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  1. I was 10 at the time & I wasn't a Bills fan yet as they were downright horrible back then. I remember my dad would listen to all the home games(as they were usually blacked out back then) on that little radio he had in the kitchen, drinking Gennie Crème Ale. I remember he got really emotional after that win & the wise ass 10 year old I was I told him " what do you care if they win, they still suck." He told me to go into my room and don't come out until the morning. I began to be a Bills fan 2 years later when they brought Kelly on board & saw some hope finally that there was light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Secondary's as we well know as Bills fans is never a good situation when they are the strength of your team. They are hurting on both lines, the receivers stink & they have one of the biggest question marks at QB. It smells like a bottom five roster to me. Now, the equalizer is the hoodie, if he could get this team with the losses they have had into the playoffs this year he truly is a wizard.
  3. Meanwhile 31 million Americans have caught the flu this year & 30K people have died from it. My one friend has been a Pharmacist for 20 years. He has told this is a strong flu strain & it is downright criminal how the media has portrayed this. He also says once the tests results come in, he expects the death rate % to be similar of the flu or even less. Just one guys opinion, but I think when people look at this they need to keep these numbers in mind.
  4. Of course it is going to be higher, they are testing more. It only makes sense.
  5. Exactly, people that are thinking like the op is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. This thing is going to pass, and it is going to pass a lot sooner than people think. If we are in the fall & still worried about being around each we got way more bigger problems than filling football stadiums on the weekends. What are they going to do, shut down the airline industry too, which would be a national crisis. They have the smartest people in the world working on this, they will get this figured out. The lack of faith in humanity is astounding. & the technology was the same back in 1918 too right. People like you are part of the problem
  6. This is an excellent post. Well done sir. MY wife works in a place where she has access to a lot of medical people. They have told her some interesting things. They have suggested one train of thought is this is going to drop down once summer hits, just like the flu strain does. Hopefully that is the case. They also have suggested that more people have been affected by this in the fall/winter months even though this strain wasn't supposed to hit US until after the New Year. So in other words some people may have had it late last year & not even known it. I look back at my daughter, all of suddent in October she complained about a sore throat and horrible body aches. We took her to the doctor, they told us she has a virus & it needs to work thru her system. My wife got sick a week later with the same symptoms, & my son a few weeks later. All three of them had this for about 2 weeks. I didn't get sick, not sure why. But looking back I think all three of them had it. I think this has been around longer then they are letting on. I get it, it is a scary time both from a health & economic standpoint. The level of anxiety & panic, I have never seen anything like this. It is off the charts & just goes to show you how fragile the people's mind frames are. People are acting like if they do get this it is a death sentence. It is not for most people. What the government is scared of is that they have to turn away people that could be saved from a health care perspective. Back to the original question, I would be surprised if they cancel the season. By the fall hopefully they will have a vaccines as they are fast tracking this. It shouldn't take the usual 12-18 months as these are desperate times. It would shock me right now if they cancelled it, as if this lockdown goes on well into the summer we are all going to have bigger problem then missing our favorite football team as noone will have jobs. An interesting side bit, my wife reads psychics. She said this one psychic, I forget her name has it in her book that was written back in 2007 that there will be a respitory virus that effects the world in 2020, it will hit fast & leave fast. I don't really buy into that crap but nonetheless it is interesting. Have some faith people, better days are ahead.
  7. Miami is going to be a team to be reckon with especially if they get the right QB in place. Flores has done a nice job down there. Cleveland I think is also going to be tough, they improved just by getting rid of Kitchens. Then they made some nice FA signings.
  8. Yeah I hear ya. I usually bleed money in March with the conference tournaments, then NCAA Tournament, the annual tournament party I throw(which would of been tomorrow😪) all the pools I get in, this is usually the peak of my gambling season. I have more money than I know what to do with, kind of question why I gamble in the first place. Ah yes, the excitement, I am so bored.
  9. I never been much of a pony player. When we were in College my one friend knew one of the owners that would race at BD and he would tip him off once in awhile & they came in 90% of the time. Paid our spring break trip to Cancun one year with the money we made on horse racing. I told my wife last night, "I never realized how sports and gambling have a hold on my life until it has been taken away." She said, "well maybe this will make you take a hard look at your life & get you to stop." I told her, "it is going to have the exact opposite effect, once business opens up again I am going to go hog wild, I will be like a kid in the candy store." Life without gambling is boring as hell.
  10. Haven't read this whole post, a lot to give up, but the bills just improved their offense greatly. Locker room issues, the one analyst on NFL Network just said "I never seen a locker room as tightly knit & a feeling of togetherness & family like the Bills locker room, McDermott really has created a great atmosphere." Got to pay to play boys. No one likes giving up a 1st rounder, I think part of that is that it makes draft so less exciting but like a few posters said, your not getting a kid in the draft at 22 that is the caliber of Diggs.
  11. My friends & I were there for Super Bowl weekend. When I first started going to Vegas back in the late 90's everything was free/cheap. I could get a flight from Buffalo for a little over $200, my room was free & the food was cheap. It has gotten a lot more expensive over the years. We usually just hang out at the sports book when we go there & we bet enough to get free drinks to cover us but the food is ridiculously priced. Sat afternoon we were watching college hoops at Harrahs, we went to the food court, I bought 3 slices of pizza & some chicken nachos & the bill game to like $45. They have totally catered the strip to the clubbers now. With that being said I still love the place, but like I said I usually just hang out at the book when I am there.
  12. I think Dayton is pretty much locked in as a #2 seed. They are not jumping Kansas or Baylor & I think they would have a tough time jumping the Zags at this point even with their loss Saturday. San Diego ST, not sure about them, one more bad loss should get them off the one line. But I think Duke would get it. Kinda interesting if I'm the Aztecs, I would rather have a 2 seed out west, play an hour from your campus in the regionals & have to go thru Gonzaga in what should be a defacto home game than be a 1 see in the east, & have to run thru Duke or a team like Villanova in what would be a serious home court disadvantage for them. East Regional is in MSG this year. Bonnies really had a few games early in the season that they had no business losing, Siena, Canisius come immediately to mind. Plus they have some decent wins but no signature wins to date.
  13. Hit a nice two game parlay on the Bonnies & the over Saturday. Watched the whole game, the Bonnies played well. Good atmosphere at the RC.
  14. Well good luck in your new adventure wherever it may take you.
  15. yeah, I may be the winner but my bank account isn't. I got a pretty good gig where I am at, get to work from home anytime I want, have a boss that is one of my best friends, get paid pretty well, but it would of been a nice bump in salary. In fact I told my wife if I get this job, she wouldn't have to work anymore. As you could imagine, she was more upset than I was that I didn't get the job, she was in tears when I told her!😂 I have worked in banking the last 25 years & have carved out a nice career for myself. It is weird there are certain banks that are full of themselves & uptight & certain banking environments that are just the opposite. The bank I was interviewing for is one of the more lenient banks with Proper etiquette & dress code(I know I worked there for 16 years). But I guess showing up like I was playing 18 that day at the Lancaster Country Club wasn't the brightest idea.
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