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  1. gjv001

    Wonder how long it will remain "New Era Field"?

    Not good for WNY.. Was there any warning of the plant moving? Any negotiations?
  2. gjv001

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    It could have been the half-hearted effort he made on a Barkley pass that was the last straw for McDermott. I got the impression from his interviews that he considered himself a primadonna on this team.
  3. gjv001

    Send Jerry Hughes to the Probowl!

    There are places where you can get help.
  4. This administration and HC are on a mission to bring a Championship to Buffalo as quickly as possible, no matter what some in the local media or lunkhead Monday morning QB's think. The politically smart thing for McDermott to do is start Barkley against Jacksonville. However, starting Barkley does not give Allen the reps he needs, and delays his development. Kudos to McDermott.
  5. McDermott is a very good coach and has the mental capabilities to become a very good Head Coach. Like all very good Head Coaches, he needs someone to come in and be a Franchise QB. Hopefully, Allen is that someone.
  6. It seemed to me that Ryan Lewis was playing well and solidifying the CB spot across from White. The last I heard he was declared a healthy deactivation from the 53 man roster a couple weeks ago. Does anyone have any credible imformation about Lewis's deactivation?
  7. gjv001

    What Do You Want To See the Rest of the Year?

    Josh Allen stay healthy and develop into a top 5 Franchise QB.
  8. I hope for Benjamin's sake he has saved and invested wisely. I doubt he sees another big payday.
  9. gjv001

    Gary Kubiak for OC Next Season?

    Wonder how Kubiack or for that matter, any other OC would do with the level of talent the Bills have on their Offense.
  10. gjv001

    Bears at Bills **Predict the Score**

    Bills win 27 to 13.
  11. Now you're starting to see the light "actual analysis". That's what Wharton's piece lacks. It's just entertaining dribble.
  12. The only thing empty is your inability to understand opinion analysis vs facts.
  13. I don't begrudge anyone trying to make a living as a sports analyst/writer. More power to them. Other than entertainment and fortification of current opinion, these writings are not worth the paper they are written on.
  14. gjv001

    McDermott needs to lead

    Who fills the Bills coffers for Terry Pagula?
  15. gjv001

    McDermott needs to lead

    Don't be so naive. Who pays all the salaries.