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  1. The NFL had every right and justification to suspend him for nearly killing a toddler when he threw a couch off a 15-story building. Then reason for a lengthier suspension for what he said and threatened to do to Mayock. On the 100th anniversary of the league, now this in addition to the other “antics” that have coopted the occasion. Enough already, NFL.
  2. This doesn't provide the context of who plays against first-stringers versus fourth-stringers, but it's nice to see representation from late-round rookies (6th & 7th), since we've also seen what Oliver, Singletary, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Ford might be capable of doing. Throw in Sweeney as well. https://www.pff.com/news/pro-pff-rankings-the-top-25-rookies-through-week-3-of-the-2019-nfl-preseason
  3. That's a very critical point to make. Those that insisted Allen would bust didn't expect him to be disappointing; they expecting him to be catastrophically awful. There are varying degrees of busts; Blake Bortles elicits laughter but his NFL profile & career stats suggest he's at least a solid backup and infinitely better than his predecessor, Blaine Gabbert. And virulent anti-Allen individuals thought Allen would be as bad as Gabbert. Maybe it's the soft bigotry of low expectations but it's pretty clear that even if Allen doesn't pan out he isn't on the level of a Gabbert or JaMarcus Russell. We're not hoping he's Jake Locker or Bortles- but he's at least pushed past those worst expectations.
  4. Sure, it is and sure, Allen looking good has also only come in preseason, albeit against more first-teamers (excluding Kuechly last week) than Jones. But the Allen & Jones detractors surely wouldn't be placing any caveats about "preseason" on their performance if they were looking badly; if both were looking as poorly as expected than they'd be going in for the kill, insisting it only proves/validates their preconceptions about them. It just shouldn't be had both ways.
  5. Not a bad thought but Washington has decided to spitefully refuse to trade him. Either he plays for them or he plays for no one. Moreover, I do think the Bills expect a bounceback year from Dawkins at LT & then they have two fairly solid options at RT in Nsekhe & Ford, with Ford moving inside to RG (as he's mostly done the last week plus) if that proves to be the best combination.
  6. There's likely a little laziness in the media. Do you truthfully think that most who don't follow the Bills took the time to break down our record with and without Allen last year- and then factored that in (since it may matter)? Do you really think the most virulent Josh Allen detractor realizes the Bills played more or less .500 ball in games he started? He didn't play well but we absolutely played worse without him. I'm not sure if I'm addressing someone who can speak to Allen without a jaundiced outlook, though. Not trying to cause any offense but I believe I read that you've written that given what we traded to move up for Allen (Glenn, pick #21, & two 2nd's to move into #7 to use on Allen) that it would amount to massive overpayment unless- and only unless- he becomes a Hall of Famer, never mind that there are many very good QB's who won't end up in Canton. Allen isn't Tony Romo but that was a hyperbolic statement, at least in my estimation. I can't say definitively that the Bills will be better, let alone demonstrably, better. But I do know that Buffalo won six games- and half of Allen's starts- with less talent along both the offensive lines and at WR than they have now. John Brown & Cole Beasley as your top-two wideouts is FAR from anything desirable but at least they can separate and who is debating they're not better than Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones? It's also hard for us to be any less productive & proficient rushing the ball, save for Allen's stats. I also know the schedule appears (critical word) to have about the same level of difficulty. And that defensively we really only lost a 34-year old Kyle Williams and replaced him with a player with arguably more realistic upside than anyone on this roster. We may win six games- or less, as many believe- once again. But it isn't delusional to see reasons why that isn't the likely outcome.
  7. I think most got the tone i was trying to convey here but just to be clear, if it needs to be made clearer, this wasn't intended to be a 'woe is us, and 'why is the media picking on us?' type of post or thread I understand where we've been this millennium (two winning seasons since 2000) and I wasn't so much mystified by the reasons for the disconnect between fans and media expectations but rather interested to find out who's ultimately proven correct. I do believe that there's a lot about this team that someone tasked with following all 32 teams certainly miss, however, and a lot of Bills' "analysis" can be and has been broken down to, "Yeah well, Josh Allen sucks."
  8. A lot of great, substantive, and well-considered responses. I still find a couple of the predictions I've come across to be beyond the pale, such as 5-11 or last in the AFC East (or "least talented team in the NFL"). We don't have a sexy team- and I realize a team devoid of obvious stars won't attract much attention or garner much praise. But we are well coached and have a very good, potentially even top-5, back-7, replete with depth in the secondary as well. In a passing league, that counts when it matters, even if the casual fan doesn't know who Micah Hyde is. And would any of these sources or any of Josh Allen's most strident detractors even know our record in games in which he started (and/or finished)? We were usually at our most offensively inept, impotent, and frankly turnover-prone and embarrassing when he wasn't out there (Ravens, Colts, Bears, and Patriots games come to mind). Sure, we weren't exactly explosive no matter who was under center- and were even shut out at one point (week 3 in Green Bay). But especially in the second half this wasn't an offense absolutely incapable of scoring (22 PPG from weeks 12-17), if Allen and his offensive counterparts are the culprits for the widespread cynicism about our 2019 outlook. Failing to have an offensive juggernaut doesn't have to equate to 5 wins & last place in the AFC East, not unless it's joined by a surprising decline from a defense that should still be ascending because it's so young and talented.
  9. Correction: evidently he did play & was active in 2004 & 2005 but didn't throw a single pass. Sorry- didn't see you corrected the record before I posted. Thanks.
  10. Tony Romo as well. He was undrafted in 2003 & didn't play until 2006; I can't imagine he was on the active roster that entire time.
  11. I can't help but ask this question when I consider the opinions of many, if not most, Bills' fans with respect to how we'll do this year versus what the media, theoretically objective but admittedly necessarily as "plugged in" on a daily basis, thinks. Who's going to be proven wrong here? More on media predictions in a second, but I see a Bills team that has a second-year QB who many originally advocated an entire redshirt year for and is still raw but nevertheless got better as last season progressed and the Bills surprisingly went 5-5 in games he started and finished (that excludes Houston). I also see what almost has to represent an improved offensive line, with or without Morse, and offensive skill position units, because of both the talent we brought in and the paucity of talent we had for most of last year in these areas. We won't be great offensively but absolutely better. And we seem to have only gotten stronger defensively overall. What I don't see is an incredibly daunting schedule. I don't see Playoffs yet but I see us winning a couple more games than last year- say, 8-8 or maybe even 9-7- but poised to make a bigger jump next year. What does the (theoretically) impartial media see? It's nothing nearly as encouraging as this. Belief or disbelief in Josh Allen is tethered to all of this- and I'm sure most in the media don't consider our record last year in games he started- but here's a pretty sampling: - Vegas' over/under still sits at 6.5 wins, despite most bets coming in on the over. - Buffalo's Super Bowl odds (100 to 1) are only worse than the Giants, Lions, Bengals, Dolphins, & Redskins (tied with the Cardinals & Raiders) - No Bills' player made the NFL's top-100, the only team in the league without a representative. - Lindy's Sports, which recently released its prediction publication and is widely popular, has us finishing less in the AFC East. Yes, even behind Miami. - Colin Cowherd has said in recent weeks that we're the least talented team in the NFL, albeit with "good coaching." He also referenced us as a "garbage AFC team" when delineating the quality & depth of the NFC versus the easier path AFC stalwarts take. - Sporting News released their 2019 NFL predictions yesterday. The Bills? 5-11. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-predictions-2019-patriots-jets-bills-dolphins-afc-east/hwa0fd8i8cc1o75f7dml9hbs I just find all of this... curious. And am more curious to see how these divergent opinions unfold.
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