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  1. "TUSHY" at 12mil is starting to sound better and better.
  2. I don't think a wildcard team will come out of the AFC East this year. However, based on the AFC East schedule this season, a record of 9 and 7 will probably win the Division.
  3. Allen is a far superior QB to Prescott. So why would the Bills make such a trade.
  4. I'll say Josh Allen. He's been working to better his game this off-season, and the Bills have added some good new weapons for him to play with. Not to mention, he has a solid group of players coming back along with consistency in the coaching staff.
  5. As ESPN kept reminding us during each Bills draft selection, Josh Allen was the third most pressured QB last season. That being said, I would think we still have something to plug on the Oline.
  6. I would very much like to see reports and video on how Bills players are working out and preparing for training camp .
  7. I believe the Bills were very high on Dugger and were planning on taking him at 54. However, I believe the Bills had a higher grade on Epenesa, and even if Dugger would have been available at 54, they still would have choosen Epenesa.
  8. I think his dad is privately having a conniption.
  9. Wishing Trey Adams all the luck in getting healthy and having a great career in Buffalo.
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