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  1. “Tool Time” Allen, in reference to comedian Tim Allen’s Tool Time segments on that “Home Improvement” show. Allen has all tools to get the job done.
  2. Easiest question ever, as he brings excitement. He can do everything, and you never know what you will ever get. JA. Nobody else comes close.
  3. I know it cannot be in the Bills division, as he is still shaking in his cleats after the last time we played him. Giselle will never tolerate a rattling skeleton on her couch much longer.
  4. They probably were fighting about Josh Allen. Each wanted their daughters to marry him, so they could change allegiances then to the Bills, so they were playing rock, scissors, and paper, to settle the score.
  5. This guy has talent. He is a great comedian.
  6. Nope. Will be so fat and stuffed from early Thanksgiving smorgasbord that I may not be able to get any beer in me.
  7. Seems accurate to me. Allen better than Brady now. Hope Boy wonder retires. He is slipping.
  8. That does not matter. If he is dumb and unstable, he is really a genius. That is an alternative fact! Get er done Beane!
  9. “Brownies, at least we can laugh at our duds,” you Duds!
  10. I have the right to remain silent. Anything I say can and will say will be used against me in a court of public opinion.
  11. The NFL knows how to create schedules, with sequences.. W-W-W-L-W-W-L-W-(L) So, sorry Dudes, we are losing to the Brownies. Bet on it.
  12. Beasley cannot help it he was blown off his routes the last two games.
  13. Ok. Personally, I do not care where the lies, embellishment, sarcastic humor, secrecy and spinning without regards to the fact comes from. Spinning, embellishment, humor in bad taste, secrecy, and lies are harmful wherever it comes from. And the leader of this nation is normalizing that. Acting without integrity, and party before country, regardless if journalist, sports journalist, politician, or the average Jack and Jill, will mean the death to this supposedly greatest country, and in ways this country has already lost its soul because of it. Thanks to those without an education, and those with no morals, ethics and compassion. Those with selfish, greedy, and power grabbing interests, whichever party they come from.
  14. It sounds like you have a bit misplaced hostility. Sounds familiar.
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