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  1. Was that post you replied to even a sentence at all, as it had no capital letter at the beginning?
  2. Yes, to those who said Buffalo I feel Buffalo is their own biggest obstacle and not any other team, to make the playoffs, like if they do not learn from their mistakes. Play smart and aggressive for 4 quarters, but no hero ball. No timidity aftergetting the lead, but no fooling around throwing the football up for grabs when you are twisting and turning, running backwards, or laying on the ground, and when 2 others are nearby. Be smart and focus on progressions and finding the target most open, and moving the chains slowly if need be. Do not fall in love with your arm, but your brain. Do not look at schedules, scoreboards, standings and own press clippings. Then great things will happen.
  3. Agree. Learned long ago that about 35% of the people from most nations will never “get it.” No use wasting time on those ones. Do not worry. They will self destruct, if not already.
  4. I hope you realize Metcalf’s muscles are about to burst, if he does any more lifting. He will be on IR indefinitely.
  5. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings. Statistics are for losers. Buckle up buttercup...oops that’s politics. Meant ‘fasten your seatbelts.’ Trust the process. There’s always next year. You got to be in it, to win it. When it rains, it pours.
  6. Be right back. I have to go ask her, that answer, after I finish up with the shopping, the cleaning, the lawn mowing, the taking out the garbage, the bill paying, the dusting off the couch I just slept on, and the picking up the kids from school.
  7. As I cannot pay for or access the article, as the BN says subscribing is for the obsessive fan, which I refuse to admit to my wife, I will critique their ad. They need to put an i in the word Time, or else others may think their articles have words that are misspelled too. That might not be good for business.
  8. No to Mayfield, Rosen, Jackson and Rudolph.
  9. Odell Beckham. He has more yards passing than Mayfield as I write. 20 vs. 0
  10. Shout out to the Bills Fans in Tennessee!
  11. Good, because it’s true. I live in Ohio and was on a flight to Tennessee last night, and a guy named AJ was in the row in front of me. Overheard him talking on his cell phone to his lawyer that he wanted to check out our team in person when they play the Titans. From what I heard from his end of the conversation, it sounded like Beane had invited him to stand on the sidelines and watch the game with him. Apparently, the Bills team doctor will be there too checking this guy out. If all works out, he said he will come back with the Bills on their plane. I could not make out the contents of much of the call as there was an oversized lady next to me breathing hard and repeatedly spilling popcorn, after I awoke. Anyway, for those going to watch the game in Tennessee focus your binoculars on the Bills sideline. Trust me you will see some big news there.
  12. Here comes the Negative Nancy’s, Petulant Petunas, Debbie Downers, Grumpy Guses, and Cranky Carl’s..
  13. That’s not what I learned watching him. F+U = Tom Brady
  14. Agree. If you look at the last four games of NE stats against the Bills, in terms of Brady lower passing yardage, and lower TD, and higher INT numbers, and lower average game total point numbers, and factor in the fact Josh and the Bills team is better than those last 2 years, and factor in the fact NE will lose some games this year, of course one of those losses could be against the Bills, as the Bills are at home, have likely a top 5 defense, and possibly a top ten offense, once the team gels and clicks together more and more. I think the minus 7 line is a bit much, and I would bet on the Bills even if it was a PICK EM game. I am not being a homer here, as I could see a lopsided Bills win. Brady would have to consistently drive down the field with short yardage plays, with a suspect OL, FB, and banged up receivers. The Bills have more Big Play Potential, better OL, and more surprise element to what they will do.. I think the Defenses are not too far apart. This does not mean I think Brady is washed up yet, or NE is bad, but I think on any given day a team with a pretty good D, and at home, and an offense and QB that I see as above average, and growing, can blow out a top team, much less win, as turnovers can come into play too when tight coverage and hard hitting and crowd noise comes into p,ay. The Bills I feel have a chance to win big against the Pats, and win quite easily. If I were betting, I would bet them to win the game by at least 2 TDS. I think the Pats are overrated, and the Bills underrated. I would not be surprised if the Patriots won, but I would be more surprised if the Bills lost. I feel the D will hold NE to 17 points or less. The Bills are do for a breakout offensive game. This is the game.
  15. Not sure how to post images, but I was thinking the same score as that Sports Illustrated Cover of Sam Adams rumbling against the Patriots. I think it was 31-0; or similar. If someone here can post that cover. Thanks.
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