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  1. There is truth to this. Im not saying he doesn't need to progress. He did not do well vs Pats until it was too late, and then he got hurt. Remember he's only started like 15 games. He's a young rookie QB who had no one to study under. He will get there, unless we prematurely lose confidence in him and trash his career like so many QBs at Buffalo. Its kind of a thing we do.
  2. He was pretty great when it mattered. Did you watch the second half at all? Thank you
  3. I swear you people must be trolling. You sound like we are freaking 1-5
  4. The definition of a good QB is winning games. We would not be 5-1 if he were not a good QB. If he were a bad QB, he would get rattled by INTs and other missteps and the team would lose confidence. That's only happened in one game this year - against the best (and most ruthless) team in the AFC. Josh is a natural winner and he refuses to let early mistakes bring him down. He warms up over time and performs his best under pressure late. We are on track to win a playoff spot and if this team continues to improve as the season progresses the Division is not out of the question. Sounds like an A+ to me.
  5. "Josh did his thing as usual and got us the W." I don't care how he does it. Just like I don't care how many sacks Ed Oliver has, as long as he keeps disrupting the offense. Josh is a winner and we will keep winning as long as he's healthy.
  6. well maybe because 20% of their schedule so far included losing to the Bills.
  7. after he is convicted of being a public nuisance, his punishment should be to walk through the jetway with all the other passengers and let each one land a good kick to the groin.
  8. well he is differentiating them from the solar lizard aliens Zay told him about.
  9. Alex and Zay Jones Solar Lizard aliens beware the sleestak!
  10. This is the one where Zay's grandfather fights Capt Kirk
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