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  1. That’s fair, but I still see the offense as the bigger culprit for our record.
  2. Huh? This post makes no sense. I haven’t supported Dunne one bit, I think you replied to the wrong poster.
  3. This you above? LOL, and I had already called this before you said "Let's just call this." Then you proceed to follow that up with trying to go back into the discussion? LOL The definition of "complimentary football" is also utterly irrelevant. You are trying to paint a skewed definition about it to deflect any Dorsey blame regarding the offense and make it all the fault of only McD because that serves your overall agenda against McD. You are only interested in finding confirmation bias for your theories, you are not actually interested in discussing the points. So any further discussion on the matter with you is futile. Doesn't matter how I or anyone will define it, you have already made up your own mind about what it means and you have already decided that no possible definition other than your own personal interpretation and theory are correct.
  4. Personally I highly doubt they regret it. There is a reason he wasn't credentialed and he has on multiple occasions validated that decision. Winning erases a lot of things and Losing magnifies them...Bills beat Chiefs and Cowboys next week and literally no one will be talking about this except the crowd that wanted McD gone before this article came out. However, we lose to KC, especially if there are poor decisions made that contribute to the loss, and it will definitely help the story stick around longer and could weigh on his future here. But ultimately, this won't follow McD outside of Buffalo once his time is over here. He has a high % coaching record for an organization that was inept before he got here. He is going to get another chance somewhere else once his time in Buffalo is done.
  5. Well his coaching record says otherwise regardless of anyones opinion. And no, I am not excuse making for McD, I haven't made a single excuse for him. Did not flip flop on a single thing. So no idea where you are getting that from. Seems to me you are painting your own version of things I have said rather than taking the things I said at face value for what I actually said. This is what I mean...you are so rooted in your disdain for McD that you struggle to even comprehend what someone else might say if it isn't full of the same disdain you have. Because throughout your post here, as you will see more below, you are completely off base in even understanding what I actually said in the posts you are responding to and referencing. Im not trying to be rude, but you clearly are not actually reading the posts you are responding to or just not paying attention when you do. This exactly what I wrote in the very post you are responding to...and yet you still managed to write this reply above? So should McD right now be fired...NO. Should he be if we miss the playoffs...YES. Should he be safe if we just make the playoffs...NO (but probably is). I mean I literally stated right there that he should not be safe for just making the playoffs. And then you go on to lecture me as if I am saying he should ONLY be fired if we MISS the playoffs? Which is NOT at all what I said. So you are again accusing me of saying or implying something that I did not do or say because you are either failing to comprehend what I actually said or just not reading the info you are responding to. I literally listed not getting rid of Dorsey SOONER is grounds for McD's future to be in jeopardy if the team does not turn it around. I literally directly held him accountable and LITERALLY and VERBATIM said it should be one of the primary reasons why he should be fired if we do not turn the season around and make a deep playoff run. Yet here you are again, completely making up some narrative and completely ignoring what I actually said. Again, you can't seem to separate someone being objective with someone who is an "apologist". Nothing I have said makes me a McD apologist, I have literally stated not only in this thread, but in other threads, that his job should be on the line right now and if we miss the playoffs or squeak in and lose early or embarrassingly again that a HC change needs to happen. Yet you keep coming at me twisting what I did say into things I did not say.
  6. Dude, I can’t keep explaining this to you. All you’re doing to everyone is ignoring info answering your question and then asking the same question. This question has been answered multiple times now. But it’s a waste of time to discuss further because you’re never going to accept any answer that doesn’t directly blame McD for everything.
  7. Nope those are not the facts, those are cherry picked lump totals that completely do NOT tell the TRUE story of the first 4 weeks. Like how bad the offense was week 1. What about how bad the offense was for more than half the game against Washington until the D created a bunch of opportunites for us late in the game that inflated the score and masked the larger chunk of the game where the offense was again struggling. And again, it is Josh Allen, no level of OC can keep Josh and this offense from not scoring forever. It is about consistency. And you are literally trying to use about a game and a half of football during the first 4 weeks of when the offense was humming to excuse the 6 weeks that proceeded it as if McD came in and tinkered and fundamentally changed something. Its actually quite absurd the story you are trying to tell. NOTHING with the Bills changed. It was the same Dorsey issues last year and this year. And what actually changed was that opposing teams, even bad ones, had the blue print to counter Dorsey's unimaginative offense and Dorsey was not a good enough coach to be able to counter back. So why you keep going with this "what changed" narrative is puzzling to me...its not only obvious, but there is a ton of film out there by professionals literally showing this.
