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  1. For the guys who mentioned Gus Johnson, to me he belongs on CBS doing March Madness. It was a sad day for college basketball when he left to go to Fox. I like Kevin Harlan & I like Tesitorre. Musberger & Jackson were also good. I don't get why you guys complain announcers not making intelligent points & such. I like guys that get excited & try to bring the emotion of the arena/stadium into your living room. A guy like Pat Summerral was so boring. I will never forget NCAA Tournament BYU/Florida when Fredette was playing for the Cougars. Cougars tied the game with about 20 seconds left on a Jimmer 3 & Johnson screams to len Elmore "if your BYU do you foul" Elmore screams "Gus it is a tie game for Christ Sakes" Not one of Gus' finer moments but no one brought the Madness like Gus Johnson. He seems out of place at Fox.
  2. I think Clemson is out if they lose. You don't follow College Football do you? It is pretty simple why LSU would be in, they have beaten Texas, Florida, Texas A&M, Alabama & Auburn. There is not a team in this country that can match that resume.
  3. He could care less about the Bills or their fans. He has owned us for 20 years.
  4. I originally thought this but if you look at the free agent QBS next year there are plenty of options. The Patriots I think are done with him after this season. I could see BB going after Bridgewater. I think Brady may retire. He looked really miserable out there Sunday. Why go to another team, what is the point.
  5. They should make the draft like the MLB has it. You could get drafted out of high school & follow your MLB dreams but if you go into college you are not eligible to reenter the draft until after your junior year. This way if a kid doesn't like where he is drafted out of high school he could hone his skill in college. I think it is tough to win with one & doners in the tournament unless the talent is superb. There is such an advantage in a tournament setting of having upperclassmen leadership especially in the backcourt. I think K & Cal are starting to realize this. They will still go after the one year players but it takes supreme talent to win it all with that kind of setup. Duke couldn't do it last year & that was a once in lifetime freshman class.
  6. I stand corrected Michigan stinks & they should of fired Harbaugh the moment that game ended. You are correct sir, Michigan stinks.
  7. Yeah that was ages ago, unless Rod Woodson & Greg Lloyd are suiting up for this game, I like the Bills chances.
  8. Michigan is better than Auburn imo & Whisky & Minn are close.
  9. You dump it in the back of your neighbors yard when he is not home.
  10. I have said it for years, it is not so much they call more penalties on NE's opponents it when they call the penalties. They call penalties that benefit NE in crucial times. KC neutral last year, this tripping call this year. For the life of me I don't understand the bias either. You would think the NFL wants to get new teams in the Super Bowl. It is mind boggling.
  11. About 10 years go or so we were tailgating for a Monday night football against the Browns. We decided to deep fry a turkey. Seemed like a good idea. The tailgate & the deep frying went pretty well. I had my FIL's pickup truck. When we were done, before we were going into the game I was going to dump the oil out by this trash bin but one of the girls we were with started yelling at me, saying that is disgusting so I loaded the deep fryer with the oil back in the truck. I remember Cleveland beat us on like a 55 yard FG & I was really ticked off. Edwards threw a few picks that game. I remember pulling out of the lot & thinking to myself, your upset right now, just leave the deep fryer in the truck & worry about it in the morning when you get home. Well I didn't follow my own advice, tried to take the deep fryer out of the truck(I had a few drinks in me that night) & of course I spilled the deep fryer & all the oil went all over my driveway. Of course my friends were laughing their asses off & drove off. So I took the hose out from the garage & was spraying like crazy hoping this comes off. My wife comes out(it was 12:30 at night) & says what are you doing? & of course I told her to mind her own business & get the f*ck back in the house. So of course she ended up locking me out of the house. I had to sleep in my FIL truck. It was like 20 degrees that night too. Since then I have never brought a deep fryer to the Bills game.
  12. We go over my sisters every year & my sister cooks a regular turkey in the oven & her husband deep fries a turkey. The deep fried turkey is 10xs better. He puts a Cajun rub on it. Doesn't seem to complicated, I would just keep an eye on the temperature gage.
  13. Agreed, I think if it comes down to Bama or Pac 10 Champ Utah, Bama gets the nod. I would like to see the Utes in there, I am sick of seeing Bama. Utah has played lights out the last 4 weeks. I agree with you about Nix. I thought Auburn had another highly recruited kid that Nix was battling for the starting spot in the summer. I am surprised Gus hasn't gone to him at some point this season. The big games Nix has been horrible. It is almost like GM has given Nix a free pass this year when playing time is concerned.
  14. That sounds great. I would love to do that. We go over my sisters every year. When the schedule came out I told my wife my son & I are staying home this Thanksgiving as I hate watching the game with 20 people all talking. My wife said "fine my daughter & I will go over my cousins this year." So everything was set until my cousins decided to come in from Vegas for Thanksgiving this year. So now, I can't stiff my sisters because my mom will be very upset so we are going over my sisters. My BIL does have a pretty sweet setup in his basement so I will go down there when the game starts & hopefully everybody else will stay upstairs.
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