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Josh Allen leads NFL in interceptions


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9 minutes ago, RoscoeParrish said:


Our franchise QB leads the league in interceptions.  What is scary is he should have more if you count all the near INTs.  Is Josh, Carson Wentz?  MVP to collapse overnight?  

I think the fame has gotten to him and he is pressing because of it.  Hero ball.  Some can handle it, others can’t.  Sad

It sounds like you can’t handle being a fan of this team. Sad. 

Go root for the Dolphins

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1 minute ago, LondonBill said:


I'm sorry you've grown up watching a football team that's never lost a game before


I hope Josh wins the Lombardi trophy and puts the pointy end right up you. 

I hope we win it all too, but to claim “excitement” as a positive of his recent play is moronic. 

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1 minute ago, Codyny13 said:

Nah he threw a pic on like the 3rd play of the game last week


Oh yeah...the RZ INT after the long throw to Diggs...the other one was in the 2nd half...


So 5 of the 6 were 2nd half INTs

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1 minute ago, Flucod said:

I don’t think we make the playoffs this year.

overreact much lol


We are missing all of our starting secondary against a 7-1 team and one of the best receivers in the game that just went off on us.  Yes Allen lost the game at the end but let's not kid ourself into thinking this was a bad team.

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He is not Carson Wentz.  Come on people.  But he is someone who is pressing too much in the red zone and thinking he can make passes that are well covered.  The passes being picked are accurate throws, but they are well defended.  Someone needs to tell him to relax and that he doesn't need to go for all or nothing ALL the time in the red zone.  Take what is there.

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