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  1. Yes. And the increase is only pegged at 3%. The media makes it sound like it's going up 50%!
  2. Sorry, I don't give Bush ANY consideration. He was all about invading Iraq, NO MATTER WHAT! He had his own agenda, along with Cheney and Rice. Powell was not an insider and just did what he was told.
  3. Nope. Don't believe he is. I love Olberman, funny and to the point. Way better than those waste of flesh "news" men over on FoxNews.
  4. and people lambasted Bledsoe for being angry for losing his job to Losman. Guess he knew something the coaches didn't.
  5. Me too, and see if he answers the bell.
  6. Problem is, if we trade him it won't be until the offseason. Right now is when Indy needs a DT and are willing to pay up with a 4th rounder. I don't see us getting anything, unless it is a late-late rounder, for him. I fully expect us to release him, or to prevent another team from using him this season (yep, this has happened before), be put on IR. Just a case of supply and demand, and the fact now the entire NFL knows we don't want him.
  7. Yep. The sad part, just like Mike Williams, is how a player is selected in the first round and given the rare chance to play in the NFL, and can't seem to seize the moment (as stated by their respective coaches).
  8. Just the facts, just the facts... He has been publicly called out by his position coach, a former first rounder* traded (cut my losses and dumped) for a 4th round pick, hasn't played very much this year. Oh, and by the way, what has he done in his career? *Whom many thought would still be available in the 3rd round.
  9. McCargo will never put a Bills uniform on again. He will get an injury settlement, assuming the disk is a problem, and released. Now, if the disk is not a problem, he will be given a clean bill of health from a non-Bills doctor, and maybe, be shipped off for a late-late rounder. Actually, I believe he will be released in either scenario.
  10. Sorry to inform you, but McCargo has been given up on by the Bills. NO WAY he ever puts a Bills uniform on again, if he does have a disk problem, he will get an injury settlement and released.
  11. McCargo is a lazy piece of who was given plenty of chances to contribute. Getting a 4th round pick out of Polian for the guy is great. Honestly, he had the potential to be a straight up cut if we kept him until the offseason. The fact we got Kyle Williams in the same draft, and he has done very well makes this somewhat more palatable.
  12. Surprised Montana didn't talk fondly of that story in his HOF speach.......
  13. He is a shell of his former self....not that he was that great anyway. And we have Hamden who looked pretty good in preseason.
  14. http://poetry.rotten.com/testicle/eleph-rear.html Man, that is one big athletic supporter!
  15. OK, say we trade for TG. Who do we dump at TE? Royal, Schouman and Fine are all on the active roster. Schouman has played well, fine is a high draft pick, does that leave Royal as the odd TE out? What about 3rd down RB? Who is that going to be?
  16. Peaked the interest of PFT. http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/10/12/...s-fred-jackson/ Hope he can shed some light on this.
  17. Maybe. But Oman is now listed as the second RB. Who do we have as a third RB? Assuming this "trade" went/goes through.... I do find it pretty odd Jackson is off the roster, regardless if he is involved in a trade or not.
  18. I believe Sullivan, just like the rest of us, know Schobel hasn't done anything this year.
  19. Well, at least the people effect by the Time Warner blackout of WIVB didn't miss anything......
  20. 6 sacks, 2 fumbles and an int. WAY TO GO LOSERMAN!
  21. Put Hamden in. At least we might know what we have in him when Loserman leaves next year. Problem is, not enought time in the game left to see what he can do.
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