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Whaley interviewing for Steelers GM


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On 5/13/2022 at 6:05 AM, Bill from NYC said:

Kyle Williams WAS a great draft choice. That said, look at the 4 duds the Bills drafted before him in 2006. I know, a case can be made that other teams also passed on Kyle but that isn't the point imo. 

I also believe that a certain amount of luck is involved. When the Bills passed on Mahomes to trade back  17 spots and draft a corner, it was plain stupidity. Am I happy with Allen? MORE than happy but they were very lucky. 

No team has perfect drafts but the Bills have lacked a good draft philosophy for decades. Do they have a good one now? I guess we will know soon enough. 

That is hard to argue with. At one point Rex had Dareus lined up behind scrimage and jumping up and down, flapping his arms. He looked like a big penguin. 😒

..All that he needed, was his Captain's hat... B-)

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