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  1. Why don't you ask all the Buffalonians who got bent out of shape when some agent said Buffalo was the least desirable place to play what it matters what anyone outside of Buffalo thinks.
  2. gjv001

    Talent vs Multiple low level players?

    Who is subpar?
  3. I think your joking. If not, this is a feeble cherry pick at best.
  4. Like that Beane and McDermott appear to work well together. From my perspective, Beane hasn't been on the job long enough to for a rating. Although I do like what he has done so far.
  5. gjv001

    Jags release Malik Jackson

    Could allow us to pass on a Dlineman in early rounds.
  6. This is a joke, right? You don't believe Beane would waste his time and damage his reputation with your scenario?
  7. You win at the Line of Scrimmage. Build both lines.
  8. gjv001

    Screw Rotoworld's Buffalo Bashing

    Time for Buffalo to turn it around.
  9. Wonder what these draft genius's would have said about Julio Jones after he screwed up on the 20 yd shuttle.
  10. gjv001

    Who would you take, D. K. or T. J.?

    You sure wouldn't draft in the 4th, because he'll be gone in the 1st.
  11. gjv001

    NFL QB Carousel..per Omar Kelly.

    Rosen to Miami. That would create a nice 2018 QB draft rivalry in the AFC East.
  12. gjv001

    How can we not be all in on Metcalf now?

    He overwhelmingly exceeds all the measurables for a WR. His game tapes against SEC talent shows a WR winning on contested balls and breaking tackles. His coaches speak very highly about his character and work ethic. Similar to Edmonds, he comes from an NFL family. He has the potential to be a Julio Jones type WR. He appears to address a position of need at a higher level than other draftees at a position of need. Is that worth a risk at 9? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. gjv001

    Any Love for Bryce Love?

    Would be thrilled if the Bills drafted Love.
  14. This does not bowed well for Tannehill remaining a Dolphin.
  15. Hope Tate gets his wish. I'm hoping we sign Donte Moncrief.