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  1. Yeah I know it’s early but I don’t really view Gabe Davis as a 3rd option slot guy i think This is our number 2 in the bullpen diggs is he number one not number 2 and his year but down the road
  2. I just love how we aggressively addressed this position......THREE wide receivers with 2 of them being drafted in a WR rich draft. Diggs was my guyu......wanted him on the bills for a while...he makes everything easier
  3. They can beat KC to......just gotta keep our offense on the field and theirs off of it
  4. Sure but winning the AFC East would help to accomplish that goal
  5. Since you posted this now I am sure Josh Allen is going to be great
  6. I will say that the 2018 free agents were not very good but We also didnt bring in much....it was a REBIULDING YEAR and they were just taking their lumps that year fixing their cap situation The following year....the offensive free agents were much better....the drafts have consistantly strong....and here we are.....stocked at every position, coming off a playoff birth.....and our cap situation is very good. All in all....not bad work at all
  7. The only duke wirth remembering is Daisy
  8. So....this is 100 percent on Ed......and whatever the results are....then that is what they are. But come on......ppl make mistakes....he is still very young......I dont think this should dictate how you feel about him personally one way or the other......he will learn from this and move on. How the club treats this will be important......Ed we love and support you....but as a first round pick you are also a foundation piece AND need to grow into a leader for our team. I also loved and love Robin WIlliams
  9. That wont happen...Beane is too smart for that. I do see a meeting with the Pegulas in his future
  10. Fair enough Josh Allen was very raw that first year......and the team was going through a massive rebiuld. I thought there was a big uptick in year 2 I would be shocked if there was not a similar jump in year 3
  11. I think its much more important on how fast they get to top speed rather then how fast their 40 is in my opinion. This team has PLENTY of speed now......what we need are actually football play makers and hopefully we have them now.
  12. You dont want him changing his style either........this is what has gotten him where he is at. Platooning him with Devin will definately help stretch it out.
  13. Well my bad on that...... So.....50 percent on years that Josh Allen was QB......does it really change the point that much (and this team was in a massive rebiuld in that 6 and 10 year wouldnt you agree with that?
  14. Disagree with this......strongly. Josh is a big reason why we have made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years and are trending up. You go through all that time and effort to groom a talent......and you let someone else reap the benefits of that? You think a team like the patriots wouldnt let scoop him up after he left the bills facility?
  15. I think what you saw last year was Josh tryinbg to stay in the pocket more and "being a quarterback" as opposed to the year before......and learning to the throw the ball away and live another day was another thing you saw improvement on. Would really like to see him work on his long ball accuracy this offseason.....putting more air under the ball and being mindful of his footwork mechanics when he throws it. but....i am sure Dorsey and the bills are all over this stuff........having more players that can track the ball in the air will also help.
  16. You can tell his football speed is amazing..... And I love Devin.....but these guys are going to have healthy competition in camp
  17. Challenge Accepted I’m going to say somewhere between top 8 to 10 qb in league and is a career bill
  18. Get so tired of letting pass catcher's off the hook when it comes to Josh Allen Plenty of other QBs have guys that will come up with a ball that is not thrown perfectly every time......if it hits their hands...they should catch it.
  19. So.....Gabe Davis.... and....Robert Woods I wonder how closely the games of these two players resemble each other?
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