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  1. No, what was pointed out was the irony how what is a "reason" to validate Lucks struggles is labeled excuses for Taylor. And its not just Taylor, its the case with every Bills player...its always an excuse for the Bills player and valid for others. They hypocrisy is what is comical. Bottom line: Luck is good, but over rated to mythological status is the point. Now he is also becoming an injury report regular...again, people will defend and validate it, but injuries are just an excuse for Sammy even though his main injury is more likely not to reoccur or affect the rest of his career. #Hyporcrits
  2. Except no one is saying anything that you claim anyone is saying. NOT ONE person has said TT is the answer at QB...not one. But keep making things up...suits you well.
  3. Except had the defense not allowed over 26 points per game in 15 of its 16 games last year, then our offense led by TT, 3rd in TDs only behind ATL and NO, would have been one of the highest scoring offenses in the entire playoffs last year. So theres that too. TT is categorically not the main reason we missed the playoffs last year, it was SUBSTANTIALLY on the defense which was one of the worst in the NFL, and all the injuries didn't help our efforts on both sides of the ball either. Just like in 2014 when the defense was very good and the offense was absolutely pathetic. We had a good enough D to be in the playoffs had the offense not completely killed the teams chances.
  4. Except Brees, Rivers, and Luck are not routinely in the hunt every year. Brees, the most prolific passer in the NFL since going to the Saints, hasn't made the playoffs or even had a winning record in 5 years. Rivers too. Luck hasn't done anything since his division has improved. Luck, Brees, Rivers, Ryan, Stafford...5 of the 10 highest paid people in the NFL, and routinely all considered in the top 3 to 10 in the league have 3 playoff appearances combined between them in the last 3 seasons out of 15 opportunities. And Stafford owns 2 of those playoff births who is probably the lesser regarded in that bunch of 5 QB's by most people. People talk about Cam Newton too...yet only 2 winning seasons in 6 years.
  5. Playing in what was seen as one of the worst divisions in football during those 3 playoff appearances. You can't compare the situation equally...How about you look at Rodgers first 3 postseasons, and see what QB performed better when it mattered most? Hint: Not even close. Tebow has a better postseason resume than Luck lmao
  6. Don't worry, I am seriously over this conversation...when people start twisting things to pretend they say something different, I check out. Its beyond aggravating. I really don't care what anyone thinks, he is over rated IMO and I hate the contractual position the Colts are in with him given his 1.55 per game average of INT & Fumbles to go with his torrid injury situation. Like I said 3 years ago, wake me when he stops making so many mistakes and has a good post season. #StillWaiting That was my whole point too...that 4 firsts for him would be way over the top given his massive contract, poor post season resume, his turnover ratio, and his injury issues. But people want to spin it as if I said he sucks (which I clearly said he is a good QB, just think he is over rated as he is not on the Rodgers, Brady, Brees level IMO that every one annoits him) or compared him to TT. I only mentioned one mans reason is somehow another mans excuse and thats always the case with Bills players vs other teams players around here.
  7. NOBODY compared Taylor to Luck...This is a board full of people who can't comprehend basic english. When someone states its NOT a comparison, and Luck is the superior passer...thats EXACTLY what those words mean. GEEZUS CHRIST, this board is impossible to converse with. Everyone is OBSESSED with pretending someone said something they didn't to somehow further their argument. THE ONLY DAMN THING I SAID was that its ironic that what is an excuse for TT is somehow valid defense of Luck. You are the hypocritical ones, and you refuse to acknowledge it. If having bad protection is an excuse when talking about TT, then guess what, its also just an excuse when talking about Luck too. If having a bad defense is just an excuse for TT, then its also just an excuse for Luck too. If having a bad GM is an excuse for TT, then its also just an excuse for Luck too. If dealing with injuries is just an excuse for TT, then its also just an excuse for Luck. Sick of all this hypocritical defending of non bills players and the constant whining about the same things being just an excuse when it involves a Bills player. Doesn't matter if its TT, Dareus, Darby, Watkins, whoever...its always the same dumb story.
