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  1. Lets put the brakes on...how about we finish the season and see who we play in our first game of the playoffs and go from there.
  2. Not a big deal....we played for years without a qb.
  3. Negative comments on this thread suck. Pretty much sums up the world we live in.
  4. Zach Thomas would never cross my mind as a Hall of Famer. Good player but I really think he is undeserving. Tasker was a game changer and position changer. He deserves it but hope he does not get the Buffalo snub.
  5. I enjoy responding, sometimes rather sarcasticly, to posts I feel strongly about and have been cautioned about. I believe that as long as we are not offensive, anything goes. If I post an opinion I fully expect to have a face full of any comment thrown at me. Go Bills and let's go keep having fun on this forum!
  6. The all blue is slightly better than than all red, which is awful!
  7. I like Kapernick but he walked away from a big money deal in San Fran. I had no problem with his protest but sport is business and he cooked himself by opting out of his contract.
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