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  1. They already have there own version of Tom Brady but he is 15 years younger & much better looking.
  2. Agreed, it is just not my scene. They get mad when you standup, you don't get the full sense of the stadium atmosphere sitting. I see why people that could afford to sit their regularly do it, as the nonsense is really cut out of the equation but I just don't think you get the full game day experience sitting in the clubs. I am not a guy that goes overboard at the games, although I was a seat banger back in my 20's in the late 90s so I do sympathize with the OP. ☺️
  3. I sat in JKC once. Never again, it sucks in that section, I would rather sit in the parking lot & listen to the play by play by Murph on the radio.
  4. I was talking about the AFC championship game. I was at that game & it wasn't bad at all. That other playoff game against the Raiders was the divisional game I believe, & yes that weather was brutal. I remember thinking thank god I didn't go to this game. it actually was a sellout though because I watched it on TV. Lot of no shows that game.
  5. I got fired from a few jobs when I was a teenager. But the best was when I worked for this one department store that went out of business a while ago at the Galleria. I worked in the photography department. Keep in mind most of the people in that department were some kind of professional photographers or at least free lanced for the news & just did this on the side. Not sure why they hired me for this department since I had no idea about photography. What made matters worst was about a month into my stint a photographer from Australia was in town for something & he needs some underwater camera since his broke. He knew exactly what he wanted so I basically just got it off the shelve for him. It was all dumb luck that I made the sale, but since we worked on commission & it was sizeable sale you could imagine the anger some of my fellow employees had for me since I got a good commission check that month. Anyhow, about 6 months into my employment there, I still had no clue about cameras. MY one friend asked me if I could see if he could get a job there. I said I will talk to my manager. So I asked my manager, "I got a buddie that is looking for a job, is there any openings." My manager said "bring him in for an interview." So my buddie went for the interview. A few days later my manager calls me into the office & says "I got some good news & some bad news. The good news is we decided to hire your buddie." I said "that is great, what is the bad news?" He said "to make room for him, I got to let you go."
  6. That wasn't horrendous weather, at least in Buffalo standards. It was 30 degrees, little wind & light snow. It was actually a pretty good day to watch a football game.
  7. He has had a pretty good career both with San Fran & KC. There is no way he is coming back from this though, he might not want to retire but that decision won't be up to him is my guess. Pretty good system QB, would rarely get you beat. Funny thing is when he got benched in San Fran he was having a career year. That had to be tough pill swallow for him at the time.
  8. Haha, yes, to be a Mets fan, the heartbreak. The only thing I could compare it to is being a Bills fan. Unfortunately I am both. I told my son when he was 4 to be a Yankees fan, you will have less heartbreak in your life. He is now 15 & he didn't listen to me. Heis as big of mets fan as I am. & I do remember that Marlins game. Me & my son both threw our jerseys off after the final out & said we are going to be Red Sox fans. That lasted about 3 minutes. I never thought Glavine looked right in Blue & Orange.
  9. That was a great game, I got fond memories of Endy Chavez who was always a favorite of mine climbing the wall in LF to rob that homer. I agree with Gungy, I thought Wainwright hung it a bit.
  10. Totally agree. I Literally after that happened turned the Tv off & starred at the blank screen of the TV in the dark for a good hour. My wife was actually quite concerned for my well being that night.
  11. Not sure everybody in the banking industry does it though & I have worked for 4 different banks in my career. Millions is MM
  12. Haha I am a banker & we always put M after for thousand, but yes you are technically right. $274K.
  13. I am a lifelong Mets fan but also had extra incentive that year to route on the Mets. I put a futures bet at Harrah's in March for the Mets to make it to the World Series. Put in $150 bet at 8-1 odds which would of paid a cool $1,200. To this day I can't believe beltran struck out looking down a run with the bases loaded from that curve ball from Wainright to end the game. Unbelievable.
  14. My house in Lancaster was appraised 2 years ago for $274M. I pay $8 grand in taxes per year. Already told my wife when my daughter is a senior in High School, if she still wants to live in WNY I am downsizing & buying a townhouse. Either that or I am moving down south. The taxes up here are ridiculous. Sal Cappocio on the pregame said he has been doing this for a while now & never saw so many Bills fan invade a town like this before. Said it was even more than Jacksonville. He estimated there will be 30-35K Bills fans in attendance for the game. Well done!
  15. Obviously you never watched Manning's last 2 months of his career. He was down right horrible after putting up MVP numbers for the first 3 quarters of the season. I get a kick out of guys like you, thinking he could play forever. He is 42, the end is coming.
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