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  1. The NFL is looking at several possible ways to expand access to our fans across as many entertainment platforms as possible.
  2. Dear Mrs. McNair, The league office is impressed with the slate of head coaching candidates currently being considered by the Houston franchise. In particular, the league finds Eric Bieniemy, Leslie Frazier, Marvin Lewis and Jim Caldwell to be uniquely qualified candidates. We are confident you will make a wise and informed decision in selecting one of these outstanding men to lead the Texans in the coming years. Sincerely, Roger
  3. What comes next? You've been freed Do you know how hard it is to lead? You're on your own Awesome, wow! Do you have a clue what happens now? Oceans rise Empires fall It's much harder when it's all your call All alone, across the sea When your people say they hate you Don't come crawling back to me
  4. In addition, the New England Patriots will be awarded a fourth round compensatory pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.
  5. As a result of New England Patriots Quarterback Cam Newton being diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus and forced to miss at least one game, the NFL will award New England compensatory first round picks in 2021, 2022 and 2023. In addition, all NFL players will wear black arm bands and all stadium flags will be lowered to half-mast until Newton is able to return to the field.
  6. The NFL league office is continuing to work with Governor Cuomo, state officials and the Bills organization on a plan to bring fans back to Bills Stadium as safely and as soon as possible. The NFL has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with the Governor so I am confident we will collectively determine the most suitable path forward during these unprecedented and challenging times.
  7. The NFL is committed to prioritizing safety for players and team staff and will reemphasize the importance of having all NFL personnel follow the established safety protocols.
  8. The NFL and its member clubs are prioritizing the safety of players, coaches, staff and fans above all else as we navigate the uncertainties of the COVID-19 virus.
  9. The league has fined Buffalo Bills defense end Jerry Hughes $25,000 for Tyreek Hill removing his helmet during the fourth quarter of today's Chiefs-Chargers game.
  10. The NFL is proud to offer fans a wide variety of ways to enjoy NFL games, both through packages with our delivery partners and via entirely free viewing for every fan's home market teams.
  11. The NFL is proud to be on the forefront of leading awareness and social change in these turbulent times.
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