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  1. I agree with you. Enough family money to hire the right lawyers to get probation and community service. If he does serve time, it will be minimal in a minimum security prison.
  2. I'd say you're splitting hairs about the play clock, but I haven't had any hair since I was 20, so I'll take your word for it
  3. The play clock hitting 0 is treated the same for every team. There is always an extra second given for the back judge to confirm the ball isn't being snapped before throwing the flag. I have no issues with those.
  4. And they wonder why illegal streaming sites do so well.... FWIW I pay a lot for satellite tv, but am in Canada, so I'm at the mercy of whatever TSN or CTV want to throw on. The plus side is, I'm also close enough to Buffalo to get the game OTA if I need too
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