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Matt Araiza and the Draft


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On 4/17/2022 at 12:31 PM, Logic said:

Jordan Stout, from Pegula’s alma mater, and who was a better college punter than Araiza, has a much better chance of being a Bill…likely sometime between round 6 and UDFA. 

I'll take him, thank you. And kicked FGs. Excelled in inclement weather too. A true "punt God"

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4 minutes ago, Solomon Grundy said:

I'll take him, thank you. And kicked FGs. Excelled in inclement weather too. A true "punt God"

I read a Tweet today that multiple teams have him ranked ahead of "Punt God" Araiza. Might have to take him in the 5th.

In any case, there are apparently about five legitimately draftable punters in this year's class. I hope the Bills end up with one of them, Stout being my preference.

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1 hour ago, MJS said:

3rd is just too high for me, even the end of the 3rd. 4th is very high, but I could be convinced it's the right move.


😎  Our FG Specialist, who was a leg God too, was drafted in the 6th Rd.   And he was 6th in the league in scoring in 2021!  No way Bills use pick above 6th round on a punter this year IMHO.




For perspective only 30 punters have been drafted in the last 15 years.  14 of those were in Rds 6 or 7.  And only 3 punters were even drafted over last 2 seasons- all late picks.  In 2021, Pressly Harvin was 7th rd, pick 254 by Steelers so almost Mr. Irrelevant 2021 - and he was lone punter selected.


Of the 16 Punters taken in Rd 5 or higher over last 15 years, only 2 Bailey and Dickson, have been 1st team All-Pro.  There have been 8 Pro bowlers, only 3 of which were taken in rd 5 or higher. 


My takeaway, please draft a punter on day 3, preferably in Rd 6 or 7. 

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On 3/2/2022 at 7:01 PM, KingBoots8 said:

So, we obviously have a few needs to address like lost teams in the draft. With where we are picking, it’ll likely be the 3rd or 4th best player in their respective position in Round 1. We have a few players on Defense who were early picks and have been rotational in our system, which I am fine with as they get acclimated to the NFL.


That being said, Punter is a definite need for this team. Haack certainly had some ugly punts this year, and while I don’t think we will or should address punter in round 1, it does beg the question on where we could potentially select him.


This isn’t just some kid with a decent leg- he’s the holder of multiple NCAA record and has an average of over 50 yards per punt. He’s a legitimate generational talent at his position, and could significantly help the special teams in pinning back our opponents. 

If we were to go for him, what round do you feel comfortable taking him, and so you think he will last that long?


I’d be totally fine in round 4 if he lasts that long, or moving a few late rounders to get back into the end of round 3

Great job of scouting, very impressive!

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On 4/28/2022 at 1:33 PM, SWATeam said:

Good.  Not too interested in a punter who doesn't hold.


Arazia will be fine holding. He's a very good athlete, and didn't hold in college bc he was a kicker his first three years. 


He's been training on holding this off season with former NFL kickers, and he seems to have a better attitude than Bojo. Also very competitive. Very intelligent.

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