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  1. I've been saying this for a while now. Last year was kinda flukey. just look at the QB's they faced. 1 Mahomes (1st real start) LA lost 2 Allen (rookie 1st start) 3 Goff (LA lost) 4 Beathard (WHO???) 5 Carr 6 Mayfield (rookie in 4TH? start) 7 Marriota (LA won by 2 pts) 8 Wilson (only quality win in my opinion) 9 Carr 10 Keenum (LA lost) 11 Rosen (rookie on horrible team) 12 Raper (amid the drama with Brown) LA won by 3 13 Driskel (WHO???) 14 Mahomes (LA won by 1 pt) 15 Jackson (rookie) LA lost 16 Keenum thats 8 games vs rookies(4) 1st year starter(2) unknown backups(2) and most of the rest filled with the likes of Carr and Keenum. couple that with - They face a much tougher schedule this season vs Luck, Stafford, Watson, Raper, Trubisky, Rodgers, Foles and of course Mahomes X2. - Gordon's holdout shenanigans could be very damaging as well - They have virtually no home field advantage. I live in LA and it's a joke that they are even here. and yes, I was at the Peterman game - Rivers is now 38 and a career choker in most any clutch situation. At his age, I'll bet that only gets worse. I'm feeling they will be 7-9
  2. Oh thats right, He came off the bench early in the game. Thats why he didn't study the game plan, cause he said he didn't think he was gonna play anyway. What a tool! He may not have started, but he was the worst I've seen in 46 years of watching the Bills. And I was at "The Peterman game" in person so that's saying something.
  3. How on Earth is Billy Joe Hobert not near the bottom? Did he start more games than the infamous "didn't know the plays" disaster?
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