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  1. That would be great to see Taylor swift in Buffalo!!
  2. I think the Bills have alot of talented, older, expensive vets that get injured as the season wears on. Bills always start the season as though they are shot out of a cannon. the D and O are at full force. But as the season wears on the older vets get injured and the younger inexperienced players have to fill in. Because of cap reasons, the Bills will be forced to get younger in 2024 so the problem should get better.
  3. I admit it's pure speculation on my part but one poster said during Josh's post game interview that Josh had trouble "getting a spiral on the ball" which contributed to his accuracy issues in the first half. Most posters immediately assumed bad Josh showed up when in fact a finger issue was probably the problem
  4. I knew it. I saw him keep shaking his right hand during the game. Maybe a broken finger like Herbert ?
  5. If Josh is hurt only one man can save our season. It would be like the prodigal son returning
  6. I would take a look at bienemy if he's let go by the commanders or frank Reich as OC
  7. This thread has suddenly gotten good !!
  8. "We're a good football team" "You saw how well we played for 30 minutes" Mike McCoy - Former Chargers HC
  9. I'm reading if Bills lose and steelers and jags win, bills are out of the playoffs
  10. That was a really reckless play. He had no prayer of completing that pass
  11. Now wait a minute. All of last summer it was said on this board he was going to play slot to justify his high draft pick. Now we're being told he dropped off the map because he is spitting time with Knox at the TE position. Which is it ?
  12. Hamlin is going to write a book where he saw a "bright light" on the sidelines and was drawn to the the light.
  13. Yes. Some players can take a full 2 years before they are a 100% There is also a mental aspect to the recovery in players are fearful of re-injuring the knee again. It takes time to get over that fear. Take the case of Ronald Acuna. 1 year after his knee surgery he was a good player. It took 2 full years before he became an MVP
  14. I saw where Payton was screaming at him on the sidelines. That had to be very embarrassing If you need to tear your player a new one do it in private
  15. Can they put a player on IR who's not really injured ? Great news about Elam !!!
  16. Has anyone ever had some stinky poona ? Be honest
  17. What is going on with Kincaid ? Cowboys game 2 targets 0 catches Chargers game 2 targets 1 catch 7 yards Since knox came back Kincaid is now an after thought. He was headed to the probowl
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