  8. Why am I not surprised you didn't read what I wrote. I literally word for word specifically stated I am not comparing them. Word for Word, in the very post you responded to, and even referenced Luck the superior passer. But of course, I knew someone absolutely obsessed Tyrod basher would try and pretend there was a comparison. THE ONLY comparison I made is that the same "reasons" be given to VALIDATE all the Luck short comings, turnovers, etc are also similar factors that have worked abasing Taylor where you and others like you call them excuses. IT CANT BE A VALID REASON FOR ONE AND JUST AN EXCUSE FOR ANOTHER. It doesn't work that way. Please show me where I compared them? Especially since I specifically stated I am not comparing them and called Luck the obvious superior passer...something you already referenced. Some of you just can't help yourself and no matter what just feel the need to twist something to say something I not only didn't do or say, but very clearly pointed out that I wasn't comparing them.
  9. My point was, what you call a valid reason for Luck, you call an excuse for TT. It can be a negative to one QB, and not a negative to another. If its a valid reason for Luck, then its a valid reason for TT, end of story. I actually expect Peterman to start at some point this year, so lets not confuse where I stand on TT. My entire stance was that he was NOT our biggest problem, nor had he earned the confidence to be the starter moving forward. I remained optimistic that with less than 2 years of starts under his belt, that he still had the potential to improve on what was not that bad of a 2 year stretch that is often over exaggerated by the negative TT people. At the end of the day, I have said at every step of the way, that TT MUST show up and improve in order to continue to be the Bills starter both next year and throughout this season. I actually very much like some of the potential I have seen in Peterman, but I also know he isnt ready. I think Peterman will get the nod sometime around week 10, possibly later, to start this year barring these factors: 1. An injury to TT makes this happen sooner. 2. The Bills are in the playoff hunt and TT is playing solid or better. 3. The Bills are not in the playoff hunt, but TT is playing great and earned the right to finish the season as the starter. 4. The Bills have 1 or No wins going into the bye week, and the offense is the main issue so they turn to the rookier earlier than hoped and it gives Peterman the extra week on the Bye to get a lot of first team reps. Personally, this OL is atrocious and I fear the lack of rapport with the wideouts, the bad protection, etc is going to lead to stiff decline in the offense from last year and that TT has very little chance of finishing the year as the starter anymore. But, from a development stand point on Peterman, I think its more than likely Peterman is held off the field until at least week 10 to give the kid the best chance to succeed and show the team what he has got to end the season.
  10. So did I read the update correctly from Astro that Pegs was not really in AZ and that there isn't real dialogue here involving JJ Nelson or some other potential trade?
  11. Yet you and many call them excuses when anyone suggests any of the same things affect Tyrod Taylor. Bad line, poor weapons, bad defense, bad coaches/GM, etc. Yet Taylor has an exceptionally better track record of protecting the ball and is similar or better in many key QB statistics outside of yardage totals. For the record, I am not comparing TT to Luck who is clearly a better passer than TT, just find it interesting how its always an "excuse" in Buffalo no matter who the QB is, but they are valid reasons when defending another teams QB every single time. Luck gets a pass on all his mistakes every time while people here label the same or similar factors here as just excuses.
  12. I said repeatedly he is a good QB...the point I made is that he has one of the worst contracts in football right now. 1. He has yet to play up to it. 2. His injury issues are compounding it. 3. That contract is a cap choking contract, and all Luck has proved up to this point is that he can carry a bad roster against bad teams, but not against good teams or the playoffs. I have aslo repeatedly stated that he can still improve. But the bottom line is undeniable, he has been too mistake prone. And many of his "comebacks" he gets heralded for were both against bad teams and also comebacks from holes HE put them in with bad mistakes. And as far as fumbles vs fumbles lost...who cares what the balance is between them, a fumble is a fumble.. A fumble, even when retaining the ball, is a terrible play resulting most often in negative yards, drive ending plays, turnovers, or significantly increasing the distance for a first down. 105 INTs and Fumbles in just 70 games is not very good, especially when you consider that was the regular season and the only time he actually had any success. His TD to Turnover ratio is atrocious in the postseason. Luck has 80 Interceptions in 76 career games between Regular Season and Playoffs. Thats more than 1 per game. He also has 38 fumbles in 76 career games. Thats an average of a combined INT/Fumble rate of 1.55 per game played. Thats is not very good at all. He has been more Jay Cutler than Aaron Rodgers. He has been more Jeff George than Steve Young. He has been a lot less than his LEGEND makes people believe he has been. Is he a bad QB, by no means...I am simply stating his success is over exaggerated and I would not want to be in the Colts shoes right now with that contract, his injury history, and his on field struggles.
