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  1. Actually.....what is really happening here is we have a new OL at virtually EVER position except Dawkins. It was always going to take some time for them to gel...and nobody knows how long that will be. To assume that they wont be good is premature
  2. I would like to see Spain resigned....and I dont care if Ford is an excellent OG and not a good OT....there is nothing wrong with stocking up on good offense linemen. I dont understand all the teeth nashing over signing Cody in the 2nd....we had NO IDEA what were were getting in these new linemen......Beane doubled and trippled down.....good for him
  3. I just think not having Devin really hurt us.....need all the talented players on deck when playing the patriots...
  4. I say WR simply because of the talent (possibly) available at the position This team needs a physical WR that can separate and catch the ball in the worst way.
  5. It is things like this that open up opportunities for other players.......
  6. We have faced some of the NFL's best running backs so far this year He is doing fine
  7. I have seen Josh Allen throw the ball away this year......so there is that
  8. He was bad in this game.....regardless of the 6 for 6 drive....no disputing that. I am trying to point out that he has been money when it matters in our other games (we are in fact 3 and 1 also The pats defense is destroying teams right now.....it pains me to say it....but they really are the best team in the league at this moment. We have 10 new starters on offense....our D is elite....I am hoping the O gets it together and the season goes on. Still on pace to make the playoffs.
  9. You should do your resarch They said they "were going to start him out at RT" do you understand that that means?
  10. I didnt read it that way.....its not about "fanboy" Its about stating it the way it is.....he had a bad game. And what is this "most of us" you got a mouse in your pocket?
  11. First of all...Ford is struggling at RT right now...its on the film That does NOT mean he is a bad pick or a bad football player...he is a very good RG and that is on the film as well....there is not need to "justify" the pick because he will be needed.....we had no idea that Felliciano was going to be this good...we were lucky to get Spain. Having too many good players at a position is ok. Because the post is moronic...."already" wtf does that even mean. In 3 other games he did NOT look like a deer in the headlights. Stop being a mook
  12. Killed your post Josh Allen is over 60 percent completion.....right arond 250 pards passing.....is accurate.....and multi threat He had a bad game....and that is all...
  13. Davis Webb sitting right on the practice squad....no reason to sign a QB
  14. Im watching the pats game.....I see Lee Smith lumbering towards the end zone....easily covered I want Knox to get that pass
  15. I still think Josh reminds me of Elway.....either way he is in high company with these comparisons
  16. Interesting point....he also didnt lose the pats game along. If ST's doesnt give up a TD we win?
  17. Foster got sent to the practice squad and came back with a vengence...... Might be a motivation thing
  18. He is buried because the WR roster is better......but yes I absolutely would make the moves I mentioned. I wonder what trade value Zay actually has
  19. If they are trying to trade Zay right now...it makes perfect sense
  20. At that point in the game the pats were legit worried they were going to lose That is when they need the MOST protection from the refs
  21. This would be a yes for me I actually now feel bad saying it Trade for what you can get Foster gets the deep shots Bring up Duke
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