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  1. Get er done BB! Hint Below: (He wears hoodies)
  2. Good for him! A bunch of hypocrites here though. If Josh Allen opts out to work on his farm, will you be ok? I will be ok with that. Will you?
  3. Bison Field. named after Bison cheese Products
  4. He has a right to be concerned. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. A bunch of grown men hanging around each other for about four hours sneezing, coughing and spitting, then with phlemn flying onto each other as they pound each other and yell profanities. Some may even go pee and have it spray all over. That is not even factoring in the nose pickers and guys that hug, and the ones handing sharpie pens to teammates after a TD. They use the same toilets too I think. While fans are sitting at home on weekends, thry have to worry about that c**p. They worked their entire butts off for ten yrs or more, and all the money in the world means nothing if get that virus thing. Likely a life of returning respiratory probs, assuming no death occurs. Only a crazy person would not worry.
  5. I am too lazy to read 11 pages of this. What's the approximate percentages of posts of support versus against it, as I took a huge bet out on Sleepy Joe to beat 68%..
  6. I cannot think of one reason why I'd listen to or watch the Bills without Fans. No Thanks Bills. You blew it! Get out of Town.
  7. Because Brees came across as judge, jury and executioner with his pompous and self-serving comments to try to make him look better, with him making it sound like anyone who disagreed with him and acted differently than him regarding the flag and anthem was disrespectful, wrong, and unpatriotic. That is fiction, prejudicial, ignorance and arrogance, and causes division to those watching and teammates who believe differently, as to many kneelers, non-conformists, etc, they feel they want that same right to kneel, feel, express or act differently without criticism, disrespect and threats against them. Instead Brees' comments made him look like a fool. I would never chastise but respect a saluter who believes the flag is a symbol of the heroes and the good about America IF they gave that same respect to other views and opinions and did not disrespect them.. I would respect those who kneeled too and felt it was their right to do such peacefully, if that kneeling or flag represented to them something else, because of oppression, racism, or all the bad in the country that they hope is fixed. Protesting and not doing the politically correct thing can open ears, eyes and minds! It's called keeping those in power in check, and holding them accountable for wrongs for the status quo that is not working but hurting others. Some might argue, "there is a time and place to do that, but not on tv and in sports." Well, ok, then stop playing the anthem in sports and telling athletes, viewers how to think, act and feel, to please the government who paid for the anthem in sports venues and demanded standing for it. Get politics and agendas out of sports, for both sides then, not just for one side. Otherwise, I will respect all, kneelers and saluters, if they respect the other! I will never respect a saluter that CALLS OUT and says kneelers are not to be respected, but never respect a kneeler that CALLS OUT and says saluters are disrespectful or bad either. That is where my problems are. Otherwise, both I would respect, as both are likely trying to unite the country in different ways. Brees apologized. So, that is a start. So to "Putin" the answer is, because Brees disrespected the others. Had he just stated what the flag meant to him and why he stood for it or saluted, great! But, to also state or suggest the others were disrespectful and he would never respect them, how disrespectful and prejudicial is that? He does not know a darn think why each of the others are doing what they are doing, as each may have their own specific beliefs and reasons. They could love their country as much as or more than him, by wanting equality for all, and to end the bad things that this country does to those who look, act or feel different. Saluting the flag or standing does not make one a good person, nor does kneeling. Its the other actions, inactions and words they do their entire lives that is more indicative of who one really is...
  8. BRB. Need to run to the store to get some popcorn..
  9. He should wear a helmet in his bunker with Archie.
  10. When Trent Edwards flexed his biceps in front of him and gave him a towel to wipe off the bench for him to sit..
  11. It does not matter what we think. Many owners and Goodell will do whatever certain political persons tell them to do, to make life more lavish or peaceful for them. Our opinions only matter if we do not buy their NFL stuff or show up. Otherwise our views will fall on deaf ears. We are likely nobodies in their eyes, despite their talk of care. Goodell only caved in a little with his statement because he feared backlash for doing nothing. He could have taken steps further, but the rich owners would not have allowed that. Politics will always be in football, in the public's eye and behind the scenes, as that is where the money and power is.
  12. Here is the problem I have from "some" who are against Fromm. It's called hypocrisy. They are disgusted with him for what he said, based on that smaller sample size and not knowing more what he meant by such and who he is, and are quick to want him off the team thinking he is a despicable person, yet at the same time support a clear racist, one who has a very large sample size of racist statements and actions, and which the majority of persons could clearly see as a racist, and as being some unethical, selfish and immoral human being. These people cannot have it both ways. Or is it that certain racists you will condone, if you are getting something yourself indirectly or directly from that racist person? That's called not only hypocrisy, but selfishness and perhaps not standing up for the truth and what you really believe in, for personal gain. Although my belief is that the perpetrator of any racist views and actions may or may not sincere in their apologies, at least they publicly stated it was wrong, which could help create positive learning for others, and changes there. Those who never admit such wrongs, nor apologize for such, and who keep promoting such, are the worst persons ever, in my mind, as this is what causes racism to be accepted and spread, emotions to boil, and more division to occur. I feel both Brees and Fromm were clearly wrong, yes, and I do not mind them getting some backlash..But, is that enough to have them be defined forever by that? No, as everyone has said very stupid things. But, for those others who feel their bad behaviors and remarks, or their ignorant or racist statements and actions should continue as the others are the problem, and not them, this is where my concerns and any anger is mainly at, as I feel there is at least some hope for the others who seemed insensitive, biased, prejudicial or without empathy. Perhaps it could make them better persons. And that is why I am strongly for these protests, and for those with less power or that feel they have less power to use their powers of the truth and in uniting together to combat those tone deaf and racist forces and persons in power, that do not belong there, as they continue their wrongs without conscience. Without such masses uniting, and pain seen and heard more clearly by the masses through the media, the status quo will continue to occur and people will be continued to be mistreated and any power you have will be taken from you even more. Power corrupts, when it is gotten into the wrong hands. Everyone needs to take accountability for their actions. But, we can hopefully also vote out those who have more self-serving interests and hateful views than wanting to benefit the nation as a whole, even if it means we personally could have financially faired better by siding with any certain others. My conscience tells me I have seen and heard enough of certain others in power. It's time the people and victims speak.
  13. Jokes are not allowed in this day and age. It's illegal, immoral and unethical. No, lol's, no rotfl,s, no lamo's, and certainly no haha's which are the worst of all. Fromm, you are guilty as charged. Only serious people who are choir boys are entitled to be in the nfl. Maybe you will learn to keep your hahas to yourself next time.
  14. What if he was poking fun at "some" of the old elite white men in Congress or elsewhere who "could be" gung ho and feel only they are entitled to guns/silencers? If this was the case, why is him critiquing that old rich boys network mentality using humor bad? I mean, was he being honest or sarcastic? Nobody seems to be focusing on that central issue. If he was being sarcastic, its called humor, perhaps to try to show how bad such racists in power can be. No story there then. However, if he truly feels that only rich white persons should have those items/rights, yeah, it is hard for me to even accept any apology, as you cannot change that line of thinking easily.. You can put a bandage on it, or make amends, but that may not solve everything if biases are ingrained into ones psyche.
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