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  1. Hard Rock Stadium should be filled with blue jerseys. Great weather, Fun Bills Tailgating, South Beach, and best of all, watch the Bills "Squish the Fish".
  2. How the Bills played with 1 minute left in the game. They looked like a team in the first pre-season game.
  3. Josh can’t hit a long pass this season to save his life.
  4. Browns have their backs to the wall. Feel their talent will rise to the occasion and save Kitchen’s job this week. Browns 31-Bills 20.
  5. Think a Domed Stadium in Buffalo would be great. As much as I think Lucas Oil Stadium is a fine facility, would much rather that Buffalo built theirs in an Art-Deco Arcitectural style.
  6. Prefer the all white uniforms, but like the all blue better than the all red.
  7. Josh needs to work on hitting the long ball. So far this season, he has no idea on hitting the long ball. Other than that he's doing fine.
  8. As long as Leslie Frasier is happy wih Olivers play, and Oliver keeps playing enthusiastically within the designed scheme, tackles well, I'm satisfied. His sacks will come, but more important is that all 11 do their job, and tackle well.
  9. Intersting case. I wonder why Kaepernick hasn't filed a lawsuit aginst the NFL.
  10. Like it! Something to be learned by all coaching staffs. Unlike most sports franchises, especially in the NBA, the Pats don't let the inmates run the asylum.
  11. Doubling down on what? I sure hope they don't beat the Bills, but they will be favored.
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