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  1. Yeah it would be great if it happened but it is not going to so why even bring it up?
  2. Why in the world would he do a sign & trade, that makes absolutely no sense on his part. He is a free agent, if Beane wants to retain his rights he is going to have to franchise him which is obviously is not going to happen.
  3. It wouldn't work. UB did play a game at the stadium Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago, I think it was well attended but it was a novelty. I do think if UB started playing in OP you would get more fans there from the community but students right now arent crazy about taking a 5 minute walk to the stadium, my guess is they it would be a tough sell to treck all the way across to the southtowns. It is disappointing, with the size of UB(I think they have 20K + underrgrad students they should have one of the best home court/home field advantages in the MAC but it is just not the case although Alumni Arena can produce a good atmosphere when the team is going good.
  4. Yeah, UB football attendance is bad enough for the student section, put the games in Orchard Park and the student section would be non existent. UB does need a new football stadium, but it needs to go on campus and it needs to suit UB football, which means a nice 30K + stadium, with the student section right on top of the field and closed in atmosphere. Ask Miami what happens when you pout the stadium 40 minutes away from campus, they had one of the best home field advantages at the orange bowl, since that has been knocked down their program and the support of their program has suffered, I don't think it is a coincidence.
  5. My cousins from Nevada when they came here a few years ago said "maybe we could do a day trip to NYC." I told them it is 8 hours away, they were shocked.
  6. It is laughable if anybody thinks they are going to be able to resell these PSLs to recoup their money in the future. I think it was Baltimore where they stated this also, but when it was time to resell the PSLs they were worthless.(granted their PSLs cost a lot more money). It might of been the Jets but I thought it was Baltimore. It is what it is and it is the price of doing business in the NFL. It is nothing but pure greed but welcome to the NFL. If we don't like it there will be 5 other cities ready to pounce to steal the Bills. I hate but it is certainly not unique to buffalo. Even the $40 - $50 parking now, am I the only one that thinks that is steep, especially for a place like OP where we are not land locked and there is plenty of parking for everybody. Pre Covid I thought the price was $25-$30, to jump it that much in a short time is a bit greedy if you ask me.
  7. My condolences Wacka. From the stories you have shared over the years it sounds like you quite a son to her. That is something to be proud of.
  8. Regular crew is out of town so my friend, my son & I will be there. We will be there by 8. Thanks.
  9. Too each their own, the fans seem to like it. I would never eat nothing that he or his crew cooks. The ketchup had to get old for him, I mean how does he get all cleaned up and get to the game on time. It is kind of stupid, but hey a lot of fun things in life are stupid.
  10. This. Brady is the best of all time, Kelly isn't even in the top 10. Just stop with this nonsense.
  11. I got my cards about 3 weeks ago. They gave me an option sometime mid summer.
  12. You obviously have never saw Baez play. He is on the ir now but my god, I think he has 135 ks this year, I have never seen a MLB hitter chase so many pitches out of the strike zone, I am amazed a pitcher ever throws him a strike.
  13. I see Southtown Tommy gave me a thumbs up! Havent seen you in awhile brother. If your not doing anything labor Day Weekend, September 4th stop over for my college opener party. All the usual gang will be there. Getting a Keg, hopefully the weather works out so we could have it on the patio.
  14. That last piece of advice is really important. Our seats are in 108 so it is easy to get to lot 5 but obviously if your on the other side of the stadium it will take much longer. Usually once you get by California it is smooth sailing, maybe get caught in a few lights but the traffic is always moving. You do got to get there early or your right buried in the back but the lots don't open to 9 so it is a good time to get there but agreed if you want to get there later this probably isnt the best option. Fair enough, I have never tried your way so I shouldn't of said that. Sorry about that.
  15. Ah, a man that thinks just like me. We missed out on the non conference matchups last year and I want to soak it all in this year. As much as I am super excited about the Bills, the NFL is no comparison to college football to me. I just love it. On a side note, my sons one friend, I ran into his dad last week. Big Penn State fan went there, he was telling me how excited he was because he got tickets to the PSU/Auburn game and he was so looking forward to taking his son there to that game. He dropped dead of a heart attack two days after I talked to him. Chilling and makes you think. Only a year older than me. Makes you think. Enjoy everyday looking forward to the things you love.
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