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“McDermott Throws Subtile Shade at Urban Meyer” and Other Clickbait Articles from Heavy.com


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If you are into the Bills or any sports team you’ve probably encountered the occasional clickbait article.  Recently, my browser landing page has pointed me to several of these from Heavy.com.  It’s a blogging site who covers the Bills beat on a subpage called Heavy on Bills.



While many of the articles simply regurgitate what already being reported, this site will frequently produce a comedically bad clickbait article about the team.  I’m finding 1 or 2 each week.  


Case and point - there is an article titled:

“Bills Head Coach Throws Subtle Shade at Jaguars’ Urban Meyer”


What did McDermott say?  Simply that we went back to the office after his flight from KC.  The author claims that some online speculated it was a shot at Meyer.  I don’t think it was and even if people did speculate that why report it?  This reeks of desperation.


How about this one from last month:

Bills QB lgnored Coach to Throw ‘Unbelievable’ TD to Stefon Diggs

The article says nothing about Allen ignoring McDermott and simply echoed one reporters inference of what ‘atta boy’ might mean - which I believe was sarcastic:


Here’s one post-Washington:

Bills HC Reveals Honest Opinion of Washington QB Taylor Heinicke

The inference here is that “honest” is going to be somewhat controversial or at least insightful.  All McDermott said was that Heinicke was “a good quarterback.”  So honest.  LOL


Here’s the last one:

Bills Running Back Could Be on Hot Seat After Coach’s Comments
He the author takes conjecture by Jeremy White and runs with it as though it’s a fact.  I feel that claiming he’s on the “hot seat” seems like a more of an embellished way of inferring less carries.  



Just some funny headlines I thought fellow Bills fans might be a kick out of. 

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7 minutes ago, BuffaloBill said:



Very helpful indeed. I wonder if he has any information on car warranties - mine seems to have run out again.

I have some folks who can call you...and call you, and call you, and call you....

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4 minutes ago, LeGOATski said:

"Insurance companies hate her for discovering this trick"


People who click on that stuff are the dumbest people on the planet.

I still am trying to find that vegetable that doctors are begging Americans to throw out.  All these click bait purveyors need to prove their claims, or be seated under the Monty Python falling weight.


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11 minutes ago, TPS said:

I have some folks who can call you...and call you, and call you, and call you....

My cousin figured out a great way to get on their "do not call" list.  Normally they didn't care about being on this list and would just keep calling.  So instead of blowing them off, he decided to listen to them.  Let them run through their script, talk about everything and anything related to their product. 30-45mins later, depending on how much he felt like screwing with them, they would ask, "So can we count on you for subscribing/signing up/etc for this?"


He would tell them, "No but it sounds like a great product, you can add me to the no call list and let your friends know if they dont want to waste an hour talking to someone that won't sign up"

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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