  8. Lol, no I am not. You are either thinking about someone else or misremembering whatever conversation you are alluding to. In fact, I have remained objective on McD, including being critical of his bad decisions when they happen. But you see, the anit-McD crowd doesn't see it that way...they only see 2 categories: McD hate or McD apologists. There is no room for the anti-McD crowd to allow for anyone to remain objective about McD. McD is a good football coach, and its not remotely debatable. His record and turning an inept franchise around speaks for itself and its actually historically good. However, that also does not mean his job should be safe or he is the right guy to get the Bills to the next level. So its possible to look at McD and feel like this is a good coach and also feel he isn't untouchable and that his job needs to be evaluated just like anyone else. I have said for weeks now that if we miss the playoffs with a healthy Josh Allen then he should be fired. I even started a thread with a poll to examine what outcomes could actually save his job because it was trending so much towards him not being back. What I have said over and over again all season, last season, this off season is that DORSEY is a PROBLEM. And he was, clearly. I mean had this version of the offense under Brady been here all season, we would be 11-1 right now instead of 6-6 with the only loss being Philly. We wouldn't have lost to the Jets, Jags, Pats, Bengals or Broncos had this version of the offense been here. So should McD right now be fired...NO. Should he be if we miss the playoffs...YES. Should he be safe if we just make the playoffs...NO (but probably is). If the Bills run the table after making the change to Dorsey, then it almost assures McD is safe and Dorsey was the problem...and make no mistake about it, this team had multiple problems, but hands down Dorsey was the biggest one of them all and most impactful in our overall record. But if we run the table and make the playoffs, then how this team performs in the post season should still VERY MUCH be part of the conversation around McD and whether or not his job is safe or if he should go. Although, according to some reports out there it doesn't sound like his job would be in jeopardy in that case, but that can all change with a bad performance. That is being objective about McD. And it is perfectly OK to personally for you to have your own mind made up that you want a change, no problem with that. But don't lump people in who still have an objective view point as if we are also some McD apologist, because that is just lazy and inaccurate.
  9. Dude, not sure how this is so confusing for you. This is literally called confirmation bias...but both you and Dunne. Dunne has for years been down on McD, so OF COURSE he is going to write an article that supports that position. You, as a big anti McD person, are going to instantly gravitate to it and say "see, I told you" because it confirms your bias. This isn't complicated what people are saying. Now that doesn't make the article true or false, the point is, because of your personal bias that everything is McD's fault, you are going to dismiss anything that might support McD and affirm anything that condemns him, right or wrong. And your angle with Dorsey is 100% clear proof of that. There is literally no defending Dorsey, his performance last year should have got him fired instead of gambling Allen and Diggs prime on an unproven OC who had way too many growing pains last season. And then this year, he was terrible and there is a ton of film that shows the issues with the Dorsey led offense. You want to point out the first 4 games...well week 1 offense stunk. Week 2 the offense stunk for more than half the game. And when you have Josh Allen, when he gets hot it doesn't matter who the OC is, we are gonna roll. But then the offense stalled because it was not hard to figure out and didn't take the league long to figure out how to defend it and all the issues with it. And we went on a 6 game stretch where we averaged 20.5 PPG and were 2 plays away from being 0-6 because the offense was pathetic and against mostly bad to weak defenses. So...any defense of Dorsey and his firing as if Dorsey did not EARN that firing is 100% pure anti-McD bias. There are plenty of issues to discuss about McD like 12 men on the field against Denver, the TO against philly on the FG try, not trying to get or own FG with Allen and 20 seconds with a TO, etc. But to blame McD for the offense when Brady has come in and turned the offense completely around and raised the PPG by 14 points is just someone on an agenda and not objectively analyzing the situation. And people who know a lot more about football than you or I have done a ton of film coverage on what a big difference it has been switching to Brady.
  10. Before Brady, I was DREADING this day because before his injury neither Kincaid or Shakir were getting enough touches or opportunities, especially Shakir. I had absolutely no trust in Dorsey's ability to incorporate the talents of the roster and put them in the best position to win every week. However, Knox is a good football player still, and with Brady here I feel much more confident in Brady's ability to utilize the talents of the roster and keep spreading the ball around all these guys.
  11. Exactly, and this is the point I was trying to convey to @Thurman#1
  12. People put too much emphasis on a form of entertainment. It’s a game, it’s one most of us love, but it’s still a game. If they win or lose, your life shouldn’t reflect that result. I mean you’re a season ticket holder. Thats an incredible experience with friends, fans, family, etc that people who aren’t as fortunate as you would kill for. Focus on enjoying this fortunate and incredible experience you get to go to with the people you go with and are surrounded by and less about whether they win or lose. Just my 2 cents. If I’m being honest, it’s like listening to someone who drives a Ferrari complain about driving.
