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  1. Well, at least something good will come from my decades of loyalty to this garbage franchise!
  2. Good teams don't care if they are playing into the wind or not. The Bills played into the wind like a bunch of p u s s y's
  3. What if he ended up in h e l l? Bet they have the All Bills Network showing 24/7!
  4. John Murphy just said it's "Desperation time now in the 3rd quarter". Uhm, Johnny boy....it was desperation time about 5 games ago....
  5. Way to go guys. Wind at your backs, and you give up a nice long drive. You think these guys would want to play for some pride!
  6. That's the type of play that separates the winners from the losers.
  7. No, but Bum's son should be available real soon....again....
  8. I would do that. Did well in SD, even if he did have a pretty stocked roster. At the very least, he would have his gameday coaching together and would toss the red flag at LEAST past the sideline and onto the field of play.
  9. The fact you told us to "STOP PINING OVER THE IDEA OF TRADING EVERY PLAYER ON THE ROSTER FOR A FIRST ROUND PICK" is kinda telling me I can't post my own opinion if it doesn't agree with yours.
  10. Do a search on this board for internet feeds and you will find plenty of info from previous weeks. Good luck.
  11. NO THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. Last I heard, this was a forum for open discussion, wether you agree with the opinions of others or not.
  12. I really want to know how many takes it took for Lynch! Thank God he has "football smarts", cause it doesn't appear he has any other kind.......
  13. I do like DJ. I have defended him here on TBD for awhile. Personally, I believe the ultimate game day play lands squarely on the HC and how he has prepared his team during the week. My problem is, who is to held accountable for our mid-season meltdown? The players? DJ? No (real) GM? Scouting? Other coaches? Ralphie? It's probably a mix of all of them, thing is are the Bills going to keep selling early '90s season tix numbers if someone isn't sacrificed? Probably not, which even if he did not sign a new contract, the decision ultimately will be a financial one.
  14. Will you feel the same way with a blowout loss next week to the Pats*?
  15. Like him better than Hardy at this point. Think he has more of a handle of the game than Hardy does.
  16. Sorry but Hardy won't be healthy enough to make an impact until after next year, pretty much what Evans said on his Monday night radio show about his own knee injury. Hope all goes well with Hardy though
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