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  1. Ramsey has always come across as a tactless illiterate, not a shinny star for Florida State. However,the Ramsey mindset is, unfortunately, the perceived mindset by many players and agents in the NFL. But I would also include teams from, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Detroit, Jacksonville and Indianapolis in that narrow minded perception.
  2. Rosenthal must be the illegitimate child to an extremely influencial person at NFL.com. How else could this talentless evaluator of NFL players have a job there.
  3. This year the Bills will be the odds-on favorite to win the AFCE. This will put McDermott in a new expectation tier. I,for one, think he is up for it. But it will be interesting to see how he handles his team and the media in this uncommon territory for a Bills head coach.
  4. I think all Bills Fans and Fans of WNY should be very thankful for the Pegulas. Thank you Terry and Kim for your support and generous donation.
  5. If he’s still on the board for us, he be very tempting.
  6. Glad to see him move on from the Jets. Seemed to always have a big play against us.
  7. I certainly understand that travel and in-person interviews are out of the question today, but I would think a Skype or telephone interview would have occurred by now. Perhaps I've missed it.
  8. Murphy is far more valuable than Penny.
  9. I think all the FA signings are impactful. Some greater than others. They all create competition at their respected position. The real question, for me, is does our FA signing make us a better team, and have we improved relative to our division rivals.
  10. Really like Taron Johnson but on passing downs Robey -Coleman would be an upgrade.
  11. It appears from contract size that money wasn't a issue, the Bills liked Addison better than Lawson. Is there something I'm missing?
  12. I believe we made a run for Hopkins. I also feel our offer was better than what he got from Arizona. But O'Brien didn't want to see Hopkins in a Bills uniform lining up against him in next years playoff round.
  13. I think Diggs will fill in very nicely. He a highly talented dedicated hard working Pro that plays with a chip on his shoulder. Sound familiar?
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