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  1. "While the Bills offense came storming out of the gates the first few weeks of the season, they seem to be regressing to the mean." I wonder how much of this is Josh trying to over-compensate early in the game, knowing the defense is not going to hold them to 17. He is at his best under real pressure late in the game but at his absolute worst under perceived pressure early.
  2. My favorite line: On 3rd and 14, Patrick Mahomes had enough time to make a sandwich, get an early start on his taxes, and then find Byron Pringle for a 1st down.
  3. all for it. I would LMAO if he helped the Bills defeat the Titans for AFC championship.
  4. A good team wouldnt get thrown off balance like that, not this badly. But I agree, its not gloom and doom unless we play like that against a bad team. TN and KC are elite.
  5. LOL Bradshaw stops the conversation to let everyone know he named a horse after Patrick Mahomes. What an a$$
  6. Seriously we need 50,000 Bills fans to complain about the one-way coverage for KC and hate on Allen AT A BILLS HOME GAME.
  7. Bradshaw and Aikman dont want to see their legacies diminished by a guy from nowhere
  8. why do they keep comparing Laramie to Buffalo Ive been to Laramie ... its not Buffalo
  9. we are lulling them into a false sense of security when they least expect it ... TRAIN HORN!!!
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