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  1. PLEASE put in Hamden... IT COULD NOT BE WORSE!!! JP is such a piece of crap. Screw this team. Anyone say 21-3! Just give it a minute.... I can't even say how angry I am at this point. I guess I knew we would not win, just thought maybe we could make a game of it.....Really, I did know better....
  2. MY GOD! Show some respect for being an NFL player and TRY AND ACTUALLY PLAY SOME DEFENSE YOU SCMBAGS!!!
  3. JP is playing for his NFL life these last few games, you would think he could actually PLAY!!! MAYBE!!!!!
  4. And that is surprising, how? He would do that if the Bills were up by 30 with 5 minutes to go. Dierdork is an absolute homer.
  5. And that is surprising, how? He would do that if the Bills were up by 30 with 5 minutes to go. Dierdork is an absolute homer.
  6. DJ has LOST THIS TEAM. Sorry, only the first few minutes, but ya can feel the stank already. This game has all the earmarks of an absolute blowout. I would not be surprised if it ends up in the 50's to NOTHING! JP is gonna s u c k up the field, AS USUAL!!! GOD, I HATE THIS TEAM!
  7. Wow. It only seems like yesterday that I kept jumping on the computer at work to see who the Bills picked as the new coach, and actually thought it would pan out. Problem is, I don't think DJ is the entire problem, but enough of the problem to warrent the boot. I'm just worried what we'll end up with, for every Sparano, there are 5 Marinelli's. I do not have any confidence in this orginization to do the right thing and pick a good coach. We'll be the team to pick the Marinelli.
  8. And why does that matter if it's a repeat? Obviously it was important to him, and that's why he posted it. Actually I'm glad he did, gave me a chance to see the information. Sorry that not all of us visit this site 24 x7 and know what has/has not been posted.
  9. Would be nice to see the swirling winds and snow in the Phins faces today. Problem is, it doesn't snow indoors..........
  10. Do a search and view the multiple previous threads to deal with this subject. Lot's of good info in them.
  11. Go Bills! Sorry to be the first person to be a downer, Phins 30 Bills 17. Anyway, hope the game is a financial success for our Bills.
  12. Sorry, but that ain't happening. Ralph is long in years and won't be around, or mentally able to run this team in the VERY near future. Don't care what Jim Kelly says, but economically no way for a future owner to keep the team in the BUF. Even if they were able to keep a team here, not enough revenue stream to pay for a good coach, keep our good players, or improve via FA. Unless we score on a good, young coach and the planets align with our players, no way we see a SB in our town anytime soon. And yes, we do lose today in TO and may win 1 more game the rest of the year. Funny to think what our record could be if we did not go 5 -1?? This team is 1 coaching staff, 2 offensive lineman, 1 TE, 1 WR (who may be on the roster), 2 defensive lineman, 1 LB and a winning attitude from doing anything next year. Sorry to be so negative, but the handwriting is on the wall.
  13. If this current staff is intact for draft 2009, no way. They will live and die with Trent since he is their draft pick.
  14. Man, my kids little league team plays more disciplined than the Lions! GO BULLDOGS!!! 13 - 0!
  15. Please NFL, take this game away from Detroit! THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT!
  16. Problem with this game is when it gets out of hand, there is no other game for the network to switch to.... PLEASE, PLEASE NFL, take the thanksgiving day game away from Detroit! Please!!
  17. HAA HAA HAA HAA HAAA Detroit looks GREAT! Only 21 - 3.
  18. Marinelli is given his walking papers after this game. Wait, OMG! The Titans are punting! Still smell a BLOWOUT though!
  19. Happy Turkey Day to all on this board and your families. Yeah, fried turkey is the BEST! Not this year as I will be at the in-laws...
  20. Giants have some serious talent. Great drafting as of late. And....who is the OC...... Well, it would be Kevin Gilbride... With him at OC we could, uhm, we...coulld..., uh....., uhm...we could, oh, never mind!
  21. Cool. I actually like the CFL. GO DIETER BROCK! err. GO WARREN MOON! eeeep! GO PINBALL CLEMONS! GO HANK ILESIC! Really. I do like the CFL.
  22. As I stated before, I like Trent a lot. But dude, it's only 1 game. I will overreact until they make the playoffs!.....This year!
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