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  1. Throwing a football out of a stadium is out of bounds and thus an incompleted pass. Who wants that?
  2. If they go to an 18 game scheduel, I hope they add another bye week, and drop the preseason games.
  3. A glance at our upcoming seasons scheduel shows that our defense will be going up against most of the leagues formidable rushing offense. Not minimising the need to rush the passer, but if we don't stop the run first, we will probably have a sorry season.
  4. I doubt the Bills need a dome stadium to generate ticket sales. Nor do I think the makeup of Corporate Buffalo warrants million dollar luxury boxes. Perhaps an updating of New Era to satisfy the NFL , and increasing the stadiums capasity to 78,000, so as to generate more revenues, is all that's required.
  5. If the Pegulas didn't own the Sabres would the team not move to a more lucrative market?
  6. It appears from the interviews given by McCoy and Gore that they look forward to being teammates and helping each other reach career milestones. I'm hoping that translate into a very successful running attack for the Bills this season.
  7. Take a look at the author, does he give you confidence that he knows anything about the development of an NFL QB?
  8. Perhaps it has to do with Philadelphia jumping in front of Houston in the Draft and getting the player Houston coveted Andre Dillard.
  9. If Williams is available, we should be negotiating with Washington today. We could use a player or two designated "elite" on our roster. Especially if that elite player is an LT.
  10. Hopefully, Glenn can stay healthy.
  11. Are all the Vets and Rookies in attendance for OTA's?
  12. If Jackson demonstrates that he can master the mental part of playing QB he would be a tremendous asset to the Bills.
  13. I have watched and admired McCoy's play quite a bit over the years. At this stage of his career, I believe he's far more valuable in the locker room than on the field. He should stay and retire a Buccaneer.
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