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  1. Boys will be boys. Nothing to see here NFL and police...This is just part of his training.
  2. Thinking Bills are bluffing. Signed Hollister. Rumored Jesse James. Then right before they pretend to pull the trigger on that, Bam! Eagles come begging for a 6th from the Bills for Erst. Beane then says, "We do not really want him now, but throw in a few bags of donuts, and we'll take that TE off your hands."
  3. You must have been watching then Clip Smith's Believe it or Don't. He thought they'd have a Beauty in Doug Flutie.
  4. Beggars can't be choosers. They'll take the first offer, as they know it could be the only offer. So, do not be surprised if BB offers a bag of beans, and they accept it.
  5. Wondering if we all here were pranked, and everyone knew about it in advance? Remember, never assume things with a bunch of jokers.
  6. Pegs just lost his negotiating power once it was named HighMark stadium. Should have accepted an offer from the sanitation department when they wanted to call it The Dump. No need for new funds or a new field now, since our stadium sounds so shiny and new.
  7. I like the name. Sounds like a football player. Get er done Beane.
  8. yawn....PFF rated him 89 out of 125 tackles
  9. I see it as mostly good, , but if Josh has a big injury on a rushing red zone attempt, then I am sure the Henry Armchair qb guys or Debby Doolittles will be all over those rushing play calls..
  10. There is good and bad for Josh in that 0 Red Zone statistic....The reason he has yet to throw an INT is because of designed play call, broken play or being more smart or cautious in the red zone, Josh will throw either mostly when the guy gets separation, has the ability to zing it in there before the wrs can react, or more often run himself than throw into very tight coverage, and like for very short and goal plays he on many times he'll try to run out of design or very confident ability to get a score this way with less risk. The good is less INT's will occur and more rushing TDSs because o
  11. Happy Birthday to Coach McD! Hope you enjoy your day today. Take a rest, you deserve it.
  12. And we should see this coming Too: Phillip Lindsay a Colorado Buffalo with Buffalo on helmet coming to Buffalo with Buffalo on helmet.
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