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About This Club

A place for all Bills fans from Ontario to chat and maybe even meet up for games


Ontario, Canada

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I'm from Oakville, lucked out having family in Buffalo too.Made it down for the Jags game last season
  3. I mean maybe meet up here in Ontario for a get together. For those of us not lucky enough to have seasons lol
  4. The office is close to the stadium, I'm good for a Friday night game in warmer weather, Stubhub will be good. For tonight, $30 CDN for a seat second row, 2nd deck just to the left of home, my favourite.
  5. I have seasons in the corner of the tunnel endzone.
  6. Anyone interested in trying to meet up to catch a game?
  7. OK guys anyone wanna try and set something up for a Bills game this year? Maybe meet at a bar someplace?
  8. Grew up in Burlington, Ont. Far away from there now obviously.
  9. to those of us who went to public school in the early 1970s in Ontario, just what was that anti-drug film that made us watch a lot, a mix of cartoons and people (bad) tripping? Can't find it on youtube or plausibly in any other listing, not even from the Canadian Film Board...
  10. sure thing! I'm in a cast for another 6 or so weeks (ankle) so I'm not driving, June at the latest!
  11. Let me know next time your in town! Maybe we can grab a coffee
  12. Wasn’t much, if any, chance of getting a job in Brantford after undergrad. Still have fam and friends in town, usually in town five or so times a year, good to hear its picking up. it was dire for many years....
  13. Dude! I was raised in Brantford too! Still work there!!
  14. For most of the year I'm in Hagersville about every third weekend. I'm from St. Catharines. After a several year period of not getting to any games, I went to both preseason games and the home opener this past season. Lack of funds kept me from the Jets and Patriot games, and then having to update my enhanced drivers license at the end of the year kept me from the home finale. Eh, but would have been a fun anniversary outing. Got engaged at the game against Seattle. Well until we broke up, you get the idea.
  15. Hello guys, I'm from Hamilton, currently studying in London. I've never been to a bills game. Would love to go in the near future.
  16. Toronto, Ontario. Usually go to couple games a year.
  17. Raised in Brantford lots of family lived in Dundas university at Mac and UofT worked in Toronto
  18. Kingston, Ontario - go to most home games (including pre-season) and stay in the RV lot. We have alot of fun!!!
  19. Niagara Falls...…..slowly I turned step by step
  20. Sarnia is home for me. For the record (like most Bills fans from Ontario), I did not want the Bills to come to Toronto. The ticket prices would double and be harder to get and the tailgating would suck because of Ontario liquor laws.
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