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  1. Obviously its not about week 1 lol, like any OC he needs to show he can do it all year. But the beauty behind Brady is that his style is one that carries over well. The biggest thing he did was incorporate movement with purpose to scheme guys open and balance the offense with a run game. Now this year, we got more weapons who can excel in that style, guys who are smart, unselfish, sure handed, good route runners and we added an exciting young back in Davis who is going to thrive in the run style we showed last year. I think Davis will play more than people think by years end where it may be a 50/50 split by then, if not sooner, with Cook. Especially in cold weather and post season games. I don't agree at all that the general consensus is that the team is all "JAGS", but I do agree that Josh will be seen as having to work with a whole new group where there isn't a proven dominant WR1 like he had with Diggs. But here is my question...especially to someone like you who has been complaining about the weapons around Josh so much. Let's say Josh wins MVP like you said he might, and I do agree this could be his year as I do think there is a good chance this might be his best year of his career. Are you going to admit you were wrong about the group around Josh...or are you just going to say what you just said now that "Josh dragged this team" to success and it was all Josh because he had nothing but "JAGS" around him?
  2. Interesting, for all the melt down around here all off season about the receivers, only 8% of the poll was "worse" or "worst of his career". I for one am quite excited to see this group on the field together. Name of the game is move the chains and then convert TD's instead of FG's in the redzone. And with Coleman here to go along with the additions of Samuel and Davis to play along side ascending guys like Kincaid and Shakir, I think this offense is poised to be even better in 2024 than it was in 2023. Especially with Brady getting to really install his offense the way he wants to run it with these tools he gets to work with.
  3. But Beane can't pick in the 2nd round and isn't a good drafter. And its always a mistake to not take a WR in round 2. Ive read that all offseason here...so your post must be wrong. 🤪
  4. There's a much publicized quote from Beane after the draft where he said something to the effect of "it will be hard for Coleman to start from day one." This is the messaging the team always puts out there for their rookies to hear. But he let slip their real plans in the chaos of draft weekend - Coleman is going to be the early favorite for the starting X receiver. And based on this article I think he's going to quickly earn the trust of the coaching staff and win that role. I mean I think this has been pretty obvious since the second his name was called on draft night that he is without question our starting X WR1. Maybe some people who didn't like the pick thought differently, but there was no other plan for him other than this. It was always going to be his job unless he just has a disaster of a camp or got hurt. There are a lot of people who had some delusion that he was here to replace Gabe and Beane was still going to make some crazy trade for a top end vet, but there was never any reality to that. The only way Beane considers that is again if Coleman just flops in camp and preseason and they feel desperate to add someone. But so far, he has done nothing but wow and impress on and off the field, so that seems pretty improbable.
  5. Most important for me is that we continue to incorporate motion with purpose on offense that Brady ramped up as soon as he took over. And quite honestly, that style of play is exactly why I think our WR room looks the way it does, to be able to continue that philosophy and really scheme guys open. Our stable of weapons now is mostly made up of unselfish, smart, sure handed, good to great route runners where I think Brady is going to really excel at creating movement to create mismatches, opportunities, and easy throwing lanes for Allen. Everyone from the recievers, TE's, and backs are here to be able to excel in that style of offense. On defense, I agree with the OP about the Cover 3, Cover 1, and Quarters balance...but my main question and concern is who is going to be calling the defense. Right now McD said its undecided and probably won't see a decision on this for another 2 months at least. I felt like our defense under McD's play calling was a big step in the right direction. The good news though is that if Bobby does get the play calling duties and struggles, its easy to just switch back to McD until Bobby is more ready or even for the rest of the season if necessary. Heading into last season I kept saying I thought the Bills had a shot at leading the NFL in sacks under McD, and while a lot of people argued with me on that and they didn't lead league, they finished 3rd in the NFL only 3 sacks behind the leader (KC) and that was after they lost Tre, DQ and Milano for the majority of the season and Bernard for the end, otherwise they very likely would have lead the NFL. This year, with Bobby here, I still think McD will have a heavy footprint on the defense, so I expect them to build on a lot of what they did last year, just more of a question how all the new pieces fit into the rotation and how well they play together. We are losing a lot of experience in our defense, so going to be interesting to see how fast the new pieces accumulate and gel with the other guys who have been here. The defense is where I am very excited to see how the camp battles and preseason play out. Want to see how big of a case Bishop makes to start early even though we got some solid guys in Edwards and Rapp that can play week 1 there. I am VERY interested to see how Elam comes back and battles for the starting role this year. And I am very intrigued by Solomon and if he can battle his way into relevant rotational role early as well.
