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  1. If Kaep will accept $300k as #3 money, sure.
  2. I was curious what the LV line was at kickoff. looks like they had 20-19 Panthers LOL Carolina is a 1-point favorite after the line opened at a field goal, and the over-under for total points scored is 39 in the latest Panthers vs. Bills odds.
  3. Bon Jovi references are illegal on this board. Not to mention immoral and disgusting.
  4. wow. this is what I miss on WGR. can you believe we got him at 9? Give this man whatever jacket he wants.
  5. right now I'd be pretty happy if NFL had gone to 18 game season and we start against Lions and Vikings. seems like a long wait to destroy the Jets in September.
  6. makes sense. deep teams survive injuries during the regular season. our defense is DEEP.
  7. I read somewhere that although preseason games are meaningless for many reasons, nonetheless preseason record is a very strong statistical indicator of playoff success. I think we can go 4-0 this year.
  8. for some reason I thought Carolina nevermind ... I would take Slye tho
  9. I think there is a clause somewhere the Pegulas get right of first refusal on all former Panthers players/coaches/FO staff
  10. Leustch Mein Schvantz = latest Rammstein album
  11. could Allen - Barkley be a Kelly - Reich combo? that would be awesome.
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