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  1. Not a great game, but showed he can play in the cold and looked good.
  2. Uhm, how many games did we win without him?? S c r e w you peters@!!@!!
  3. WOW! I take it all back. Good game by Edwards - especially in the cold, Reed was awsome, McGee with some great plays and how about FREDDIE JACKSON!!!!!
  4. Nice kick coverage. Got back minimum 11 yards from when the returner could have touch it.
  5. When the guy who caught the ball is calling for the hurry up offense, maybe you can just TOSS the red flag??? Huh, D I C K.
  6. True. But complacency is something that can be taught...and it permeates our team.
  7. That's the difference between our coaches and the opposition. Cutler started looking like crap...hands in the pocket, dejected looking. All of a sudden he gets pis sed the helmet play calling system isn't working and turns around and lights it up for the TD with some great passes and a nice run for the TD. Our coaching staff doesn't teach heart to our players....they quit when adversity strikes and can't seem to get passed it.
  8. That's what kills me about this team, they show JUST ENOUGH! Good drive. Maybe K-Gun rest of the game!!!! BTW, Why did Lynch run off the field like that??
  9. Forgive if this was discussed, but Did I just see Alex Van Pelt calling the plays? He had the play calling sheet, and Trent when to him after the previous play. Or is he just giving the plays called from above??
  10. Wow, 80 plays for negative yards by our D this year! VERY COOL! PROBLEM IS, THE NEXT PLAY WE GIVE UP THE FIRST DOWN ANYWAYS!!!! WE S U C K! hamden...please!
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