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  1. close, but the prime requisite for a backup QB is chroise.
  2. "Diggs should make it easier for the organization to make up its mind about third-year quarterback Josh Allen by the end of the season." what are they even talking about?
  3. LOL yep I forgot to add the "cowboy" at the end 😄
  4. Isnt he already the third ranked receiver of 2019? Is that not superstar status?
  5. that's easy: wins as an underdog with > 3 point spread. luck is a factor there, but so are leadership on the field and an iron will to win.
  6. floor: Jim Kelly ceiling: GOAT assuming he stays healthy and we keep the current FO.
  7. mods, can we possibly add a 😱 emoji to the like buttons?
  8. why are we sharing this with the world exactly?
  9. If there were a FO Pro Bowl ... Pegs, Beane and McD would be on it. Beane would be the friggin QB. I cant think of a better regime. Not even RW/Polian/Levy. We are on our way.
  10. The most exciting player for me since JA. Part is Hawkeye bias. But man what a steal in the second! He may get us to the next level.
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