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  1. Yeah I love Bates. I mean every time he has played, he did a great job. Athletic, young, former left tackle. I am excited to see what he does over an entire season. I am with you on Wydermyer too.
  2. Let’s return to this hill together mid fall! I totally agree.
  3. Trentative Edwards JP Loserman EJ “Slow eyes” Manuel Keith “Dogcrap” Ellison Jon “It’s not delivery it’s” DiGiorgio Kevin “Bathroom mat” Kolb “The Neckbeard” Kyle Orton Donte Whiffner Chis “Lunchpail” Kelsay Jonathan “Not so fast Freddie” Smith Bryant “Broken Dreams” Johnson Ko “I’m Famous” Simpson
  4. Yeah the guys that excel sometimes just have that track background and have done a lot of that straight line stuff. I like Wydermeyer’s potential a lot.
  5. I think they are going to look at cheap vets who get cut. Not much of an opportunity here for young UDFA guys to make the team. But there is a slight need for some veteran depth that may want to come along for the ride and compete.
  6. I would go with really good then. Before he got injured in that Colts game he was starting to get more touches than Devin. He runs hard and runs downhill and he is bigger, faster, stronger. To me he is the perfect complimentary back to Cook and is here for 2 more years. I do like Devin, I am simply saying don’t be surprised if he wrestles that spot back. He’s fresh and probably fully recovered from the ankle.
  7. More interior OL depth shook loose from Kansas City. Austin Reiter was Mitch Morse’s backup in KC and filled in admirably when Morse was hurt. He also started as KC’s center in 2019 when Morse was gone and won the SB. After starting for them for two years, KC let him go when they drafted Creed Humprey. Signed as a FA with NO and has bounced around since. Athletic dude who has won a SB. Guys like Reiter and Van Roten are relatively young vets with starting experience who can play all three interior positions (Reiter is more of center and Van Roten is more of a guard) and would be perfect functional depth. Both should come cheap.
  8. I would’t count out Zack Moss. I know he did nothing this year, but he took Devin’s job the year before and was the main guy before he got hurt. I mean he was really, really good. And he has two years left on his deal.
  9. In my world the starting line is: Dawkins-Saffold-Morse-Bates-Brown Locks: Doyle, Quessenberry Competition: Boettger (if healthy a lock), Mancz, Ford, all those other guys Tenuta etc. Van Roten is just a better version Mancz, plus he was drafted by Carolina and reportedly they pursued him hard in free agency before the Jets overpaid. I don’t have a problem with what they have done so far. But this is an obvious pick up for depth, and the presence of Mancz and Capra aren’t reasons to not pursue Van Roten. He was not available when Beane made those other signings.
  10. He has to be coming. Just released after the Herbig claim. You can do a lot worse in terms of guard depth. He can play center too. He was terrible for the Jets but who wasn’t? Bills were in on him heavy in FA a couple of years ago. Former Panther. Smart Ivy league good guy. Former college left tackle.
  11. Gotcha! That us a great question. I really wonder if there are times when we are truly straight man to man. I feel like it is mostly combo coverage.
  12. i agree with this. He has his moments. Way less hateable over there in Tampa.
  13. My stance is more about Dorsey and Brady than Kromer. The Felton/Boobie years was Rex Ryan ground and pound with Greg Roman. Just a totally different offense. Shula/Dorsey had Mike Tolbert in Carolina, but he really wasn't a FB. Joe Brady basically got rid of the fullback at LSU and Carolina. I think we are going see a mostly one back offense with the tight end playing the F off the line. Doesn't mean Gilliam does not make it, but it depends on if they want to keep more tight ends and whether or not they want to keep Moss/Duke Johnson. Gilliam's prowess on special teams is why he makes it. Regardless of what we saw last year, I don't think we are going see the fullback very much.
