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  1. Hahaha perfect description of a night out with ruggers. Last time I was out with a bunch, they thought it was funny to keep handing me another full gin and tonic before I was half way done with my current one. I pretty much was slamming and two fisting G&T's until 5am lol. Yeah, the journey wont be easy, but what an athlete. I have to say the little footage they showed of his workout wowed me, his footwork didn't look like a guy who had never played the position before. So I am excited to see how he comes around.
  2. Yeah, they really are and they are just good people too. It would be fun and amazing if Travis Clayton can eventually make the roster here. He’s an unreal athlete too. I’ll be pulling for him.
  3. Haha...yeah, they be fast. Very fast. In fact, they would play a Rugby match, go to the pub and pound drinks with the opposing team until 4am, and then still run you down. Not sure if you or anyone else remembers, but in 2018 I actually bought an expansion team for the professional rugby league in the US is called MLR. Named the team Vegas Burn after the media network I owned called BurnTV. Unfortunately my lead investor defaulted on the follow along operational capital 8 months into it, so had to pull out and MLR gave me back my deposit. Couple years later, the expansion slot I had ended up becoming the Los Angeles Giltinis instead which is still a team today. But before all that happened, I approached the head of the All Blacks and we reached an agreement to be the US team for some of their players. MLR only allowed 3 foreign players on each roster though because they want to grow the sport in the US and wanted to prevent the teams from being over loaded with players from outside the US. But before my investor defaulted, I was at the 2018 Rugby 7's World Cup in San Francisco where the All Blacks won the World Cup and got to go to their private party at a SF bar they rented out for the night. It was a total blast, the whole World Cup weekend was incredible. The community or Rugby and its players are incredible...but your liver will be miserable trying to keep up with them at the bar lol.
  4. Hahaha same! LFG! Yeah, some of this was in the embedded episode, so was great to see a bigger piece on him and Moulds. Fun seeing the few Moulds highlight clips too...what a shame he didn't have a Josh Allen or prime Jim Kelly and got stuck in QB purgatory.
  5. IMHO its an easy answer for me...the New Zealand All Blacks (Rugby) The New Zealand All Blacks are the winningest sports team in history of any sport in the world Over 112 years they have a 77% win percentage which is not only the best all time of any sport, but pretty insane. Past 4 years their win % is 95% They also dominate women's Rugby too. They are the most dominant sports team in world history and have a plethora of the greatest to ever play the game in their history. No team has dominated a world sport to the degree that they have. Fun fact: Rugby despite being one of the bigger sports in the world, is currently the 2nd fastest growing sport for both men and women. PS: If anyone is interested, Amazon Prime does a series called "All or Nothing" which is very similar to HBO's Hard Knocks style of show, but they have done all kinds of sports and not just football. And the one on the New Zealand All Blacks is quite a good watch, even if you aren't that familiar with Rugby.
  6. Maybe its one of the other WR's trying to earn a spot for the Bills or our PS outside the top 6 guys (or Isabella as that ain't Isabella HA). I honestly couldn't pick those other guys out of a lineup haha.
  7. Good question, not sure...maybe someone who is part of Moulds team or maybe another WR from another team or a college WR who hired Moulds too. Be my best guess
  8. I know there are plenty of detractors out there regarding our current group of weapons around Josh, but man, I am amped for this group and this guy Shakir is one the reasons. I really can't wait to see what him, Keon, and Kincaid look like this year. And if Claypool rises out the corpse of his career into the potential he showed his first 2 seasons, this offense will be wicked. The tweet above only has a clip from the full piece...below is the full 20 minute piece on Shakir and Moulds, its 100% worth the watch IMHO. Shakir isn't here to have a role, he is on a mission to be one of the best in the league! Whether he reaches those heights or not we will have to see, but you gotta love that he is pushing himself so hard to try and get to those top goals!
  9. But most of his career he was a backup when he showed he should be the feature RB. We shoudln't have drafted Lynch and we definitely shouldn't have drafted Spiller. He was splitting carries his entire time here, most the time as the 2nd RB. The fact he "outlasted 2 first round picks" is a testament to how foolish it was to not make him the lead back and not waste 2 first round picks on a RB.
