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Sunday Ticket/Directv future

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15 hours ago, Ned Flanders said:

I thought I read, maybe even on this forum, not too long ago that DTV has ~16 million subscribers and only about two million of those subscribe to ST.  True, ST is DTV's one big hook, but it's also a loss-leader. I'm surprised DTV didn't jump the NFL ship this year when all the TV deals were getting done...DTV can only hold on to this albatross for so long. 


I would bet that if they lost the ticket, most of those 2 million would walk, meaning they lose 1/8 of their customers almost immediately.  


Plus they wouldn't get joy out of denying people the chance to give them hundreds of dollars for the ticket. I really think it makes their day when they turn a potential customer and $400 away. That's how dumb the company is. 


The biggest difference between up and coming companies and fading old dinosaurs like Direct TV is that Amazon never saw a dollar it didn't want. Direct TV LOVES telling you that they don't want your money. 

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