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  1. Haha, I remember that day. I was in the bathroom at the Ralph when the news broke out about Brady. The whole bathroom erupted like we won the super bowl. As I recall, I was one of the guys leading the cheers.
  2. That was one of the best games I have ever watched. Winslow was unreal that night. I was only 9 years old at the time but remember that game like it was yesterday.
  3. That is interesting, thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it.
  4. Huh, I follow baseball a ton & never really realized that. Interesting. I know in playoff series sometimes they will send the starting pitcher home if he is not scheduled to start, but never realized they did that in the regular season.
  5. My guess is it won't be your traditional revved up white out mid season form Happy Valley Scene at night because the opponent is UB. I 100% agree with this, Happy valley at night is one 0of the most intimidating places to play in the entire country. Only a few venues rival it & they are located in the SEC.
  6. You should move to WNY. It is only 54 degrees here today. The average high is supposed to be in the 70's by now. This weather f*cking blows.
  7. I second this, great idea. I also like the train horn. Don't fix something that is not broken.
  8. No we wouldn't. We maybe losers but we like to lose with class & a little bit of dignity.
  9. Hey I didn't say I did it. I tailgate every year in the preferred lot; lot 5 & our tailgates are pretty tame. So don't lump me in with these clowns. I do think it is funny & the only ones they are really hurting are themselves. If the Bills don't like it maybe they should of put an end to it a few years ago & have security monitor the lots & kick the people out that they spot doing this. I mean it is not hard to spot but instead let's ruin all the fun for everybody, that is an easier way to clean it up I guess.
  10. Who cares what the rest of the league thinks of us? I think it is pretty dam funny that we jump thru & body slam girls on tables & light each other on fire. It is a great tradition if you ask me.
  11. I would of took a flyer on him too in the 6th or 7th. During the fall they were talking about him going in the first. I didn't watch every UB game but I watched a handful of them & the separation thing concerned me. He looked like he was blanketed on a lot of the plays. He did come down with a lot of passes because he was more physical than the db he was going up against, maybe that scared away the scouts though.
  12. I don't think this was hindsight. It was a bad decision. The other thing was he was a graduate transfer eligible. Could of transferred to a bigger program for his last year.
  13. That makes no sense, if your coming out of a school in MAC, keep your mouth shut & just be grateful someone drafted you. Watched several of his games last year, I was shocked to see how little separation he would when you considered he played in the MAC.
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