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  1. You make good points but I still hope they play.
  2. There is no CFL season this year anyway. Next year CK can try out.
  3. The only future Chad Kelly has in football is in the CFL.
  4. We love underdogs in Buffalo. We love to see the fringe player do well. The reality is this team has a strong enough roster without the Duke Williams. My unpopular take, Christian Wade will be a exempt practice squad player again this year. He will not make the team.
  5. Some versions I have seen has the Seattle game on November 8th wrong. It is Seattle at Bills which makes the 8th game.
  6. Well said. I too have been a Bills fan for 40 years and we finally have a team I can say I am proud of. A great combination of Owner, GM, Coach and QB that is going to take us all the way. Enjoy Bills fans, we have arrived and it feels great.
  7. That should be the Bills slogan for 2020, Let's Get It Buffalo!
  8. True, but then again I hate that empty set.
  9. I would like to see them use DiMarco more as a pass protector especially in the empty set formation. Keep DiMarco in for blitzes and use him as a pass option in the absence of the blitz. Works for other teams.
  10. I never liked Josh Norman. His play never matched his mouth. IMO, he was overrated in Carolina and proved it in Washington. That said, I believe in McDermott and Beane and if they think he will help the team than I am all in. It is a low risk, high reward kind of move.
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