  13. This right here already completely discredits this entire biased hit piece, and I am not even a McD excuse maker. In fact, if Bills miss the playoffs I think McD should be fired because 12 men on the field and end of Philly decisions (timeout on the FG kick, not trying with Allen and 20 seconds with 1 TO), and holding onto Dorsey 2 weeks too long. But for the last time, Dorsey EARNED his firing. He isn't a scape goat. 6 weeks prior to his firing against the weakest part of our schedule that included 3 of the worst teams in the NFL at the time we played them, the Dorsey led offense averaged 20.5 PPG, we went 2-4 and could have easily been 0-6 if not for 2 failed final plays by our 2 opponents we beat. I said it all offseason, coming back again with Dorsey was GAMBLING on Allen and Diggs prime with an unproven OC who had lots of issues in his first year and too easily out coached. First 2 games after Dorsey, offense is avg 33 ppg against 2 tough defenses, including one (Jets) the Ken Dorsey led offense averaged 17 PPG against and was 1-2 with both losses to Zack Wilson. For someone to pretend Dorsey was a scapegoat or premeditated scape goats is utterly absurd. In fact, McD's BIGGEST mistake was NOT firing Dorsey sooner. He was out of his league last year at OC, and he was clearly out of his league this year again and McD held on to the point where Bills are basically now in an 8 game playoff to try and make the SB as another loss would make it very very difficult to get into the playoffs, let alone win 3 games to get to the SB.
  14. No offense, this is a terrible counter. Of course no one in their right mind would leave Allen off a top 10 list. Im talking about the narrative, the constant pursuit to diminish him as an elite QB. Top 10 is not Elite. The constant need to focus on the negative with Allen, the narrative trying to paint Allen as the problem in Buffalo, the narrative he is overrated, the narrative he didn’t deserve to be on the Madden cover…I mean I can go on and on about what is discussed about Allen on a regular basis. Yet even his biggest critics would never leave him off a top 10 list. I mean even just watch this video in this very thread where a professional sports journalist had to burst out in the show he is on in defense of Allen because the story was not his statistical DOMINANCE at Arrowhead where his career stats are insane there, espeically his last 3, but instead about will Josh have more or less than 1.5 turnovers. So sorry, this reply with googled lists of him being top 10 is not relevant to what is being discussed.
  15. No disrespect but these percentages have no value, are just your personal opinion and honestly do t make any sense. For example, we throttled Miami, and have held Tua and Hill in check the last 2 seasons. Yet you have them at 50%? And more importantly, you’re using percentages on how you see it today. We beat KC there is no way our odds of beating Dallas are just 40% in Buffalo against a Dallas team that has floundered against good teams and run up scores and stats on bad ones. Dak outside in the elements is not the same Dak indoors against a weak team. So your 6% chance isn’t realistically accurate at all IMHO and is three to 4 times lower than any other professional predictor out there, including Vegas. Again, doesn’t mean it’s a lock either that we make playoffs, just saying this was a lot of numbers that really don’t have any base is actual statistics.
  16. I don't know what is more astonishing...the blind ignorance of the many around here displayed during the original Araiza situation...or the fact that ignorance learned nothing and is still rearing itself during the Miller situation. More astonishingly is the fact there are still people here holding onto their original false stance on the Araiza situation as if they know more than the police, investigators, witnesses, etc that all cleared him. Its like the sports journalist who refuse to admit Josh Allen is good because they incorrectly stated he would be a bust.
  17. He has amongst the worst takes on this board and I am honestly convinced he actually isn't a Bills fan and just masquerading as one here to troll. It either that or he just actually knows nothing about Football. Either could be true, or even both.
  18. But Allen doesn’t get credit cuz his team has failed him and not made a SB. It’s crazy, never seen a player get so much hate for not having the same SB resume as the guy widely considered to be the best ever
  19. I don’t feel a lot different than you, it’s more I think what people are missing is we had so many 1 score games this season because the offense stunk under Dorsey. Look at Jets week 1 vs Jets with Brady and Dorsey out for example. So I don’t blame anyone for PTSD on close games, but I don’t think we will have those close games where we need to lean on the D to close a game with how the offense has played if they can keep it up. Even the Eagles game came down to some offensive miscues that put our D in that position in OT to try and close out a win. But now, 2 weeks of games and a bye for Brady to settle in and I think this O is going to be rolling rest of season and help take pressure off the D to close out games.
  20. Well they already smashed Tua and Mahomes offense is in disarray. Dak faded against better teams and will be on the road outside in Buffalo. Herbert may score a lot, but Bills will be up multiple scores against that defense late. So yes, I think we will be fine mainly because in all 4 games I believe we will be up multiple scores late instead of a single score where a final stop is a must.
  21. This is where I am at too. I’m still for activating him, but I’d hate for it to be at the expense of Johnson as he has been a nice surprise since Brady took over. Hell I didn’t even know he was a Bill until I saw him take a snap against the Jets. Bring him in but I think we need all 3 of Murray, Cook, and Johnson active too as he is still learning the offense. I’d rather see him get used in a way where if it’s working we can keep it up, but if he’s got some rust we can pepper him in rather than have to depend on him.
  22. Been a fun thread. I really believe this is what is about to happen. But if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, at least Dorsey got fired so next season has more optimism. But I’ve been mostly right about these “Calling it now” threads thus far, so like my chances Besides…Life is better when you take a risk on being right about being positive than being right about being negative anyway 😁 GO BILLS! Crush the Chiefs and they will come.
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