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  1. If they follow suit of other businesses in NYS they will have a sign stating "by not wearing a mask you are admitting you are vaccinated." I imagine that is what will happen. They are not going to ask for everybody's vaccination card upon entry. At least I think that is highly unlikely. What is interesting is they still have on their website as 4 hours before kickoff as the opening of the bills lots. I mean, parking is big money right now, I think they are charging $30 per car. If they go to the 10:30 time, two things are going to happen, the bills lots are going to
  2. Agreed, and you know you always get one ahole that tries to punt it.
  3. The guys and I were talking last night at the bar after our softball game about K retiring. What do you think the ticket price on the secondary market for the last game of the regular season @ Cameron against the Heels is going to go for next March?
  4. You are correct sir, the sweet spot for making money reselling seasons are the tickets in the lower bowl between the 20's. You could charge a fortune for them and their price isnt as high as the club seats. My friend has club seats and he usually takes a bath on them when he tries to resell them, although this year maybe different with demand so high. When the cowboys came in for that Monday night game we had tickets in the lower bowl on the 30 and my friend's work gave him 5 tickets in the upperdeck for that game and we sold our season tickets. We dam well nearly paid for our
  5. Excellent points, plus remember back then there was no internet, couldnt buy online, a lot of the tickets that were sold back then people had to physically go to the stadium & purchase them.
  6. That is a dumb statement, first a lot of those USFL guys went on to have productive NFL careers. But second, using your logic the defenses he was going against werent exactly NFL caliber either.
  7. So was kelly, what is your point? As to who is better, I got to go with the guy who had the lightning quick release and the rocket arm that could squeeze the ball into the tightest of spaces, that is Marino. & I loved Kelly, I have a wall in the bar in my basement dedicated just to him. I was always shocked if you go around the country people did not hold Kelly in as high as regards as the good people of WNY. I always found that interesting because I that Kelly was amazing. But marino was the better QB. In my mind Marino is a top 5 qb right there with Brady/Manning/Brees/Montana. Ke
  8. Why what happened. Last time I was there Rob Johnson was QB, Thursday night game, we ended up winning it but the Bills were pretty bad that year. I think they went 3-13. Jacksonville I thought was pretty cool, I thought the golfing was awesome(usually I don't like Florida courses). We did play one round at Sawgrass which was great. Overall I had a good time but we were in our 20's when I went there, back then we would of had a good time anywhere my friends and I as long as there was beer involved. I do remember the tailgating was pretty tame. We got off the plane Thurs afternoon, stoppe
  9. Yeah I have been to that one before, not crazy about it. Lot of young kids, little to wild for me.
  10. Exactly, my son got his driver's license last summer so it is no holds bar for the old man this fall as he could drive home. This maybe the year I end up finally in hammer's lot. If I could find an easy quick way out of there I would do it but I live in South lancaster. Lot 5 was perfect because I would be home from the 1pm games sometimes by 4:30. I got to think about this one
  11. My friend who has club seats just bought some Steeler tickets. He said he was shocked by the prices. Anyways, he texted me & said in the fine print it says the Bills parking lots will open 2.5 hours before game time so in other words 10:30 for the 1pm games. I figured they would do something like this. Looks like the private lots are the way to go this year.
  12. I agree, weird place to buy house, right on a busy street, but the house is set way back. A lot nicer areas around here he could of bought but to each their own. On the bright side, he only lives about 2 miles from me, maybe I could invite over this fall to have a few beers and watch the Mets in the playoffs! He could probably get to the stadium in about 15 minutes from where he lives in his new house.
  13. I went to training camp a few years back with my dad, the first year Robert Foster was on the roster. Foster was signing autographs and my dad shook his hand & said "son, your going to be a superstar in this league." Foster looked at him like he had two heads & said "you really think so?" Kind of a funny moment. Training Camp is a unique experience, but like a lot of things in today's world it takes a back seat to technology and convenience. Unfortunately.
  14. Totally agree, sportcenter used to be much watch TV for me but I very rarely watch it anymore. Their College Gamedays are terrific both for football and basketball. I enjoy still watching them. If live college sports was to abandon ESPN, I probably would not watch it at all. I do watch PTI if I catch it when I flip thru the channels. Wilbon & TK are still two of the best in the business.
  15. Agreed, didn't think he was funny at all. He was fine on the earlier sportscenters but his role there now was downright miserable to watch.
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