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  1. Midwest1981

    Pregame thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    FTR, CBS Sportsline makes their picks against the spread, so I don’t even think La Canfora is picking us either.
  2. At least through the duration of the current 10-year CBA signed in 2011 (so through the 2020 season)- and likely beyond- cap space can be rolled over. So the Bills aren’t compelled to massively spend if the talent doesn’t warrant it. Already it isn’t a highly desirable class and inevitably it’ll weaken once franchise tags are applied. We will still add a couple/few bonafide starters but will have to hope to make most of our impact in the draft. And 2 wins in our last 3 games notwithstanding I still expect we’ll have a top-10 1st and near top-40 2nd.
  3. Thomas will likely be released at the end of the season, anyway. Ostensibly his stats are fine but his issues with drops have continued into this year. And Denver deeply contemplated releasing him last year. Ultimately he'll be on the market this spring because Denver won't have him account for $17.53 million against the cap, not when Cameron Sutton can capably take his spot.
  4. Midwest1981

    5-11 in our last 16 games

    5-9. Even if you include the Jaguars’ Playoff game we haven’t played the 23 total games you’re saying we have; we’ve played 21. You might be right soon enough.
  5. Midwest1981

    Predict the Score: Titans at Bills

    Titans 20, Bills 13 The defense keeps us in the game but Buffalo can’t do enough offensively to take advantage of it.
  6. Midwest1981

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    My heart truly breaks to hear this news. I also have a young daughter and I honestly cannot fathom the pain of losing such a young precious little child. I will ask for strength for the family and do believe that Heaven surely has its angel...
  7. Well, he does at least get paid for a living for his film analysis and was a semi-frequent guest on WGR during the build-up to the draft. He isn't infallible but I don't think his criticism of Allen's week 1 performance is personal, even if we all learn as we grow up that unfortunately the three words that mean the most to most people are not "I love you" but "you were right."
  8. I realize the Bills didn't have infinite resources this past offseason, not with our record dead cap and then trading up for Allen & Edmunds (which cost us five of our top-65 picks). Nevertheless, considering we DID spend some $$$ on defense in FA more resources could have spent in the direction of the offense (in FA & the Draft), aside from adding McCarron a couple of days into FA (when musical chairs left him and the Bills still standing)- and then trading McCarron before the season- and then bringing in a proven poor starter in Russell Bodine, plus a few 5th (Wyatt Teller) & 7th-round picks (McCloud & Proehl). It was a pretty nominal approach and I believe that if McBeane could have foreseen the start of the season playing out like this they would have certainly have done things differently, if they're willing to be honest about that.
  9. I don't think Allen has no hope but I do know the Bills have already made the climb uphill even greater. He's a player that needed the most conducive environment to pan out and the Bills have made things almost as difficult as they could be at every single turn. Like I wrote earlier, the Bills thought they could wait to play Allen and wait to give him any surrounding talent. So it didn't matter if he wasn't ready. They were egregiously wrong and we just have to hope Allen's mental toughness is strong enough that it ultimately won't matter.
  10. According to PFF, Allen graded out at 73.7 for his performance against Baltimore, which I thought was pretty encouraging, even mostly against second-stringers. But his overall grade dropped to just above 50 factoring in his Chargers' start, which did not grade out well.
  11. I am not completely down on Allen, like I wrote. And in most respects it's largely the Bills' fault for the rawest rookie outside of Lamar Jackson to have to be thrust into action before he's quite ready, which has caused a mechanical regression, things he's worked so hard to improve. Buffalo thought they could wait a year and then surround Allen with the requisite surrounding talent. Buffalo thought that Peterman's preseason wouldn't portend a second NFL start arguably worst than the first. The Bills should certainly have put more of a priority on mentorship for Allen. Allen can salvage and vindicate them, just because of the importance of the position and player. But this past offseason was a borderline unmitigated disaster. Like I wrote, they thought Allen would be afforded the time. So it didn't matter if he wasn't ready quite yet and it didn't matter if they gave him any talent. What a gross miscalculation, especially given what we saw from Peterman's first (and only) other NFL start.
  12. "Utterly dreadful" and "brutally bad in a myriad of ways" isn't quite how I'd characterize it. But I have to admit- I was more discouraged than encouraged. "It's his first start," "he had a few good plays," etc. I know those things- IMO it was still discouraging to see him miss on some blatantly open throws (Murphy & DiMarco, famoulsy) and to force those picks in the second-half (especially the first one- I was imploring him to throw it away as he released it)... Ledyard correctly mentions "there's a long way to go"- and I still think Allen's relentlessly competitive nature gives him a chance, even with his pre-draft concerns rearing their ugly head again in start #1 (mechanical unsoundness, inconsistent accuracy, decision-making, etc.). Still, I was hoping week #1 offered a few more positives (there WERE some), even considering all factors like the Bills' under-talented roster, the opponent, his first NFL start, etc. https://twitter.com/LedyardNFLDraft/status/1041772507903262720
  13. To those insisting that McCarron was the only choice that fell within Buffalo’s parameters in terms of affordability and only desiring a bridge option please note that Bridgewater actually went for LESS than McCarron: 1 year, $5 million with just a half-million guaranteed. Considering Bridgewater- just 5 months after signing- had a trade market clearly it wasn’t just the Bills that missed that boat. But Bridgewater was in fact a viable affordable option who’s started an entire SEASON (not 2 games or 5 games) in which Minnesota went to the Playoffs.
  14. Unless Josh Allen produces 15 games as abominable as Nathan Peterman produced in his Chargers and Ravens starts- and maybe not even then- is this anything other than anti-Allen sentiment coached as some sort of good idea that "smart" teams do. And let's abandon the silly notion, "Well, you can always just trade Allen to another team for a haul!" Because teams aren't at all wary of players whose teams give up on them after one season despite investing a 1st & two 2nd's, plus a good LT, to trade up for and are absolutely willing to part with a king's ransom. Allen may well bust but the Bills haven't provided him the context or the environment to fairly or accurately judge him. A) 4/5th's of our offensive line shouldn't be starting and in time will not be, B) we also happen to own the league's worst collection of pass-receiving options (reminiscent of the Bears last year, which prompted substantial activity, like ours will too), and C) even the most ardent Allen supporters admitted that while he had awe-inspiring talent he still has a lot to learn and develop... and then we keep two QB's and the only other one literally produces the worst QB rating in any NFL player's first two career starts.
  15. Midwest1981

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I also called yesterday and threatened to cancel. When asked to explain why, I mentioned that when I began DirecTV a year ago (after moving into a home; my wife & I couldn't get it in our apartment) that no free offer was ever extended about Sunday Ticket, even though I know of people who are starting service and getting it for free. Just like that- well, 10 minutes later, some of which they verified that no free offer was offered last year- and I've got it for free, too. I guess you can say I had a "legitimate" case but as you can from all the above posts they're absolutely willing to work with you, even if/when you don't...