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  1. Don't know what's happening between Hughes and the Bills. However, I respect Hughes because he is a player that got paid and became a better player. How many other players can you say that about. That being said, I think Hughes can make plays for us next year.
  2. Perhaps it's time to get the stadium back to 78k plus.
  3. If the Buc's win, perhaps they should rename the Super Bowl trophy, "The Brady Trophy".
  4. I got the impression that our Oline was intimidated by KC's Dline.
  5. I would be shocked and thrilled if Jacksonville accepted our #1 pick in this years draft for their Josh Allen.
  6. I'm hoping we find a way to keep Millano, Feliciano, and Williams.
  7. I think our Oline coach is fine and doing a great job. Perhaps it's matchups. I got the impression that the Chiefs Dline was very aggressive, to the point of risking ejection. Maybe that had something to do with the Olines performance.
  8. No question that the coaches game plans have a lot to do with the success of the team. However, yesterday's game, at least to me, was more about individual match-ups than game plan. The Chiefs beat us individually on the line of scrimmage, their DB's, individually, outplayed our receivers, and their receivers, individually, outplayed our secondary. Perhaps on another given Sunday things might be different, but yesterday the Chiefs players were able to take it to our players individually.
  9. Hopefully, Beane and his cap team are working on a strategy to keep Feliciano, Williams, and Milano.
  10. Reported on PFT the Chargers are hiring Brandon Staley as their Head Coach.
  11. Both Murphy and Phillips played well. I would not be surprised to see Murphy have a greater role in the upcoming games.
  12. I just hope they have to wait until the Super Bowl is over to hire him.
  13. I'm very happy that we are playing Baltimore instead of Pittsburg Saturday night. By beating Baltimore, the Bills will be recognized as a true Super Bowl contender.
  14. Last time I checked Vegas had the Bills favored by 21/2. So somebody thinks we're going to win. However, many, if not most, football analysts will tell you that a team with a solid defense and strong running attack is more apt to win against a passing team in winter weather. Hopefully, the weather Saturday night isn't too bad and the Vegas odds makers were right.
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