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  2. "Not in the mood today to play wishbone with you."
  3. "Aint impressed. Looks like those chicken drummies you eat."
  4. If Tebow still active? If so, I think he would be a great TE, if we cannot get Ertz.
  5. Looks like you tailgated on pudding and cheese sticks. Not much will fit in there..
  6. Great! Mafia, Get er done. Congratulate our newest Bills with the loudest ovation. Throw in some Bills gifts for them too.
  7. Is anyone following Pegula's plane? Please update, so I can determine our next Bill. Thanks.
  8. Lets look at this positively. One Bills Drive is watching and listening! Their minds must be thinking, "Oh, ok. WE will remember that. Let's now get those that showed up some playing time. They seem to buy in and be humble and hungry." But, maybe that's the problem with Star, he is so hungry that he eats too much, and so humble that he is embarrassed at showing up and acting like a star, when he knows he is dimming out there.
  9. New Orleans would have to give up all their draft picks next year to even take a sniff at Mitch, if we give them the next Josh Allen. and if we want to take Lattimore off their hands. Otherwise, no deal.
  10. Or a couple more interview questions after each session is over, asking how they like the facilities and weight room. We can never get enough of that. I cannot wait!
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