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  1. not completely true. In the scenario with the Dolphins beating NE, the Steelers game really means nothing. Bills can lose to the Steelers and Pats can beat Bengals this week and the Bills will still win the division if they win last 2 and Pats lose to Miami. Both will be 11-5 and Bills win tie with better division record.
  2. Wow! Owens made more big plays than I recalled. I kinda remembered him being mostly invisible outside of the 98 yd TD.
  3. I think it was Hetfield Creeping Death will help us defeat the Ravens!
  4. Sagebrush is awesome! I live in Woodland Hills and we go there often. Although Casa Vega is our favorite. I figured Busbys was probably the same crowd as Bobby Mcgees. I'm sure I would see some familiar faces. The footage from there after the Dalton TD looked insane!
  5. Back in the 90's one of the best places in LA used to be in Burbank at a place called Bobby McGees. It was owned by a couple from Buffalo. Place was Rockin! of course the Bills were awesome at that time so that helped. They had a big dish and would pirate the main game feed. During commercial breaks you could sometimes hear the announcers talking to each other off air. Heard some pretty good stuff. Got to see OJ do a horrific rendition of the National Anthem while off air waiting to do a sideline report after the real Anthem. It was hilarious. I went there every Sunday for years before Sunday Ticket became available. I think that place is a BJ's now. I have never been to Busby's. I hear its great, but it's in Santa Monica. Thats an hour drive for me and games are at 10am here. Every year I say I'm gonna make it there for a game but having Sunday Ticket for 22 years makes it too easy to roll out of bed at 9:45am and Bam, game is starting.
  6. Don't forget that in the event of a 3 way tie, head to head is thrown out. Remember in '17 we lost to the Chargers but beat them in tiebreakers because there were 3 teams in the tie.
  7. they came close to that in the early 80's even one upped the ugly with blue facemasks.
  8. I don't feel bad for him at all. He said it himself after the Draft, "At least I didn't wind up Cleveland or Buffalo"
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