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  1. I've found a sign from above that this will be Buffalo's year too.......Brady left
  2. Happy Birthday! May this season be a piece of cake for you.
  3. No Thanks. I rather have snozberry and ash tree vitamins called Sack, than elderberry and larch tree. It tastes better.
  4. What the heck does a beer can in betwen his legs have anything to do with this. Cannot a guy pee in peace these days.
  5. At least he won't be booed once he returns with an empty stadium.
  6. Wondering if they will allow fake pumped in crowd noise by the home team, to use or not use as they see fit.
  7. Some members here will be yelling at Beane towards the end of the first round asking him to trade up for a player they want that is still available.
  8. The bills won't draft at 54..They are moving on up, and will take Jonathan Taylor at beginning of round 2..
  9. They both have loose feet.
  10. I think Beane loves Jonathan Taylor, so he will will be using smoke and mirrors to say how they're set at RB, and talk of other positions of need, etc..With JT and DS teams will be obsessing about our running game. BB is smart enough not to pass up on JT. He may even think of jumping up to take him, if need be. So, BB, I know you are listening. Ger er done.
  11. I was too busy crying when he woke up from the stroke. I have no toilet paper here though, and I cannot use my hands as I'll get sick.
  12. Naaw..Was just kidding. The only one who wants Rosen is Rosen.
  13. I here Miami wants him, but it is too costly for them. Skins wanted Rosen and a 6th rounder in return.
  14. I would too, but for personality types like Rosen, a healthy ego matters. If he turns out to be the worst of the fab four, when he said he'd be the best, no amount of money can erase that.
  15. I see a pattern here...Arizona, Miami, and soon the LIons. Then the Redskins, followed by the G-men, and then retirement. That was a nice career.
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