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  1. This is ticket sale season, and everybody is a Pro-Bowler.
  2. Would have liked to have seen just a bit of our other draft picks, just for a welcoming gesture.
  3. Good Luck Jerry, Hope you have a great season. You were a great Bill and will be missed.
  4. I like that we drafted Kaiir Elam. He has the potential to be a perineal all pro DB. But I think Beene was fibbing a little last night. I believe there were at least two players on the Bills board rated higher than Elan, Johnson and Wyatt. I think Elan was the highest rated DB on the Bills Board when they picked. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Like to see Daryl Williams back after the draft to compete for swing tackle/guard position.
  6. Hochul did the right thing. In my opinion, WNY losing the Bills would have been devastating. The only thing I would have done differently, in an effort to give Buffalo an economic shot in the arm, is locate the stadium in downtown Buffalo and add a retractable dome. I would have investigated to see if federal infrastructure dollars could be used for to created a winter sports park featuring Slalom Runs, Speed Skating Area, outdoor hockey arena, etc. The hope would have been to stimulate redevelopment and new private development.
  7. Unless a reliable headgear, that protects against concussions is developed and implemented, the three and four point stance will be outlawed in football.
  8. Exacerbated by the Tre White injury, the weakest area of our roster is CB. If we don't pick up a quality CB in FA or via a trade, it would not surprise me that we would draft three CB's.
  9. If the Bills had a team full of players that had Jerry Hughes heart we would have 5 Super Bowls. True Champion, going to be missed.
  10. With the draft capital that we have and costs of draft slots, I believe it is more likely we move up in the second round.
  11. I seen reports of the signings but have not seen confirmations.
  12. Apparently our front office and coaching staff didn't think very highly of Wallace, letting him walk for back-up CB money.
  13. I'm hoping the talent around Josh Allen is not downgraded. He certainly has the ability to make players around him perform better, but I'm looking for Beane to somehow find players that make Allen play better.
  14. This appears to be a bad decision by the Bills. Draft is a big part of the NFL entertainment program. Bills should reward their STH with a Draft Party, no matter how late in the Draft they pick. As a matter of fact, they should have a special Draft Party if the Bills pick 32nd.
  15. Sorry Downer if I struck a nerve. Relax. As I said , time will tell.
  16. Really Downer, I have to do better, I don't think so. Time will tell. However, just for the sake of argument, J Bosa, M Garrett, tj Watt, jj Watt, Quinn, and Crosby were not Pro-Bowlers in their rookie year. Nor do any of them play in a limited rep rotation that would impact their stats. As I said, time will tell.
  17. Sure do Debby Downer. I Watched this 6' 7" 270lb athletic youngster play his ROOKIE season, where he showed good strength and speed. If he works to develop his body into NFL DE shape, and continues to get reps, I believe he can be an All-Pro.
  18. i think Rousseau has the ability to become an All Pro DE.
  19. If Darnold was available to us in the 3-5 mil range, I would bring him into camp to compete for the back-up job. I would also bring in Josh Rosen with the same salary parameters.
  20. Would like our offense to compliment Allen with a running game that opponents fear.
  21. I'm hoping that Dorsey is an outstanding Offense Coordinator just waiting for his opportunity. Would very much like to see the Bills promoting from within because the best candidate for OC is already on the payroll.
  22. Unfortunately, we historically have ended up with the short end of the stick more times than not. Perhaps going forward the law of averages will reverse our bad outcomes.
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