  10. Yeah, I know the look, and I wouldn't say anything extreme that it was all the time as he had some impressive games and moments too...like Darnold did. But there was more of this than I would like to see for a guy I was taking number 1 overall. There is just something about how he carries himself when its not going well, almost like his confidence is fragile or something. For example, Josh Allen might throw a pick but he is coming to kill you on the next drive still. And if he is off that day with his arm, he is gonna try and truck over every defender with his legs. He just lays it all on the line every play, every game, with the mindset he can get it done. I don't get that at all from Caleb when things are rough, its like he doesn't know what to do. Allen dont give a ****, he will revert to playground ball to try and win. I get why the Bears took him...but me personally, after years of QB purgatory, I would have tried to dangle the #1 pick to either Washington or NE for a nice haul and taken Maye personally. I would rather roll the dice on Maye's higher upside and hedge my bet with valuable draft assets in the trade down that can arm me to get another QB in a future draft if Maye flops. But I am also not an NFL GM trying to keep his job either lol Then again, this is the Bears who have never developed a QB really maybe ever...so maybe the safer Caleb is more appropriate. But I think Maye has some of that Josh Allen dog in him, the leave it all on the line demeanor out there. And that is the kind of stuff players around them love and rally for, and its what I think Caleb lacks. I would rather take a guy who oozes the things you can't teach but needs to work on the things that are coachable...then take a guy who has better fundamentals or base skills but maybe is lacking in some of those unteachable traits. And who knows, Caleb may excel there, they are loaded with weapons. By no means am I condemning the kids career, but I do feel like his future greatness isn't as sure of a thing as some think.
  11. Nicknames are for people on the roster...Chase hasn't made the roster yet. I am rooting for him though...but its too early for a nickname
  12. Two things...one for him, and one against him: Reports were that Patrick Mahomes was looking bad and throwing a lot of picks during the offseason leading up to his first starting season. Obviously those early reports meant nothing and he lit the league up and hasn't stopped since. So I would caution anyone over analyzing anything going on right now. Jamar Chase was also reportedly dropping passes everywhere his rookie camp and then blew up as a rookie. Coming into the draft I have not been on the Caleb bandwagon, I think he is overrated just like I kept telling everyone Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were overrated leading up to those drafts and thought both had high bust potential. Darnold just made so many head scratching or bad decisions at USC that I was shocked his hype was so high. Rosen was so unlikable that I just felt his ceiling was Jeff George/Jay Cutler and his floor was Ryan Leaf. I know several people who knew Rosen and every one of them couldn't stand him and said he was a total douche and didn't take football seriously. But why Caleb - I question if he has the "it" factor. Im not saying he will be a bust, but I definitely don't think he is a sure thing like so many seem to think. Its more than his suspect play in some big games...it's just something about him just makes me doubt his ability to be the leader a QB needs to be to get to a higher level in the NFL. I actually think Maye has a higher ceiling than Caleb, just also has more risk and a lower floor than Caleb. I don't dislike Caleb like I did Rosen, its more similar to how I felt about Darnold where I understood the high draft status, but still have concerns and doubts he can live up to the hype and potential. Rosen on the other hand I was certain would be a bust, I wanted no part of him whatsoever.
  13. Fred Jackson. Bills never made him the feature or starter. They kept drafting RBs like Lynch and Spiller. Fred was treated like a meh secondary player during the prime of his career instead of the very good RB he was who should have been featured more.
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick - What a great backup QB he was... ...oh wait...Bills over paid him and made him a starter. Nevermind
  15. yeah I think your title is just leading people to think there is something more directly illustrating he’s unhappy
  16. Huh? This is a real misleading thread title and quite the stretch
  17. Curious...what Elite QB's in the greatest of all time conversations did Joe Gibbs need? What about Parcells or Harbaugh? Yet here you are...saying Andy Reid is elite...but also saying only is because he has one of the greatest to play in Mahomes. That sounds more like Reid is lucky to have Mahomes based on your own arguments. Like I said, Reid always a great coach...but you also said he only had a "lightbulb come on" when he got Mahomes, again implying he wasn't up to the task prior to Mahomes...so your points are all over the place man. The funniest thing about this is that this isn't even about Reid...you finally revealed this was all one big hidden anti-McD rant despite you dragging us down an Andy Reid rabbit hole full of false facts and inaccurate history. Next time...just say McD sucks and let the convo go there rather than go down this crazy rabbit hole of 2 entirely different teams. BONUS NOTE: The irony here is that if you apply your same swap mahomes in theory to the Bills, it would translate to mean Josh Allen is the problem since you 100% attest in the other application it means that it is 100% the QB's fault when Mahomes is an upgrade. Which would be just as ludicrous to say.
