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  1. Bought our tickets in August. Going with one of my best friends who I met in the Camper Lot ages ago are going with his 3 nephews. Going to be a blast! Everybody I have talked to who has been to Dallas has had a great time. Go Bills!!
  2. I really don"t get this thread. Comparing Marcus Mariotta (1st round draft pick starting qb) to Tyrod Taylor (not sue of later round pick and not sure if in the league) Hello.... no comparrison. Replace the name bar on your jersey to Barkley and get over it
  3. I have my rv lot pass available. Camper lot is the best place to stay. The last 15 years have been great. Let me know if you're interested
  4. No No No. Good effort but no. Our uniforms are great the way they are. Thanks. Go Bills
  5. I'm a long time season ticket holder. Really miss the hard tickets we used to get. Can't make the Pats game this weekend so giving my tickets and rv pass to my friend.Had the tickets printed off at the ticket office this past Saturday. Was surprised how small the printed tickets were and the poor quality of ink. That is the new norm. I would think that it would be near impossible to create fake tickets of these. I also don't like the digital tickets. Last year, a fellow ticket holder sent his friend 2 tickets (mobile) and they didn't scan properly at the gate. We had to go down to get them in. What a pain in the ass.
  6. Who cares. Two terrible teams who deserve to languish in mediocrity. How about those Buffalo Bills??!!!!!
  7. I really do not get all the Nathan Peterman hate/slander posts that continually pop up here. Same for the EJ hate. Time to move on, grow up and quit being so negative.
  8. Sad day that it is no longer Shady in Buffalo.
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