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Allen 2020 stats (ALL 19 Games): 68.4% comp, 7.7 YPA, 104.9 Passer Rating, 52 TDs, 17 TOs (offseason talk starts pg 35)

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EDIT: Formerly "Allen has arrived" to be updated each week   Welcome to the age of having a superstar QB folks.

A fellow TSW poster bet me $100 he would not be a 60% passer or better before the season began.  He honorably reached out to me a few days ago and paid me without me even asking him about it yet.  

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5 minutes ago, transplantbillsfan said:

Actually I undercounted.


According to NFL.com he has 6 fumbles lost, so 15 turnovers.


I think I didn't count the one that was a botched handoff that was attributed to him as a fumble.

I counted 9 interceptions, including that bogus Kroft one, and 8 fumbles with 6 lost, but that includes the Morse fumbled snap against the Chargers and Moss fumbling near the end zone against the 49ers.

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Just now, Buffalo Bills Fan said:

Don't forget the ref int in the Rams game I think. I still think Bill's player was down.

Not sure which play that was, but you remind me that there was a face mask by Donald on his sack/fumble of Josh, on the play where he got the personal foul. 

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20 minutes ago, letsgoteam said:

With contract extension talk:

"What if I told you a QB left money on the table so his teammates could eat."


Im not saying he should/could/would. But could you imagine how the legend of JA would grow from that!

It's not realistic/fair to expect that from him more likely he does something similar to Mahomes and gets a long deal that stretches it out.

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1 hour ago, RiotAct said:

I would personally go to Beane’s house and be his servant for life if he pulled that off 


(assuming Josh continues on his current trajectory)

If he wont take a deal like this the Bills have no incentive to sigh a long term deal now. Just pick up the 5 year option and franchise tag him twice.  If Josh wants to be a Bill for life and get $160m Guaranteed and a $50M signing Bonus in a couple months he will sign a deal like this now

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  • transplantbillsfan changed the title to Allen 2020 stats (ALL 19 Games): 68.4% comp, 7.7 YPA, 104.9 Passer Rating, 52 TDs, 17 TOs (offseason talk starts pg 35)

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