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  1. Fear not with the money, we will put our heads together once college football opens & we will make some money betting the games. Those 3 trips will be covered with the money you make if you follow my lead Labor day weekend with CF.
  2. Well this schedule already started a fight with my wife this morning. We always go to her cousins for Thanksgiving. I hate it. I told her this morning this year since the Bills are playing right when we have dinner over her cousins house I am just going to stay at my house for Thanksgiving this year. She said well "me & the kids are going to my cousins." To which my 15 year old son said "mom I am out too, I am staying home with dad." Well that is all she needed to hear. She went off on me & I supposed she won't be talking to me this Easter weekend. As I was driving to work I made plans with a few of my friends to go to South Beach to catch the Bills/Miami game on the 17th. I will wait a few months to I break the news to her about that.
  3. Where do you live off of Como Park. We used to live in the Village Christan court but moved about 12 years ago & now we are in south Lancaster all the way down off of Lake. I usually take Clinton downtown & in the morning I am in the office in less than 20 minutes.
  4. They played Duke, UNC, Wash, & Tenn this year. Not sure how many more games you want Few to schedule against Top teams.
  5. Gonzaga was a cute story actually well over two decades ago. & I get it, you got to start somewhere, but....they are a national power & have been for the past 15 years. I can't ever see UB getting to that point.
  6. Ah, Gonzaga is not a mid major anymore guys. Few's contract although small at annual salary of 1.4 million is still more than what Oates would ever make at UB. Donors of the Zags have pumped in a ton of money into the basketball program with the McCarthey Athletic Center, which although only hold 6k, it is a state of the art facility, opened in 2004 & had major renovations done to it in 2017. Zags have been 1 seed several times, #2 seed several times & are usually in the discussion for National Title Contender. Few certainly could make money else where but from what I have read about him he loves living out there & that trumps everything. He also knows that every year at Gonzaga he has a chance to win the NC. Oates said something very peculiar after the loss to Tech, said "we need to work on getting a better seed so we are setup better in the tournament." What????? MAC teams odds are have no chance of getting a better seed than 6th if history is any indication. My point is stop comparing Gonzaga to UB, they are in two different universes when it comes to basketball. Gonzaga is not a mid major.
  7. UNC actually outplayed them for a good part of the game Friday night. I thought they were the better team. I don't think this is a similar case of UK back in 2014. They were far superior to any team in the field. There are 6-7 teams that are pretty close with Duke getting the slight edge over them because they have the best player. 3 things concern me about Duke. Their three point shooting, their foul shooting & their inexperience. They are the favorite, but it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. The 12 thru 16 seeds are usually auto qualifiers. When they set this up, I think they wanted to limit the teams playing in the play in game that were auto qualifiers. The 11 seeds for the most part are usually the last at large bids to make it & that is why they pit the 11 seeds against each other in 2 of the games.
  8. Come on man, it doesn't cheapen the whole tournament. If you don't like, just don't start watching the tournament until Thursday. & keep this in mind there have been 4 teams that have played in the play in game since it has been created that have reached the sweet sixteen & one team(VCU) that has made it the final four. I am not crazy about the games & rarely watch them but it doesn't really bother & certainly doesn't cheapen the whole tournament.
  9. Anything could happen in the tournament but I really like the draw UB got. I think they are a bad matchup for ASU. The Sun Devils are careless with the ball & UB strives on getting buckets & open looks in transition. Texas Tech will be a tough matchup as their defense is very good but it is definitely a winnable game. That would be great if they make it to the second weekend.
  10. I hear ya, but Nevada has been ranked higher all year. They started the season ranked #6 I believe. I am just stating the facts, the Pack will probably be a #4 seed & could go as high as a #3 seed I believe. UB is going to be a #7 seed & could go as high as a #6 seed imo.
  11. Nevada was ranked higher in the preseason. Also I would probably take Fresno ST/ San Diego St/Utah ST(all in Nevada's division) over any combination of MAC teams not including UB. UB does have a win over Syracuse, which is probably better than anything Nevada has OOC.
  12. Yeah but wasn't 77 the December leading up unusually cold & in fact didn't the lake freeze very early that year.
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