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  1. Last jersey I bought was Robert Woods soon to Cole Beasley once I get the new name bar stitched on. I know, I'm cheap!
  2. Bills Backers in Nashville are having a tailgate. Loom on their web site to get the specifics. Will be a well organized blast.
  3. Put a few more fans in the house and maybe a little fun. It would be fun to wear the Bills Dez jersey when I go to Dallas this year.
  4. Going to be an interesting divsion going forward with Allen, Rosen, and Darnold. Get your popcorn ready.
  5. LOL! Thanks for this. So true."Being a Buffalo Bill fan is not a matter of blood....it's a way of life". To twist another good Billy Jack line. Let's Go Buffalo!!
  6. Hope Beasley takes the #10. Suddenly makes my old Robert Woods jersey relevant again!😃
  7. Totally agree. Was and still is a terrific Buffal Bill. We are all Bills.
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