  6. I already addressed this in my last post. I hard disagree that’s been established. Not all 20 yard throws are equal, and you know enough about football to realize that. The concept you want to lump every 20 yard throw into a single category is wild to me. Kincaid runs up field 20 yards and does a curl wide open and Josh has a clear shot at thin he is going to complete that throw nearly every time. Josh throws 20+ yard out down field to a blanketed Davis who also has to worry about not only making the catch, but also getting his feet down, preventing the pass break up or even turnover is a low % throw. Josh drops back at 22 yard line and sees nothing open and throws it away out the back of endzone that’s 100% incomplete rate. Sorry, you’re just being stubborn here to hold on to the point you want to make. And that route and throw to Shakir was a routine throw Josh will make at a high percentage of the time and has made MANY times in his career to lesser receivers. Dude come on, you know too much to post this kind of nonsense. This is so over the top, you know exactly what I said and this is not it. Let’s keep this in the realm of normal conversation rather than ridiculous statements. I gave you many reasons that contribute to that and you come back and claim I said he was stepped on 70% of the time. I shouldn’t have even replied to this statement it’s so ridiculous. Sorry man, I haven’t over exaggerated anything. And honestly I have no emotions about this what so ever, but no disrespect, it does feel like you have quite a bit of emotions about it to the point you are just posting stuff that is beneath the better stuff I’ve come to expect from you.
  7. Personally, I think Josh is going to be better this year than he was the last 2 years and might be in line for the best season of his career. I think the addition by subtraction philosophy is in play here with Diggs and Davis out, who were very inefficient targets for Allen in this offense between Diggs being a target hog and Davis just being a limited player who was an unreliable target. Not only do I like our group of weapons for Josh, I think our run game will be even better between Brady having his full stamp on the offense now and the addition of Davis to compliment Cook who I think is going to be a very good player for us. I also think Brady having the ability to put his offense in now is really going to help Josh spread the ball around more and scheme guys open a lot more to really take advantage of what the defense gives him. I think the result will be a more efficient, less turnover prone, Josh Allen and we will see him possibly put up his best season this year.
  8. Welcome to the first ever "Question of the day" thread proposed by @BuffaloBill! It's an honor to kick this off for TSW and thought there was no better place to start than a question about our best and most important player, Josh Allen. There has been a lot of discussion this offseason about the WR position, but there are more changes around Josh and this offense than just who the receivers are (or aren't). Josh will also have a new center for the first time in a long time, and there is a chance it could be a rookie in SVPG and Joe Brady is going to now truly install his own offense here rather than manage it around Dorseys when he took over last year. So now that we have a pretty good idea on personnel between draft and signings, do you think Allen will be better, worse, or about the same as he has been the past 2 seasons?
  9. Lol, you and I both know that the “he completed 30% of his 20 yard throws” is just a nonsense response to exaggerate your point to support your opinion of the play. I know you are smarter than that. The “30%” includes throw aways, drops, low percentage throws, etc. Allen making that throw to Shakir is not one he completes at just a 30% rate. Allen doesn’t miss wide open WRs like that 70% of the time. Josh completes that pass a HIGH percentage of the time if he doesn’t get stepped on. And I would bet big money you know that too. So I get it, you don’t like the play…but let’s not grossly over exaggerate things here. I mean it’s ok to admit Josh likely completes that pass had not for being stepped on and still hate the play call.
  10. Breaking News: Bills don't trade for big name WR -Shocker (said no one ever) Is it week 1 yet? Can't wait to see Allen out there throwing to Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk, and DK Metcalf.
