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  1. If the Jets take Quinnen third- or even Oliver- as great as those players are, as the team presently plans to line up there would be some diminishing returns somewhere when you consider that their base defense, despite Gregg Williams being a career 4-3 guy, will remain a 34, Gase said. I realize that teams employ 4-down lineman on most passing downs- practically half the game- but unless Williams plans to use Oliver like Donald is used in Wade's 34 (when Williams had Donald with the Rams they were still a 4-3 defense), Oliver would be non-optimally fitted as a 34 NT like he was at Houston. It's also not Quinnen Williams' best position- and they just pad Henry Anderson 3 years, $25 million & purportedly plan to extend Leonard Williams. Those two together are high-quality 34 DE's. New York desperately needs an outside pass-rusher, which they have since the incipience of the Rex Ryan era a decade ago. But they're not in love with Josh Allen- and Bosa won't see two teams pass him up.
  2. Week 3 is unquestionably a home game, given that we have two-straight road games to begin the year. We already know the dates when we host our divisional opponents so it has to be the Bengals, Ravens, Broncos, Eagles, or Redskins.
  3. I don't see the poster's comment/post anymore but for the record, I don't think that he is attributing the statement that Ed Oliver complained during his Pro Day to the right person (if anyone even said it- I didn't personally come across it). Brandt wasn't even at the Pro Day (as this quote implies), he has no other tweet re: Oliver's workout, and this single tweet is complimentary, not critical.
  4. Those aren't mutually exclusive goals- isn't Beane attempting to infuse this roster with more talent? If he isn't then the job shouldn't be his. Talent alone doesn't win but it is still a critical component. Perhaps most of this is moot since Allen/Edmunds, like I wrote in the initial post, seem to demonstrate that the Bills do pursue high upside guys, even if they bring a bit of risk. My only point is that the Bills are still missing high-end, needle-moving talent relative to most teams in the league, teams that have mostly had more success than us in large part to more difference-makers on their rosters. I hope we continue to pursue that high-end talent because it remains a significant part, though not the entire part, of developing a consistent winner.
  5. I agree with this- FA is a supplementary roster tool to both improve your roster and to open up options in the draft and not to pigeonhole picks according to need. That's how it's used for most teams in the league. We just so happen to presently find ourselves with a decently well-rounded but largely star-absent roster. Any team could use more elite talent but I feel we need special talent more than most. And we unsurprisingly didn't find it in FA. I would just be willing to take more risks than others might be, believing what we need/lack is 'special' rather than solid.
  6. It's mistaken to believe that the NFL is not largely predicated on stars. Chemistry is vital, too; not everything is about how star-laden & studded teams' rosters are relative to their counterparts. But look at how many Rams & Chiefs comprised both the All Pro & Pro Bowl rosters. Or how many members of the Bears' defense were represented. Even just look at who makes the Playoffs and who gets to their conference championship games. Doesn't have to be this year- it can be any year. But take this year. You don't think the Chiefs, Rams, Saints, & Patriots have special talent? I'll grant you that- Brady aside- the Patriots don't have top-quarter of the league talent. But Kansas City, Los Angeles, & New Orleans clearly do. And with New England, you have more leeway & liberty to construct a roster not so star-driven when you have a generational & the most accomplished QB of all time in Brady. And the best coach of all time. I am a supporter & believer in Allen but if he ascends to a level where the Bills don't need more high-end talent than they have right now, which is near the bottom of the league with perhaps only one really special unit (our secondary), it likely won't be for a while. I think the Bills need more needle-moving, difference-making talent to really contend.
  7. VERY sorry & I've edited. I really like Oliver, as the first part of the sentence shows, & I've amended the last part. I meant to type this: "To illustrate this, let's hope Ed Oliver's sizzling Combine & Pro Day means he's not OFF the board at 9."
  8. First of all, FA is rarely replete with stars; very rarely are you able to add a Drew Brees (2006), Julius Peppers (2010), or even a Mario Williams (2012). So anyone expecting that the Bills would've been able to load up on top-tier talent in FA were deluding themselves. That said, we didn't- we added 8-9 guys who will serve a role and contribute, some more than others, and should collectively improve this team bur arguably don't move the needle in a seismic way. Because they're contributors- they're not needle-movers. Which is fine. Which is FA. Other than the Jets, no other team added more than one player in FA who are in the top-10 at their respective positions. But doesn't that compel the Bills to desire difference-making, special talent in the draft? Isn't that what we're still clearly missing? I know that's obvious- every team's looking for special talent in the draft. But what I'm saying is, arguably having started last year with high ceiling/low to medium floors type of prospects in Allen & Edmunds, doesn't Buffalo need more unique talent to take a MAJOR step, if not this year but soon? If you compare rosters league-wide, while I disagree with it and know the Bills' roster is decidedly under-valued, the Vegas perception that the Bills are about a 6-win team is in part because there isn't a lot of high-end talent on this roster. High-end talent- shoot, even abundant talent itself- doesn't guarantee winning (see the Steelers). But excluding teams led by HOF-caliber QB's (like Brady), most teams have more- need more- high-end talent than we still possess to play well. Quality coaching helps, which we have, but isn't enough. If I had any influence over this draft, I would place upside at a premium, especially after this FA haul. The realistic ability to reach that upside, too, but believing what still separates the Bills from most teams being difference-making & high-end talent... I would eschew "safe/high floor/ground-rule double" prospects for prospects potentially riskier but with higher ceilings. To illustrate this, let's hope Ed Oliver's sizzling Combine & Pro Day means he's not off the board at 9.
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