism suddenly rose again on Davis heading into the season, heck even my fantasy drafts, and thought with the new OL, better and additional weapons around him, it could really open things up for him and we just might see the season from him we expected last year. BUT - Fast forward 3 games now, and to be totally honest, I don't see a lot of difference out there. Week 1 he had just 2 receptions on 4 targets and even during Kurt Warners film breakdown of Allens turnovers, he brought a lot of questions up about how either Davis ran some poor routes or Dorsey just had terrible play design, and given the pretty obvious nature of the route issues, it seems like its probably less on Dorsey and more on the receivers (although without being in the Bills meetings, there is no way for us to know for sure). He has a good game week 2 against a pretty weak defense and then comes back out and is non existent sans 1 reception which was a TD. And yes, its great to see him get a TD in back to back weeks, but in this game he had another drop and only caught the 1 pass on 4 targets. And this is the Davis conundrum. His impact games are too few and far in between. In his previous 3 seasons he literally just has 3 total 100 yard games, literally 1 each season. For a team who has been a prolific passing team, its astonishing to me that he hasn't found a way to be more consistently involved. Personally, I don't think his route tree is very diverse and I think he struggles with sharper cuts. A lot of his routes feel more rounded than cuts. I am not ready to condemn him or anything, but I also haven't seen anything from him yet to make me think he can offer much more than he has already done in the past. If we don't see more, let him leave via FA, resign Sherfield and draft a rookie to compete with him for WR2 next year. Lets be real, Sherfield is capable of giving us the same level of production Davis has thus far, so if Davis can't be better than that then we shouldn't spend the money on him.
  15. Buy: Our Running Backs - Bills are going to look at what they did week 3 last year and that was EAT up the time of possession with long sustained drives keeping the Dolphins offense off the field. I think Cook and the other backs are going to see a lot of action this week both in running and short dump offs to extend drives and chew clock. Dont look now, but Bills are 5th in the NFL in rushing and that's without Allen running a ton. Hold: McD Defense - What I have seen from them the first 3 weeks has been outstanding. But this will be their first big test as the week 1 test with Rogers never materialized and Raiders and Washington weren't exactly potent offenses. This week we find out just where this defense is really at and its one of the things I am most excited to see this week. So the D seems to be an obvious hold here given they haven't truly been tested yet by a top end offense. Sell: Gabe Davis - Hard to sell a guy who has had a TD 2 straight weeks, but his TD this week was his lone catch and he had another poor efficiency outing of 1 catch on 4 targets that included a drop. Im not going to start piling on Davis yet, but he has now had 2 games in the first 3 where he only had 4 targets (and he has only caught 3 of those 8 targets in those 2 games). I don't know whose fault it is, but it feels like more of the same from him so far.
  16. You cant fix everything in one offseason...the OL is playing much better overall, Bills are even 5th in rushing yards in the NFL without Allen running a whole lot this year. Every team has an area or player that needs a certain upgrade. Bills are doing what is necessary to help make this work right now, and I am supremely confident that if Brown doesn't put it together this season then one of our first 2 draft picks next year will include a RT (if they don't bring one in via trade or free agency first).
  17. The comment though was his assertion Beane usually misses on a FA’s and draft picks. Which is ridiculous
  18. So a GM who has the 2nd best record in the NFL and a roster that is 100% top to bottom built by him using FA's and Draft Picks (no holdovers before him) that has won 3 straight divisional titles and is a perennial Super Bowl contender now for 3 seasons...normally by your assertion "usually misses" with all his free agent and draft picks. This statement is so ridiculous I don't even know how to ridicule it appropriately 😂 This is why we don't deserve nice things lol
  19. NFL rankings: 2nd in points allowed per game: 11.7 (Cleveland is 10.7) 1st in takeaways: 9 1st in Interceptions: 7 2nd in sacks: 12 (Steelers have 13) I would say thats a pretty good start, and we still get Von Miller back too
  20. If Dorsey doesn't evolve over the season, you definitely bring back Daboll or just fire Dorsey and hire someone else. While there have been some good things has done the past 2 weeks, there are still too many debacles like throwing it on 4th and inches when your QB is Josh Allen and him sneaking the ball on 4th and inches is without question going to have the highest success rate by a mile over any other play they can call.
  21. While Trevor is admittedly a promising young QB, he is also maybe the most over rated QB in the NFL right now in terms of how people rate him vs his actual level of play. He is consistently just given a top 10 designation that is undeserved IMHO, and even some people foolishly listing him in the top 5 coming into this season (or even better than Allen if you are that troll Nick "never" Wright) Honestly, I can't even list him in the top 10 QB's in the NFL this season: Top 5 - In Order Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Hurts, Herbert Next 5 - In NO particular order Tua, Cousins, Purdy, Stafford, Lamar Yup, I have Purdy in the top 10, and he is playing better than most QB's even several listed in the top 10 with him. He is the 4th highest rated QB in the NFL and has the 2nd highest avg per pass. Some may call him a product of the system, but I don't care because he plays in that system...and he is playing at a top 10 QB level right now in SF and is a big reason why they are the SB favorites right now. I have watched every game he has played as my wife is as big a Niner fan as I am a Bills fan...and he just keeps impressing me and its time to start realizing he is for real. For me, Trevor falls in that next tier of 11-15 type of QB's. This is the tier where you would be picking 5 guys out of say the following QB's depending on how you view each of these guys: Trevor, Dak, Stroud, Goff, Geno, Carr, Love, Jones, Wilson I don't have an issue if someone wants to list him first in this group as the 11th best guy here using his potential as the deciding factor. But even most of these guys are playing better this year so far than him.
  22. We are 5th in the NFL in rushing, without Josh Allen carrying the rushing load. This is part of what comes with Balance. The Bills had the game totally in control Sunday, they did not need to be hyper aggressive on offense, they played smart football while the defense was dominating the other side. Josh Allen has specifically talked about how he has been sat down and talked to about full game and situational awareness, which specifically includes knowing your opponent, understanding who the opposing QB is and the opposing offense on when to gauge being more aggressive, take more chances, etc. In a game like Washington, where the D is playing like it is, the Bills offense isn't going to take as many chances or higher risk throws than needed. In a game where the opponent is a more dangerous QB and offense like the Miami game coming up, I think we will see the offense crank the aggressiveness up.
  23. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not gonna be an easy task, but we’ve done well against them and it’s mostly the same team on offense especially. Keep in mind, they scored a ton vs Chargers and Broncos, two atrocious defenses. They didn’t go off as much on the Pats, a tougher defense than those other 2. Our defense is allowing just 9.6 pts per game right now. Miami scored only 20 when we were missing our entire starting secondary and interior D Line last year. I think Broncos game was so crazy because not only do they suck, but they were dealing with the he heat index.
  24. He averaged 201 yards a game last year against us. I think the staff already knows the answer
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