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  1. Josh Allen will have the opportunity to surpass Mahomes. He will be a higher rated QB.
  2. Would like to see the Bills sign OT Trent Brown and WR Phillip Dorsett from the Pats. Nothing like strengthening our roster and weakening the roster of our primary opponent this coming season.
  3. I hope you are kidding. We lucked out. Not only did we get the better QB, but we also got Edmonds and White.
  4. gjv001

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    From what I have read about the Buc's, Gerald McCoy is their Lorenzo Alexander. If that's true and he still has some gas in the tank, then I'm for putting him on the roster.
  5. gjv001

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    How do you know he is the bottom of the barrel? What do you base your statement on?
  6. With Josh Allen on the team, Bills have potentially the number one marquee player in the NFL. They will do whatever they can to get this show on the road. The only obstacle I envision for this off-season is lack of talent in free agency or the Draft not falling in the Bills favor.
  7. Who? you or me. Time will tell. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes! First, I believe Allen is a better QB than Mahomes. The trade not only got us a better QB, but we were able to get Edmonds and White thrown in. Now if you have a different opinion that's your problem.
  9. Where does ESPN find these idiots? No wonder ESPN is having financial problems, they put out a lot of crap.
  10. gjv001

    A Question for Bills fans?

    Why do you ask?
  11. What makes you believe he is an upgrade to our current coach?