  11. That play was an easy TD had Chris Jones not blown Dawkins into Allen on the throw stepping on his foot. This is the NFL, you take the 7 points when you can get the 7 points. You don't pass up a chance to take a 4 point lead just because there is a a minute and a half left on the clock. Thats why the guys on defense get paid too. Shakir burned his coverage and thats a strike Josh makes pretty much every time if not hit on the throw and Shakir would have caught that as he caught everything near his hands and had the best hands in the NFL last year. On 2nd down, I am sure they had some short area throws he can go with it if Shakir isn't there, but it was a beautiful route by what was our best WR in the 2nd half of the season. When a FG can win the game, yes, milk the clock. When a FG isn't enough then you take the harder to get TD when its available, every single NFL coach will tell you the same thing. Nothing wrong with Josh taking a shot there IMHO. As far as your argument goes about it being a stupid time to try and high degree of difficulty throw...I have to disagree on the fact of it being a "high degree of difficulty" throw. I mean every QB in the NFL is capable of completing a post over the middle or they wouldn't have a job. Also we don't know if that was the primary read or not either, Josh may have had somewhere else he was gonna go first and saw Shakir burn his coverage and then took the shot. Plus, it is a route we have run a lot, doesn't matter who the target is, Josh has thrown that pass a lot in his career including the game where Davis took the wrong option and went left on a would be game winning TD earlier in the season that we lost. Which is probably why they trusted Shakir more in that moment, not to mention he was much more likely to catch the ball than Davis or even Diggs. Its easy to criticize because Chris Jones blew Dawkins up and it didn't work after Dawkins stepped on Allens foot. But had Allen gotten the ball out a half second later or just taken one more step up in the pocket that is a TD. So not sure how anyone can say it was "stupid" when in fact they got the look, won the route and had the TD right there until one of the best defensive lineman (also paid to make plays) interrupted the play.
  12. We are going to win between 11 and 13 games IMHO, assuming we don’t have catastrophic injuries. How much we miss Poyer (and Hyde) I think will come down to how fast Bishop gets on the field and develops. I think Beane did a pretty good job shoring up the safety room. Diggs (and Davis) are addition by subtraction. I think this offense will be better, more consistent, and more fun this year than last year. I’m really excited to see this group of weapons on the field with Josh.
  13. Ok, that was a fair reason to leave off 2020 in terms of analyzing today, but going back 5 years isn't always about today. As far as where are all the rookies at...Well Diggs was in his 20's until last year and had been extended and expected to be here another 2 years. Things changed, but trading him this year was not the plan 2 years ago. Last year they looked at young weapon, and the best one on the board was Kincaid after the run of WR's. And I know from someone at the Chargers that they at least called the Chargers to trade up for what was believed to be for Addison. So, you want to know where are all the young WR's are...well you are looking at literally 3 of them on our roster right now in Coleman, Kincaid, and Shakir. And I guarantee you any team in the league would pounce if the Bills made either Shakir or Kincaid available in a trade, they are very promising players and both poised for potentially big years this season. No disagreement, WR market is crazy expensive...and I think a team is better off not paying a mega contract and instead having a very good WR room rather than a top heavy one with a mega deal and some meh pieces around them. No disrespect, but no team is drafting multiple WR's every year, that just doesn't make sense, you have an entire roster to build. Teams frequently taking WR's are teams who suck at drafting WR's 2 years ago, Diggs was the plan. He was extended and expected to be here 2 more years. They started adding more receiving weapons last year knowing Davis was gonna likely be gone when they took Kincaid. They also beefed up the OL and had a young RB to also help Josh. This notion on "Wide Receivers" help Josh some share around here is just false. Investments into the OL and to establish a run game not only helped Josh, but turned our season around last year when the air it out to a Alpha WR and don't run the ball mentality had us at 5-5 and well outside the playoffs. Here is what I think is the most important point...Josh does not need an "Alpha" dominant WR anymore like he did when we got Diggs. At that stage he was an ascending young QB and benefited from having that type of player. But Josh is on a whole other level now, in fact, I think its actually better for Josh to not have that kind of player to try and force the ball too. This team proved last year that it won more games, beat better teams, when it went out there and played a balanced style of football and spread the ball around. There are many ways to win a Super Bowl...there are teams who are run dominant...there are teams that are teams who are airing it out to a big time WR...there are balanced team who both run the ball well and spread the ball around. And if you go back and look at each team that won the Super Bowl in the modern era, which of those do you think is overwhelmingly more common? The balanced spread the ball around team. Most SB winners do not have a "dominant" WR1...sure every team has some WR1 who gets their yards and production from being a WR1, but how many of them were actually elite players at the time those teams won the SB? Very few teams had that guy. Would it be great to have a top 5 WR...sure...and we did