  13. Literally the very next sentence clarifies I was talking about the post season...but you carefully removed that to create a new context. You don't think I know how to count? Geezus. Said he has more turnovers that TDs in his career in the playoffs like 10 times in this thread. But keep trying to pretend I said something I didn't. I already acknowledged it wasn't CRYSTAL clear, but it was also still pretty obvious. I mean I even further elaborated stating in those 3 post seasons he never even had one with more TDs than Int to be clear his more turnovers than TDs wasn't skewed by one bad year, that he's had 3 bad postseasons after compiling a bunch of fantasy stats in the regular season. And yes, it amazes me how most people don't know that as I have people always argue he was great in the post season
  14. Travis Henry. Original beast mode, back before he became a dead beat dad
  15. Yeah, rumors at this point, but they seem to all be originating out of AZ and involve the pick we got from KC. So, I am hoping where there is smoke there is fire kind of deal as I would love to pick this kid up for a 4th rounder.
  16. For those who want more info: He is a 3rd year WR and in his first 2 years in a crowded WR group in AZ, he has put up: 45 Rec for 867 yards and a 19.3 YPC with 8 TD's. This kid is explosive. And all the talk I have seen on him after looking up how he has been doing in camp is that he has really improved his route running to become more than just a deep threat. He is a Ted Ginn type guy looking to become a more complete WR. But again, AZ has a lot of talent at WR ahead of with Fitz and both Browns. So he is expendable really for AZ at this point.
  17. Speedster deep threat in AZ. He has shown some potential, but its been a crowded and talented WR group there, so he would be an intriguing guy at WR and give us that guy who can take the top of the D.
  18. He still is only completing 50% of his passes...and Gruden also LOVED, and I mean LOVED Manziel. Wouldn't shut up about him on draft night. Like anyone evaluating these guys, he is wrong more than he is correct. And considering I have never heard him not like a QB on his show, he's been wrong a lot more than right since most QB's don't become Franchise guys. Again, I like Peterman, and for that reason its a terrible idea for him to start early behind a bad line. If we only have 0-1 wins come the bye week, then consider getting the kid ready after they bye if need be. But honestly, the kid would benefit for sitting until like week 10 in a lost season and getting the last 6 games to make his case.
  19. No it was on AZ Sports radio too this morning and rumors are in a number of places in AZ according to a couple friends I know who moved there. They aren't happy about it because they don't feel J. Browns health is reliable enough and Fitz is likely in his last year.
  20. You guys gonna try and get this Hogan thread to 200 pages?
  21. I hadn't noticed on other threads as I wasn't in those threads you mentioned, but some friends of mine in AZ told me about it, and I had seen it on Twitter in a couple places. I don't know how valid the rumors are, but seen it in a number of places now and apparently been on sports radio talk in AZ too.
  22. Im hearing the Bills might be sending the KC 4th rounder from the Ragland trade to Arizona for J.J. Nelson.
  23. Sorry I was talking about Playoffs...as you see in rest of the paragraph, but realize I said playoffs after that sentence and wasn't clear, so my bad. But on his regular season totals, you forgot his 27 fumbles while passing. The fumbles you mention are only on plays where he was labeled a runner. He has 105 Interceptions and Fumbles in the regular season combined. Anyone who throws a pick or fumbles 105 times in 70 games (less than 4 and a half seasons of games) is not worth 4 first round picks and a cap strangling contract. Anyone who has more INTs than TDs in 3 playoff seasons, including never having one with more TDs than INTs doesn't deserve 4 first round picks and a cap killing contract. Add in that he has become a serious injury concern, and I will again say its one of the worst contracts in the NFL right now. Colts are trapped with him, for better or worse. I do find it interesting that people here will validate Luck, his struggles, etc over and over again, but if anyone here tries to logically discuss contributing factors to Taylors struggles its all excuses. Luck has become infallible, yet he's only played 5 years and managed 105 Fumbles and Interceptions and has been more fragile than Sammy the last 2 years.
  24. What? He sent Marcell home and he missed an entire game because of it. How can you say he did nothing? LMAO
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