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  1. I generally agree but I do think we have a fighting chance. Were at home and we are peaking at the right time. Ravens are a lock and are playing for homefield at best. Also our D is used to practicing vs a QB who can run and we have lots of film on Lamar. If we can shut down his run game we can win.
  2. LOL the Ravens looked at our roster and couldn't recognize any players.
  3. Daboll in booth > Daboll on field. I was ready to dump Sideline Brian in week 6 but I love me some Booth Brian.
  4. only on TBD could hometown fans take an OP about how awesome our guys are doing on the field and within a single page turn it into a negative thread about "antics".
  5. lol Al and Collinsworth so salty about the TD "trickery and deceit will get you everywhere"
  6. answering my own question … Tommy chased Hoyer off the team, NE backup is rookie 4th rounder Jarrett Stidham.
  7. didn't Tommy chase Hoyer off the team?
  8. that would be epic. kisses Kraft on the lips, drops mic.
  9. Collinsworth seethes with hatred for all things Buffalo.
  10. I was really concerned that the Cowboys loss Sunday would make them tough to be on Thursday. Thanks to Jerry Jones, it seems to have had the opposite effect.
  11. I swear Daboll makes better play calls from the box. That could be part of utilizing Foster, Singletary and others more.
  12. hopefully it will help that our D is used to practicing against a QB with legs. I give it 50-50.
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