the past 4 seasons and didn't get past the 2nd round but once. But by no means is it a necessity and history has proven that. I think most people issue here is that they just didn't like Coleman. There are people here who would have preferred Worthy, Legette, or even Franklin who lasted until the 4th or 5th round over Coleman. So in those peoples eyes, the WR room looks worse when it factually isn't. Doesn't matter what your opinion is, my opinion is, or anyones opinion is on Coleman...the 100% truth...the ONLY truth is that today, right now, he has the potential to be a great player for us just like any rookie has today on any team no matter your draft position. And just like any rookie from the first one to the last one, they can all potentially bust too. So...for me, I am very exctied about Shakirs and Kincaids future and I was high on Coleman before the draft and love him even more now. I think he is a great fit for this team and Josh. You don't win games throwing an 80 yard bomb very often...you win games by winning in the trenches, moving the chains, and getting TD's while in the red zone. Give me a team who effectively and consistently makes plays to move the chains and has a high redzone percentage every time over a team who force feeds a top 5 WR. But, like all of us...none of these opinions matter until we see this unit on the field and can really know what we do or don't have out there. GoBILLS
  14. You left off 2020 - I said last 5 years, the 5 years of Josh's prime where we used a first and a 4th on Diggs. How many other teams in the NFL have invested 3 first round picks in receiving weapons in the past 5 years in their QB? Not to mention help on the OL and RB as well in the first 2 and 3 rounds. But honestly, how many teams do you think spend 3 first rounders on receiving help for their QB over the past 5 drafts? Again, we have been investing plenty into surrounding Josh with help. No disrespect, but its just not factually accurate that Josh isn't a priority. Beane has spent a lot of resources (cap and draft picks) on the offense around Josh both in the trenches and as weapons over the past 5 years. You may not agree with how they invested, but they have been and its clear Josh is a priortiy. And quite honestly, I think Josh is about to have his best season to date. But here is what this board will do...they will say "Its all Josh, he is having to do it all" and still won't acknowledge the help around him. The same people (not saying you per se, just in general) are going to be harping about WR's no matter how many yards or TDs throws. They already do it now...Bills are 2nd highest scoring team the last 5 years, Josh averages over 5000 yards and 44 TD's...but its already "All Josh" according to the WR or die crew around here.
  15. But you do realize that Beane has used three first round picks (plus 2 4ths) in the last 5 drafts on weapons for Josh (Diggs, Kincaid, and Coleman). He also invested a 2nd in Cook to help Josh by running the ball, something we badly needed. Then there is Davis and Shakir who were also 4th and 5th round picks. And love or hate Davis, he was a good value for a 4th round pick and Shakirs future looks very bright. Then there are the players he added in Free Agency, from Cole Beasly who was one of the best slot WR's in the NFL most of his career here and Sanders too. So I get everyone wants more and more toys, but the truth is, Beane has invested a lot more into weapons and help for Josh than people realize, including OL help.
  16. I love Odunze as much as anyone, but how do you know Coleman won't be a top 10 WR himself? Most importantly, you do not NEED a top 10 WR, its be proven over and over and over that a top 10 WR is NOT a mandated player to be a SB champion. Why are you and so many people wasting breath on this concept we should have traded with the Bears. You realize the Bears had to have wanted to trade with the Bills, and they clearly didn't considering everyone and their mom knew the Bills both needed and wanted to take a WR early and the Bears didn't call Beane even once. In fact, no team in the top 10 picks called the Bills, who again, everyone knew needed and wanted a WR, to trade back to 28. This isn't madden where you just meet a threshold of min trade commitment and the trade is accepted. Some of you need to get over it and just move on. Trading up for Odunze, Nabers, or MHJ was never at any moment on the table for us as nobody had any interest to trading back to 28 that was in range to get any of those guys.
  17. This was a great overall interview, and I have been pounding the pavement all year for people to just start listening to Beane more. If they had, there would have been no confusion on what they were doing. He is building a more diverse WR room, guys who are tougher, guys who have YAC, guys who can CATCH, guys who get open, guys with size, etc. There are posters on this board who want to argue that Beane hasn't addressed the "receivers" enough while literally overlooking he has invested our first pick (and more) on a receiving weapon for Josh in literally 3 of the last 5 drafts. Some of those people DONT want to include Kincaid because his designation isn't a "wide reciever", which is hilariously dumb given he was ONLY drafted to be a receiving weapon. And I love that BOTH Long and Beane mock those people a bit in this interview as well at 10:50 into the interview. Beane says and chuckles, "People are sometimes just focused on the receiver room, which I like what we have got in there, don't forget the TE's...its legal for them to catch the ball." Long chuckles and immediately says yes to this and comments on it with Beane following up with that "team in Kansas City has done pretty good throwing the ball to that guy (Kelce)" Also didn't hesitate to list Shakir as the most underrated player on offense (especially by soooo many on this board) and Long said he loves Shakir.
