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  1. I think the Bills have better DE's on their roster. Perhaps an investment at CB would give the Bills "D" a better bang for their buck.
  2. Good move by the Titans. They lost a lot of their receiving game in the off-season. Jones eliminates their free agent losses.
  3. Increase capacity to 80,000, add a dome, through in a few corridor trinkets and upgrades and be done with it.
  4. Planning on going. Hope to see more blue than teal.
  5. It appears the Bills will once again in 2022 be at a strong disadvantage to there major AFC competitors for Free Agents. According to Spotrac, here are the salary cap projection for 2022. Miami 59m NYJ 53m Balt 42m NE 23m KC 13m Buf 1m Perhaps it makes some sense to gamble a little more on improving our roster for this years Super Bowl run, seeing it could become more challenging next year.
  6. I'm hoping we have excellent talent that was under Dan, so we can promote from within.
  7. DeShawn Watson played his last play for the Texans last year. Once his legal troubles are behind him, he will playing for another team. If he's suspended for a good portion of 2021, and Tua falters in Miami, he very well could be a Dolphin midway through the 2021 season.
  8. On paper I think the Browns have surpassed the Bills. But there's a reason they play the games. GO Bills!!!
  9. Bills mock draft; Round 1] Trade with Atlanta. Bills receive Atlanta's 2nd and 4th. 2] from Atlanta; Travis Etiene RB Clemson 2] Kelvin Joseph CB Kentucky 3] Joseph Ossai DE Texas 4] Tyler Shelvin DT LSU 5] Traded to Philadelphia For Zack Ertz 5] Jamien Sherwood S Auburn 6] Traded to Philadelphia for Zack Ertz 7] Josh Ball OT Marshall
  10. I feel Beane is doing a admirable job, however I'm disappointed that we haven't adequately addressed the second CB position.
  11. I think there is a very good chance the AFC Title Game this season will be the Battle of Lake Erie.
  12. I believe Beane's focus for this draft will be on improving the defense. That being, should two players of equal or close/equal board rating be available, the defensive player will get the nod. The one caveat, will be if Najee Harris is available at 30. I feel they will pick Harris over a closely rated defensive player. I think they like Harris enough to move up a couple spots to draft him.
  13. I hope Mongo comes into camp in the best shape of his career. For this team to be better this year, the improvement has to come from within.
  14. Hopefully, Bates is using this offseason to get stronger and faster.
  15. I believe Miami has targeted Kyle Pitts TE, U of F. That's why they moved back up to the 6th draft spot. Many feel that at the next level he will be used more as a wide receiver than TE. He has strikingly similar traits to Megatron. I'm hoping Cinci or Atlanta grab Pitts before Miami picks. If you have a chance, watch some of his highlights.
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