  14. Look for the Jets to release Greg Van Roten. He has been terrible for the Jets but was one of those gems they found in Carolina and we were connected to him in his free agency. He isn't amazing, but he is a good "hedge your bets" backup guard. Someone to back up Saffold and Bates.
  15. We play a good amount of 3 sky to trips, which will leave the backside single corner on man against that single receiver. Some 4 man too, which is cover 4 with man principles. Most teams don't just sit in cover three or cover 2. They may be playing a different coverage on different side of the field, especially in corner, nickel and safety blitz situations.
  16. I think it Rousseau, Oliver, or Edmunds. I would like to see them use Tremaine in some of the ways they used Lorenzo Alexander. Maybe use his length and speed rushing as a three technique or even off the edge implementing some twists and stunts. Will they do it? Probably not. But the presence of Terrel Bernard would allow they to use some of those 3-3-5 looks they used when Lorax was here. Let Tremaine rush and let Bernard and Milano cover. Rousseau should break out with Miller rushing off the other side. Miller's presence gives everyone else one on ones, and so you could see a guy like Oliver really break out. Edge pressure was lacking, but the real issue to me was that lack of middle pressure in the face of the quarterback. Oliver, Phillips etc need to correct that.
  17. I tend to agree. I just don't think they are going to use a fullback at all. JMO, but that 15% snap count rate is likely to be more like 0-5%. If they do keep him it will be all about special teams. Let me add that if I did a 53 projection right now, Gilliam would likely be on it. I think it just depends on what happens with these tight ends and how many Dorsey plans on using.
  18. I don’t know about all that. Those games were against terrible teams and Gilliam still only played like 10-15% of the snaps. And I like Gilliam, but I think we are going to see a one back offense under Dorsey. It is possible they keep Reggie around, but I think it is 50/50
  19. I can also see they keeping 4 tight ends and Gilliam getting the boot. He has not had much of a role on offense, and I don’t think he will have one at all. Keeping two guys in the running back room for special only, he and Jones seems unlikely imo.
  20. Yeah some of his stuff looks a bit like Zay Jones film with 100 swing screens etc. I think what separates him is his work on contested catches. But he could be a very interesting fit.
  21. I guess they did not want to pay him that 2.4 million RFA tender to be a backup. I suppose it is possible he asked for his release, but I don’t think so.
  22. So idea…Cody Ford for Shane Lemieux? Who says no? Both are on expiring contracts. Ford gets to go to be with his buddy Bobby Johnson. Lemieux has had ups and downs and coming off an injury. Pretty similar RAS, but both could use a change of scenery. Ford can technically play T, Lemieux is an interior only guy.
  23. Looking at it closer, I don’t hate the idea. Apparently he has lost weight since that combine performance and Eagles fans are actually pretty upset about the loss. Is he better than Greg Mancz? Yes. Herbig gives you a backup IOL. In that Baldy clip he looks really good and Baldy calls him a fire hydrant. That is the perfect comparison. So I am open to the idea. Not really a scheme fit on paper, but an interesting guy. I’ve come around after searching a bit.
  24. The trade is all semantics. Like if they don't trade up maybe they lose Elam. Maybe they trade down, or take someone they don't want as much at 25. Sure they would still have their 4th, but it's a gamble. Let's say they stay put. They draft Elam (maybe), then they take Cook and Bernard. Beane essentially said the trade downs in the 2nd were to recoup picks, ammo. If he doesn't lose that 4th maybe he doesn't trade down. Let's say he never trades down and just takes Cook and then Bernard, he would have taken Shakir in the 4th. So all the trade up really cost him was that 5th, but they probably don't have those extra sixths. Probably take Araiza in the fifth, followed by Benford and Spector. So in reality, the trade up really just cost them a 5-6. That is how I see it in my mind. They had 8 picks and they drafted 7 guys. And rounds 1-4 go the same IF Elam is still there at 25. If he is really their guy, it is too much of risk to lose him even if there is a small chance someone takes him.
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