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  1. Are all the Vets and Rookies in attendance for OTA's?
  2. If Jackson demonstrates that he can master the mental part of playing QB he would be a tremendous asset to the Bills.
  3. I have watched and admired McCoy's play quite a bit over the years. At this stage of his career, I believe he's far more valuable in the locker room than on the field. He should stay and retire a Buccaneer.
  4. There's a difference between respect and preparing for an opponent. I doubt the Pats prepare lightly for any opponent. As I said, Waddle was being polite.
  5. I feel Waddle is being polite. Until we start beating New England on a regular basis, we should not expect their respect.
  6. Your consumption of Bourbon and Maalox is obvious.
  7. I've been reading that the Bills are interested in signing a veteran TE. However, my understanding is that the primary reason for the veteran TE is to bring playing experience into the TE room. If that's the case, why not hire an experienced TE as an assistant coach. This would give the coaches the veteran experience they feel is important to their TE group with sacrificing valuable reps for these new players.
  8. If we are lucky Ty will be an upgrade at LT, and play for at least two years. This will give the Bills an opportunity to put a top 10 Oline on the field and win the Line of Scrimmage.
  9. If Croom bought into the process and improved on his blocking technique this off-season, he will make the roster and be hard to keep off the field.
  10. Outstanding!!!!!!! This young man possesses great character. I would say his parents must be very proud of him and themselves. They have raised a quality individual.
  11. Jets took the Top Rated player at three that just so happened to be a DT. It could be argued that after Tillery was taken by the Chargers the quality of DT"s in the draft dropped dramatically. Whereas quality Edge Rushers were still available in round three where the Jets selected Polite. Up until Polites disastrous combine and pro-day he was rated a top 15 draft pick. The Jets have someone on their staff that was familiar with Polite. So perhaps it was a strategy that fell into place for the Jets.
  12. Cowhert has a history for apologizing for being wrong. He's probably wrong 85% of the time. His miscalculations must be his appeal, it's certainly not his prognostications.
  13. We didn't draft Kevin Harmon in round 6, thus the A-. OK?
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