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  1. In my opinion Taron Johnson can be an All-Pro Safety. His tackling ability is up there with the best of them. However, his cover skills as a slot corner, seem to me, are mediocre at best. He's our weak link in the secondary when it comes to covering people.
  2. From my perspective the main lesson from the playoffs is winning at the line of scrimmage.
  3. Talk about pouring salt on a wound. From my perspective the league should be apologizing to Ford and then fine themselves.
  4. From my perspective I like that Josh Allen attempted to lateral to Dawson Knox. It demonstrated his excellent lateral vision, sense of urgency, and strong desire to do what ever it takes to win the game. I can only imagine how great it would have been to see Knox take that lateral into the end zone.
  5. Perhaps there were too many distractions for the Defense from national and local media. I'm hoping they learn to keep focused on their task and not the accolades.
  6. If I'm Belichick I be upset with Edelmann. Not only does he get a penalty, he missed a series.
  7. Unfortunately I have to grade Josh a mediocre “C” this week. Had Josh started the game with better accuracy, we might be celebrating a win.
  8. I was surprised by the Pats continuous winning of the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Perhaps all the national attention and accolades was a distraction for some of the Bills.
  9. From my perspective, it was the extrordinary excellent play calling by the Patriots that exasperates our offensive game execution. Not only did the Pats Oline dominate, New England play calling seem to have our "D" off balance the entire game.
  10. I think the Bills players wanted to beat the Patriots just as much as the Bills Fans wanted them to do. I believe all the additional national and local attention along with the numerous accolades might have taken the edge off some of the players focus. From my perspective, the Pats seemed to be the more determined team.
  11. I prefer to beat a Patriots team that is at full strength, in Gillette Stadium, in front of a sold out Pats fan base.
  12. Your right, it was the call aginst Edmonds that I'm refering too. Sorry.
  13. I would have thought another referee would have been watching the tackle made by Milano, and seen that there wasn't a facemask penalty.
  14. Josh gets a solid D for today’s game. He got blitzed 98% of the time and didn’t make them pay with a quick pass. I think this game was a blessing in disguise because Josh can learn some big lessons from it. This is the last game we lose this season.
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