  18. Beane was on Green Light with Chris Long again today. It's a great interview overall, and towards the end Long asked him who the most underrated player on the Bills is. Here is what Beane and Long had to say about Shakir (and Taron too). It's clear Beane sees Shakir as key piece to this offense moving forward based on the numerous times he has been mentioned by not only Beane, but Allen, the other coaches, and other players. Im really looking forward to seeing him in this offense. MOST UNDERRATED Below is the full interview too if you haven't already seen it in the other thread just about this full interview. If link above doesn't work, its at 27:06
  19. No disrespect but I don’t think it came across that way at all. Especially if you listen to all the Beane interviews, Embedded, etc.
  20. Chase had his first 2 seasons go over 850 yards...with a broken Big Ben at QB and as the WR3 on those teams. Its nothing to sneeze at. Talent is not the question, he has the physical talent to be an elite WR in the NFL. What did him in with the Steelers was discipline, self entitlement, commitment, etc...basically immaturity. His immaturity where things like dancing on TikTok with JuJu were more of a focus than his on field IQ, development, etc got him in the dog house and they traded him and got back literally what became a first round pick for him (pick 32). But right out the gate in Chicago he was dogging it out there on plays he knew the ball wasn't coming to him which was essentially also tipping the plays to the defense and got called out publicly by everyone over it. Once again, his immature attitude sunk his ship in Chicago and found himself traded for pennies on the dollar and buried in Miami on the depth chart and not resigned. But...I woud NOT forget about Claypool. While I fully admit, its not often a guy gets his head on straight and turns that aspect of themselves around in a short window, he also is now 4 years older, on his 4th team and knowing full well if he doesn't make it work in Buffalo about the only place he can play football is going to be the CFL. If we get a motivated, mature, committed Chase Claypool...then watch out. Im not gonna hold my breath, but the upside with him is sky high if he gets his act together in Buffalo.
  21. No problem, enjoy the dialogue and differing perspectives You are right, maybe saying "meaningless" is a bit too harsh way to describe it as I do agree there is value in weighing yourself against the other contending teams, especially on analyzing where you can improve the roster. Where I was coming from is more from the perspective it is kind of meaningless right now in terms of the Bills though given we have not seen this group together on the field to truly understand how well it does or does not work for this offense. If the Bills lead the NFL in scoring this year with this group (and we might just do that), is it really a bottom tier group? I think too much emphasis is put on say the perceived individual talent vs the overall effectiveness of the group. Brady and Moss set NFL scoring records, including most TD receptions in what was an undefeated season and still had Wes Welker as well...just to lose to a guy who caught a ball on his helmet and not even make the SB champs roster the next year after being the hero of the Super Bowl. I disagree with that assessment by HappyDays. The term "dominant" #1 pass catcher is being very loosely applied. Every team has a WR1, but I went back and looked at every box score today from the last 25 years, very few teams had someone I would call dominant. A dominant WR1 is someone who is undisputedly a top 10 WR at the very least. Every team is going to have a WR1 who leads their team in yards and receptions, doesn't make them dominant. And as far as Kincaid goes...yes you can build around him, he had an excellent rookie season. You drafted him to be a major part of your pass attack and he did not disappoint. This notion some have that he has to be on Kelce's GOAT level to count is wild to me and I have seen many state that. I mean Kincaid's start to his career was better than Kelces who also had a great start to his own career. This point here is the main one really...I am just gonna be honest here...I think it feels like those "defending" the current roster are more over the top than they are because you have been so harsh, so aggressively negative, that its getting matched so to speak when people come back and try and push back. I think the majority of those who are optimistic about this group are not really over the top about it and more feel like a spread the ball offense can work really well here after watching the team surge back from well out of the playoffs to the #2 seed and divisional champ again by running that style. And, quite honestly, I think part of that optimism comes from the fact that his personnel seems even better suited than last years for that style of offense and Brady now gets to do so after fully installing his offense rather than adjusting Dorseys. As one of those optimists, I can say that I think most of us fully understand that is no guarantee either and that we still need to see it on the field. On the other hand, there are posters, like yourself (just being honest) who have been adamantly protesting we are pretty much doomed and this group will almost certainly fail. But that being said, there are always people on both extremes too, so I know there are some on the extreme side of positive too. But lets go back to your "HOPE" designations. Coleman - I mean you would need to write the word "HOPE" next to any rookie WR we drafted, even MHJ because there are no guarantees of any player living up to expectations in the NFL. Ive seen higher graded players than MHJ flame out and bust in the NFL. So, while its fair to say you hope he works out, that's kind of an irrelevant designation because that is true anytime you draft a new starter at any position. Samuel - "HOPE Samuel has a career best season": Disagree that is the hope. We don't need him to have a career best season, nor do I even expect him too. Shakir - "HOPE Shakir breaks out": Disagree again here because he already broke out. We don't need him to become a 1200+ yard WR. If Shakir continues to make the plays he was making, continues to be a very good YAC guy, continues to be a high catch rate and efficient player, then he is going to a very valuable player for us. We just need him to do what he was doing last year when Brady doubled his targets when he took over that put him on pace for an 850 yard season while both Diggs and Davis were still here. Even if he just increases his production by 20% that makes him a 1000+ yard WR this year. So we don't need a major breakout, a 20% increase makes him a very important piece to the offense. Kincaid - "HOPE Kincaid proves to be a Kelce level player": Again, disagree that is the hope as he already went out and had a season thats as good as Kelce was at the start of his. He doesn't need to be the GOAT version of Kelce, he just needs to keep ascending. Another guy where a 20% increase puts him into elite TE production. All the rest: There is no one hoping MVS, Chase, Hollins, etc step up. WR4 on this team has had very little production since Allen arrived. We don't need some stud there and all 3 of those are capable of handling a WR4 role here, and there are other guys deeper on the roster with potential to compete for it too or the spots behind them Disagree on this one...Coleman's combination of size, athleticism, and catch radius will make him impossible to guard without rolling help over to him if he and Allen get it clicking. But, most importantly, this concept that an offense needs someone to draw special attention to succeed is over blown. When you have 5 guys who can get open and catch the ball and do damage with the ball in your hands, you will have mismatches. Lets not forget, the scariest man in the NFL is standing under center who can make you pay bad with his legs and teams also need to spy him as well as watch the RB's out of the backfield. Teams won't be able to just roll attention at will to players because any one of those guys can make the play on the field at any given moment. And I appreciate yours and your differing viewpoints even if we don't share them exactly. And it wont be about a "I told you so" by end of next season, no one really "knows" anything right now. But, I will say this, I have a pretty strong record around here over the 20+ years I have been here on WR's and QB's. And while that is not a perfect record as no one bats 1.000, I do feel as confident in Coleman as I do just about any other WR we could have taken in the draft of being a very good player for us. And I think the biggest disconnect on some with Coleman is in their eyes even "very good" isn't good enough because they want that top 5 Alpha guy like you have discussed. But I do not think Josh Allen needs that kind of WR, nor does this offense, to be an elite offense. I think Diggs and Davis are addition by subtraction removing a target hog where there was pressure to keep him involved, and a limited route runner who struggled with consistency, awareness, and catching. In their place is a rookie with great hands and incredible catch radius and other guys who are smarter, better route runners, and have great hands. And so my optimism is built around that is how I prefer our offense to be and play, and I honestly think it will lead to maybe Allens best season yet. I don't know we get over the hump, we have a lot of new people on both sides of the ball, but I think this could prove to also be Beanes best draft yet.
  22. Lol...ok, just ignore everything Beane has said that has mostly all happened exactly as he said it because one time he signed Miller in an offseason where he said he didn't "expect" any big signings. Hopefully that is short enough for you. And sure, agree to disagree
  23. My main issue with MVS is his unreliable hands, but he does bring a speed element to the group. Top 3 are without a doubt Coleman, Shakir, and Samuel. So MVS would be competing for WR4 spot and a stretch the field guy mostly with Hollins and Claypool. Personally, the guy am rooting for is Claypool because if he can get his crap together and show this team he can play the right way and be about the team, this dude could easily emerge as a major weapon for Josh as he has a ton of untapped raw ability and talent. Im just not gonna hold my breath either on him though as its a big ask to ask a guy to change his whole attitude and mentality at this stage of his career. The hope with him is that realizing this is his last shot and that he an INCREDIBLE opportunity to save his career playing for a culture like this and a QB like Allen. I mean this kid was avg over 850 yards a season his first 2 years playing on raw ability and with a broken down Big Ben as the WR3 on his team. If this kid can get his head on straight, he could do big things with Allen.
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