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  1. And then who catches it? Again your absurd attempt at some sort of distorted victory lap about saying we need WR help back in the off-season just because 4 of the WRs we kept are now dealing with injuries is pretty lame.
  2. All Josh? Hmmmm...weird Josh throws it to WRs....sooo yeah.
  3. They werent before injuries...So your victory lap is false.
  4. Agreed, but its also nice to see them still maintain that high level play despite missing 2 of our best interior DL guys.
  5. Because it does not support their agenda of looking for confirmation bias in any data they can use to validate their opinion.
  6. He really is playing at a much higher level this year. And considering we are hurting up front, he and Milano really played a strong game of mostly keeping things in front of them, especially containing Lamar and taking away Andrews.
  7. Literally there were people demanding to fire McD in the shout box during the first half. Unbelievable.
  8. There were posters LITERALLY calling for McD to be fired in the first half in the shout box. Unbelievable.
  9. Agreed...except he needs to work the Jugs machine with those 3 dropped INTS he has this year
  10. Edmunds and Milano both had great games today, especially containing Lamar
  11. Edmunds another strong game again today, along with a great overall defensive effort. Him and Milano really had a great game keeping Lamar in check.
  12. To be fair, 10 of the 20 points Ravens scored were really the result of the offense not really the defense. They only gave up one real TD drive and played a great overall game. They kept Lamar in check again.
  13. How many dropped key INT's is that for Milano now this year? 3?
  14. Your missing context. Balt might have the worst secondary in the NFL…Bills prob have the best passing offense in the NFL. Allen is going to feast. It’s not that complicated. PS: We may have lost, but under extreme circumstances and conditions not likely to repeat itself. Just shows how much more a level head people outside of Buffalo are having about this loss.
  15. So Beane builds what is universally recognized as the best roster in the NFL and you have an issue with him to? Priceless. I can literally name 10 posters right now that would watch us win 10 straight games by 50 points each in a row, but then lose one narrow one and then will be on the board right after the narrow loss saying they all suck and are over rated and should all be fired. You are one of them.
  16. Incorrect. We have one, its Devin. They just dont use him that way is the problem. Someone pin this in every thread on this board.
  17. Couple of notes...I wouldn't judge the grade of the individual players based on the final score. Bills ran 93 offensive plays compared to their 39. They still got 21 points to our 19. The lower stats and score by Miami was a function of our offense being on the field at a better than 2 to 1 advantage. So the fact Tua and Hill didn't have big stat total days, isn't reflective on how well the D played or how bad the Miami offense played. We just kept their offense off the field. That being said, I didn't notice Johnson being so bad as to warrant a 26.7 grade, but also, there was a lot going on and a lot ot pay attention to this game with all the injuries. So maybe a deeper look at the All22 will show he struggled some. But I didn't particuarly notice anything that made me look at him as a total liability this game as this score suggests.
  18. Or your threads are just terrible...so theres that too.
  19. So now you're not just one of history's greatest psychological experts, but also a medical expert too. Impressive. Curious, how long did you spend coming up with this thesis? I mean the level of your medical expertise really shines through here
  20. Question...Did John Fox open the season demolishing the defending champs and then the AFC number 1 seed in back to back weeks...so much so, we had start benching starters in the 3rd Quarter? Did he follow that game up with having to go on the road on a short week missing half of his defensive starters and starting OC just to lose 5 more guys who started that game and several backups, including 5 OL? While also playing in extreme heat with no relief and seeing not injuried starters have to keep coming out of the game for fluids and cramping? If not...then everyone needs to pipe down. McD and Beane were the toast of the NFL a week ago, then in an extreme situation game some breaks didn't go our way. Is it McD's fault Van Roten botched a snap at end of half costing us a FG attempt? Is it McD's fault Bass shanked a gimme FG? Is it McD's fault Milano dropped a pick 6? Is it McD's fault McKenzie didn't run straight out of bounds giving us enough time for one more play for yards on the sideline at end of game? Is it McD's fault the 2nd and 3rd string OL while having been on the field almost an entire quarter with no one to sub in, no shade, no breaks was gassed down the stretch? I mean we took NINETY THREE offensive plays compared to their 39 and dominated the time of possession. And there is a thread today about whether or not our Defensive coach needs to be fired for someone who knows offense? How about we just need to get healthy and we have the best team and roster in the NFL?
  21. You win the internet today. Hahaha, not only do I love the office, but this was perfect. Kudos
  22. Josh had a bunch of bad throws today? The same Josh who passed for 400 yards and ran for 60 more? He completed 67% of his passes too on 62 attempts in the heat while being on the field almost the entire 4th quarter with no OL while his fellow offensive players had to keep leaving the field with heat related issues and cramping. I think "bunch of bad throws" seems extreme. Every QB has throws every game they would like to have back, but your post just reads a bit too negative about Josh's game and effort today.
  23. We were missing 5…let me repeat…5 offensive lineman. We did not have a single OL on the bench to even give anyone a rest. What do you expect? 3 starters out. Backups got hurt. We literally had 3rd stringers out there. We also ran 90 offensive plays, that is insane. So that means all 5 OL were on the field in the heat a lot. The defense gets to rotate players in and out, but our OL made up mostly of 2nd and 3rd stringers was on the field almost the whole 4th quarter. So sorry, don’t know what you expect. We have heat exhausted OL on the field almost an entire quarter with no shade like our opponents in the few instances they were on the sideline. Of course Allen had to try and carry our dismantled team over the finish line. Not to mention Diggs was hurting, Davis wasn’t 100%, McKenzie was in and out hurting, and Knox was out.
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