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  1. Only 5 million? Seems like a bargain when you look at New York prices
  2. Hopefully gymnast Sydney Razeghi is next
  3. It's just classic nepotism. Rodgers loves him plus Hackett's dad was a well-respected coach. You see that garbage in every walk of life.
  4. Yep this has been debated over and over again from the time he was drafted. He’s a slot 100%.
  5. They should have just asked Bills fans before they hired this loser.
  6. Yeha is definetly a starter and a nice piece. He started to come into his own in the offense and I think he can play. I think a lot of fans are sleeping on Curtis Samuel, but having him and Shakir working routes all over the place, a tight end like Kincaid and a big "X" like Coleman, I think the offense will be deadly and multiple. Add Cook out of the backfield and you have some pretty deadly weapons and Shakir ill be a big part of it.
  7. Finally someone who is slower than Coleman! I kid, but I'm doing it right yeah?
  8. He is much more Kyle Williams IMO. Mostly an athletic match though a bit more explosive.
  9. Bernard was a big question mark for fans and people (including me) were pretty upset that the Bills did nothing at the linebacker position. I guess the easy place to look is WR. But guy who was here last year, didn't do much but is expected to have an expanded role? My answer would be David Edwards. I think a lot of fans have questions about McGovern moving to center (I do not). And although the Bills have added IOL since the Morse cut, I do think Edwards will surprise a bit and be really good. I do think there is a chance Van Parn Granger makes some noise here, but Edwards was really, really good in LA,a super bowl winner, and he looked like a guy who was going to get a huge extension or free-agent contract when he got there until he had all the injury issues in that last year with LA. I think Edwards is going to be a rock on the offensive line this year.
  10. I was about to post the same thing. I love the way he catches the football.
  11. It's just Ray. His actual name is Re’Mahn
  12. I think its Ken-igh - like high
  13. If you look at the measurables, Burks and Shorter are very similar, Shorter is bigger and stronger. Burks was more productive in his college career. They are the same age. Shorter is also already on the roster and costs nothing.
  14. He can hold. He actually held for Matt Araiza when he was the guy at SDSU. But the last two years Browning took over the job and served as both punter and placekicker as well as handled kickoffs. Career long FG of 61. Apparently has a live leg. I don’t know of he really unseats Martin, but he is definitely interesting and may improve being able to focus on punting alone.
  15. Oh boy it's tough to leave that "n" out! Anyway, I am not sure what the fumble rate really means because he doesn't play. So it may be skewed by lack of opportunities. I just think it's an very young, very athletic guy with size who has a pretty extensive history with our OC buried on a depth chart.
  16. I think it is a fair idea. Not an Elam guy, but really not a Burks guy so I would definitely hold on to Elam at this point. I am not sure Burks adds anything to the room. He is a bigger slower guy who lacks explosion but is very smooth in his route running and things of that nature. He catches the football. But least with Coleman and even Claypool you have elite athleticism with the size. Burks is so meh to me and I didn’t really like him at draft time but if our regime is intent on adding another giant to the room I would not be against it. I will continue to drive the Terrace Marshall Jr train right off a cliff if need be. I think he could be had for very little. Maybe a late pick swap.
  17. Yep I agree. Those tweeners sometimes fall in no man's land.
  18. It's a fair comparison in terms of why he dropped in the draft as maybe a size concern. I think Striker and Solomon are very different. Solomon 6-1, 246, 34 inch arms, explosive vert. Solomon's lack of size is mitigated by that length. 33 sacks over his career at a lower level of competition. He is an inch and a half shorter than Von Miller with longer arms. Striker 5-11, 227, 31.25 inch arms. Not very athletic. He was super productive, 22.5 sacks at Oklahoma in his career, but was way too small and lacked length and really wasn't a great athlete. Perhaps he would have had a chance at success if someone made him an off-ball linebacker. I understand the comp as sort of an undersized guy 3-4 type guy, but I think Solomon has a way better chance to stick and have success. I tend to agree with Brandon Beane, I am not sure why a 3-4 team didn't take Solomon earlier
  19. My 2 cents is that they entertained trading up to get Thomas and did not like the cost. I assume they did not want Worthy. I think that is clear they wanted this X guy and Worthy is not that. They would have taken him at 28 if they really wanted him. We also know they did not want Leggette. Beane MUST have known that Morgan wanted to take Leggette. The Patriots wanted Leggette or Coleman. We will probably never know the truth here but if the Bills thought there was a chance that the Pats were going to take their guy there is zero reason to trade with them. Also, trading back with the Pats likely would have resulted in the Pats taking Coleman or Leggette and the Panthers taking the other guy. In this scenario, the Bills likely lose out on their guy and that's why this Pats thing is such a non-story. What we don't know is if the Bills wanted Pearsall. We will likely never know that, but since he is not a true outside guy, maybe they didn't. Because he was such a surprise to some people going so early in theory he could have been a guy Buffalo thought would definitely be there at 32. But it is more likely to me that they wanted Thomas or Coleman.
  20. Yep I agree, but it does result in a much cheaper guy, and to me that 5 million dollars could be much better served elsewhere. The results may be the same or worse, but would be much much cheaper. I get what you are saying and I think Bass is a shuffle guy, not a commitment guy.
  21. That's what the Bills should be doing. Just shuffling guys through until you hit on one. Paying Bass 5 million plus per was just a bad mistake. He is a middle guy.
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