  18. If it was only the HC and QB this would make sense. Mahomes doesn't get a Super Ring last year without Chris Jones who made game saving plays in more than one playoff game, including against us and in the Super Bowl. How did KC beat us in the 13 seconds game? Well it started with Hill taking a short pass any QB could throw the length of the field. In the 13 seconds it was Kelce who called his own play in the huddle from what he saw on the field. QBs, even ones as good as Mahomes, are not doing it alone out there...just like Allen not having a SB ring isn't all on Allen when his team can't hold a lead for 13 seconds.
  19. Dude you just get more and more all over the place. You said if you swap in Mahomes and the team wins a SB it means the QB was the LONE problem. So if you are going to do that for Philly, it has to mean the same thing if you do it for another team like Kelly and the Bills. But it doesn't becasue its an absolute ludicrous statement to say the QB was the problem because said team did not have the best QB of maybe all time on its roster. If you cant see how wild of a statement is, I dont know what to tell you. And lightbulb? You think Andy Reid suddenly had a "lightbulb" go off after 2 decades of being a coach when he got Mahomes? Reid was a very good coach his whole career...he didn't learn how to coach all of a sudden when they got Mahomes where some "lightbulb" went off lol. Still completely lost on your point. I cant tell if you think Reid is a good or bad coach. You talk down to McD as if Reid is the superior coach then basically say its all mahomes and imply Reid is nothing without Mahomes. So I am gonna move on...its all good...agree to disagree even though I have no clue what so ever what we are agreeing to disagree on
  20. Huh? We are comparing Reid in KC to Reids time in Philly. You can't take one of the greatest QBs of all time...put him on another roster where they also had a good QB...and say see that is proof the QB was the problem. I mean you can do that with any QB in NFL history who didn't win a SB...Swap Mahomes in for Jim Kelly...bet you Bills win a SB...does that mean Jim Kelly was the problem? Of course not. Swap Marino out for Mahomes and Mia might have won a SB too...does that mean Marino was the problem? Of course not. I mean this is just a wild argument you are trying to make.
  21. Ha...no, I can't admit that because McNabb was a top 10 QB in Philly, he was a borderline HOF QB. He was not the reason they didn't get over the hump. McNabb never had a Kelce or Hill. He briefly had a T.O. who was a locker room cancer and killed that team from within. Outisde of that brief moment, he had guys that were better suited as depth WR's starting for him. And yet McNabb still won a lot of game, still put up a borderline HOF career, and still got to 5 straight NFCCG and 1 SB. The biggest thing missing in Philly was a real GM. Reid was a good coach...McNabb was a good QB...the roster make up around them was not good enough.
  22. I mean IMHO this is the 6...but the wild thing is in what order. If things keep trending the way they are, its not impossible that Claypool could end up starting opposite Keon with Shakir in the slot and mixing in Samuel within the trio too. His upside is as high as anyones on the roster, its his head he has to keep straight. I think these guys are more likely to be PS guys that make the final 53.
  23. And who drafted Mahomes? His GM, Brett Veach. Veach is one of the best GM's in the NFL, some will say the best GM, who has been there 17 years. He drafted Hill, Kelce, Mahomes, and the entire roster that is currently back to back SB champs. He was there before Reid, and he was the one who hired Reid. No HC can get over the hump without the right GM putting the right team on the field. In Philly, both hats were on Reid...didn't work. In KC, Reid coaches, Veach builds the team. Reid was always a good HC...he stood in his own way in Philly as GM.
  24. Well, none of that is what we have discussed once. So that is all news to me. I mean on one hand you can't stop talking about how ELITE Mahomes is...then on the other, you can't seem to understand that McD and Allen need to go through Mahomes to get over the hump. You know it took Peyton Manning a long time to get a SB too because he had Brady to contend with every year as well. Mahomes is a generational talent, getting past him is not going to be some small task or feat. We lost by 3 to KC this year in the postseason, but you do know we were without our top 3 LB's right. KC attacked our LBs all game long and still only won by 3. You don't think Milano and Bernard might have impacted that game to where we probably would have won and not having them was a bit of bad luck. Its one thing to lose one guy, but to lose your starters and the backup is tough. The most important difference is Reid went from GM in Philly to NOT the GM in KC. He was always a good coach.
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