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  2. I guess when you have two liars (Comey and Lynch) the third person is the tie-breaker? 🤷‍♀️ From 2017. Looking back though, the context is somewhat different after all we know today.
  3. The best 2 players available are Suh and McCoy - neither hit comp pick formulas - and neither has a ring. Seems like they'll either go where they can get overpaid on a 1yr deal, or go to a contender with space. Cleveland, Indy, Seattle look like good destinations. More cap than buffalo in 2019 - anticipated playoff teams - spot to start without a competition. I expect both to wait a bit to sign though - why go to OTAs and camp if you dont have to? As i wrote this it said the bucs are trying to sign Suh. Must be cheaper than McCoy?
  4. holy *****. this is a WaPo article? it is all going to come out!
  5. Happy Birthday! Love those catchy lyrics!
  6. Going to piss off a lot of Rochester fans, and lose the young fans who become Bills fans because of training camp in Rochester. It's typical Bills that they would screw a large portion of their fans from the Rochester, Finger Lakes and Syracuse region.
  7. You do not think what the Obama administration did to candidate/president-elect Donald Trump, and what the head of the CIA and FBI continued to do to President Trump was ugly? Sedition is an ugly, ugly act.
  8. Just a guess, but I think you misread the topic. Taster is out a commentator for 21 years from cbs. Not, locally or on Bills radio broadcasts.
  9. from this, it would appear that Lynch is the one lying about the, 'call it a matter' issue.
  10. RIP This site has given us the greatest opportunity to develop many close friendships over the years from all over the country and world. We have lost some great members over the years. Also we have some members with illnesses that have been a battle for them. 59 is way to young. We all have are differences but, we are all Buffalo Bills fans. We all should enjoy every day.
  11. Father's Day is coming up..............................😎 Forest Grove man stole daughter’s cookie sale money to pay for erotic massage, prosecutors say. .
  12. I do not see how this doesn't turn very ugly, unless somebody blinks.
  13. At least it wasn't someone important. Next man up...
  14. Agreed. But they're typically comfortable in their own skin and don't have to put up Instagram photos to reaffirm their self image...
  15. all of which leads me to believe that the Donner Party is doing everything it can to get Trump re-elected. this alone causes me to be alarmed, why do they so desperately want Donald Re-elected?
  16. Glenn cost the equivalent of a mid 2nd rounder to do the swap so your math doesn't add up. In retrospect, who wouldn't trade an expensive guard with a recent injury history for a mid 2nd rounder?
  17. I fell bad for he and his family but he was lucky to survive in the industry as long as he did. Good luck Steve and I appreciate your accomplishments on the field
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