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  1. That Rutgers win was huge. Rutgers has a great chance to go dancing. They are a quality team. Good resume building win especially on the road.
  2. The UB loss wasn't horrible, it is the Canisius, Ohio & Siena loss that kills their profile with or without Osun. If they could of won those games they would of been 15-2, 4-0 in conference & sitting pretty strong for an at large,. I wouldn't count their at large bid dead yet but it is going take beating Dayton & probably VCU once with no other bad losses to get in. The bubble should be pretty soft this year.
  3. Well if Bleacher Report says it, it must be true. Manual was a horrible pick, Buddy Nix boxed himself into a corner that year and was bound and determined to pick a QB, even though by most experts opinion was the worst draft for QBs in over a decade. Anybody that truly watched FSU when Manuel was there could of told you he would be a bust. There are a few FSU grads on this board & they all said Manuel was not the answer. I will take their word over BR.
  4. & yet they took the eventual World Series Champions to 7 games. In that series, the road team didn't win a game. Here were the scores Game 1 2-1 Houston Game 2 2-1 Houston Game 3 8-1 Yanks Game 4 6-4 Yanks Game 5 5-0 Yanks Game 6 7-1 Houston Game 7 4-0 Houston Yankees had probably the best lineup in baseball that. They beat a 102 win Cleveland team to get to the NLCS & probably would of beat a 101 win Astros team if wasn't for the cheating. They may not of had the best record in baseball that year but they were a top team. Dam you, you are making me defend the Yankees
  5. EJ Manuel did not have nowhere near the talent that Allen has. Nice try though.
  6. So what? The Dodgers are paper champions, they have never been able to close the deal with this current roster even though they have had the best record in baseball over that span. Kershaw is the poster boy for this. Great regular season pitcher, horrible post season pitcher. Yankees would of beat them in the WS. & believe me I am no Yankees fan, been a die hard mets fan for the past 40 years.
  7. Agree, 7 years seems a bit much but he will certainly have enough time now to do a full rebuild if he wants.
  8. I get your point with Harold Reynolds but Baseball HOF is a bit better because there is no requirement that a certain amount need to go in every year like Football. Some years there are only 1 or 2 inductions. Football isn't there 5 or 6 minimum every year? That compromises the process right there.
  9. Check out the stats from the 2017 ALCS when they played the yankees. The difference in stats are eye popping at home compared to at Yankee Stadium. If I am a Yankee fan, I feel very cheated as they were the best team in baseball that year & got cheated out of another WS. Your missing the point. Yeah teams steal signs, it is a part of baseball, Houston & Boston stole signs using technology.
  10. To be honest with you, he is not really my ideal coach but to his credit he did turn a horrible Temple program around & made them winners then went to a situation that was so toxic at Baylor that some analysts said it could be career suicide for him & in three short years turned that program around too. How does this translate to the NFL? Who know, but the man knows how to turn a program around at the college level.
  11. You make some good points OP, but a few things, I wouldn't read too much into the schedule. On paper, we played 5 teams that made the playoffs this year & we will play 6 next year. Teams change a ton from year to year. Like for instance I could see the Arizona game being a tougher game than when Seattle comes to the cap. Hopefully we could split with NE next year. I could see Pitt being a dumpster fire. & I think Tenn is playing way over their heads right now & could see them coming back down next year. San Diego should be horrible, Denver is winnable, Raiders are winnable, Rams, Jets, Dolphins all winnable games. I think KC coming up here should be winnable. They are talking about giving mahomes a $200 million contract in the offseason, their team could be depleted in other areas with that contract(think Rams with Geoff) A lot depends on Allen, if he continues to imprve I think we are fine. if he has a Trubisky set back in year 3 we won't make the playoffs. The other thing is we need to get the stadium back to the intimidating days of the late 80s/early 90s. The Bills need to do better than 4-4 like they did this year at home. Hopefully there will be a lot of excitement at the stadium & it will be an intimidating place for the visiting team to play at.
  12. Agreed, I look back at the stuff we used to pull in my younger days & it would never fly in today's world. When I was in my 20's, their was an older lady who used to have these potted plants all over the office. She used to spend half her day watering them. They kind of looked like Cactus without the arms or the prickles. Well the one day me & and couple of my buddies got into work early & put condoms over all of them. We thought it was funny but she broke down in tears right in the office. Our Manager knew it was me & a few of my friends, called us in the office & said "knock the crap off." & that was that, if I did that now my guess is it wouldn't end well.
  13. if it was such a lazer it would of got there before Vaccaro had a chance to break it up. The Edelman drop was bad, but it wasn't a tough throw that any half way decent JV QB in high school could make. Brady just doesn't have the arm strength anymore & it amazes how many people(including a ton of media personal) refuse to acknowledge this.
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