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2024 comp pick update


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1 minute ago, GolfandBills said:

Let the peasants rejoice

All hail the compensatory picks, “ it is a thing to do “

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Just now, Back2Buff said:

Pretty sure no ones knows the rules of the comp formula, so not sure why so much time is spent over it.


Every year there has been situations that go against the "formula"


Contract is pretty cut-and-dried.  I'm sure Beane knows the cutoff for CFA and not.

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The ongoing obsession of some Bills fans with garnering compensatory picks is bizarre.

Then again, the perpetual inability of the Bills to garner compensatory picks is also bizarre.


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4 minutes ago, Doc said:

Sherfield got the same contract so same for him.  The question is what Jaquan Johnson signed for with LV because that might mean an additional pick.

Did you say Jaquan Johnson?  🤣 

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Just now, HappyDays said:

The way I look at it, we traded Devin Singletary for Damien Harris and a 3rd round pick. Who wouldn't take that trade?

As long as we don’t sign anyone else

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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