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  1. he's a campus cop. his main job is telling kids to extinguish a blunt. anyway he was told to go in there by the administrator after one of the cigars caused a small fire. I guarantee a metro city cop or state trooper would have jacked him up and booked him in.
  2. I agree the sched made 10-6 possible this year but the team is just getting started. We add a legit #1 receiver and some other pieces and we are rolling. Also JA does continue to develop, and if his strides are half as long coming into 2020 as they were between 2018 and 2019, he will be the QB we have been waiting for. I think we go 10-6 or better next year even with the schedule, conference champs and we should win a playoff game or two. Not Superbowl caliber yet but look at where this team was in 2017 and think where we may be in 2021.
  3. Why? if the Pats win the Superbowl, they will draft dead last. 😀
  4. I think as of Sunday. We did some credit for his ESPN earnings.
  5. Success in the NFL starts at the top. After a few rookie fumbles the Pegulas have established a new standard of excellence at OBD. Early mistakes: Keeping Russ Brandon and Whaley Hiring Wrecks Big wins for the franchise: Letting Saint Doug walk Telling Wrecks to pound sand (this took financial courage) Firing Russ Hiring McD and Beane I wholly trust the Pegulas to keep the franchise on an upward trajectory for years to come!
  6. can you post the actual picture? My only social media is TBD.
  7. Wolfpack! you dog one of us, you dog all of us
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